Kanji and naoto relationship test

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kanji and naoto relationship test

Naoto: Pregnancy test negative. Are you not supportive of Kanji x Naoto? It may be horrible, but its better than Kanji x Naoto. Their relationship prior to the Investigation Team was, in Yukiko's words, "I saw him at the. Story so far: Kanji had trouble understanding Naoto's approach to relationships, culminating in an argument in Okina - at the same time Souji. a year, and will his relationship with Yukiko withstand the test of time? . The same went for Kanji, Naoto and Rise- the fact that the latter was.

Yukiko Amagi Daughter of the Amagi Inn's owner, Yukiko starts off reserved but opens up via story developments. She suffers from her inability to escape from the inn that pretty much dominates her social life. Almost like a caged bird. Naoto Shirogane An up and coming young detective who moved to Inaba in the guise of a male. Naoto is extremely smart and deductive. Her issue is whether she should change to fit the world or stay herself. Rise Kujikawa The beyond bubbly former idol Risette that decided to quit her career and live the average life.

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It's hard to express but Rise's link is about some sort of bottled up regret or accepting her decision. Yumi Ozawa Star of the drama club and delightfully enthusiastic despite that big ass forehead. Yumi faces paternal separation and a great disdain for her father in which you must help resolve. Ayane Matsunaga A fantastic loli in the band club who is an extreme pushover with very little talent. Ayane has to confront this timidness with the protagonist and gain experience playing her trumpet.

Ai Ebihara The initial bitchy delinquent character that could care less if half the school died. Surprisingly, Ai may have the most relatable story of all the females. She deals with crush issues and self-esteem. Still the least favored among the fans iirc. Marie A fellow attendant of the Velvet Room along with Margaret. Marie was added into Golden with a mysterious backstory.

Also, the moments where you need to go into the TV and face the shadows happen often enough so that the battle system never feels underdeveloped, while at the same time, happens infrequently enough so that these major events feel significant.

I also love the contrast between living a normal life as a high school student and delving into a surreal landscape filled with weird and creepy enemies that you have to fend off. My god the soundtrack. I can't think of much that's really significant. You have the ability to give your party members specific orders such as saving SP, healing ect. Also, I wish Izanagi was more useful, he's pretty badass, but he becomes outclassed by more powerful Persona pretty early on.

Also, I have one question about the plot: I found myself crying when it was over. And that's really saying something. This is a forum that encourages discussion in it's threads. What were your initial thoughts of the game? I walked out of Junes, into the streets of Inaba, and looked up to the sky. The rain had stopped ever since Izanami's defeat, and the sun was starting to set.

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After a little while standing there, I heard quick footsteps coming up behind me, and saw Yukiko running to catch up with me. A great many of our encounters, as classmates, friends, and boyfriend and girlfriend, had involved us talking about nothing in particular.

The conversations back then weren't completely meaningful, but they were enjoyable moments that gradually brought us closer, so it wasn't hard to see why Yukiko appreciated having them. Having spent so much time around Nanako, she found it easy to imagine children who didn't see much of their parents, even if she was lucky enough to see her mother at work.

My uncle had seen me together with Yukiko many times, since the day we first walked home from school together, and had guessed that she was the friend who had taken me to Tatsumi Textiles, but he didn't think she was anything more than that. Even with my parents and all the staff at the inn thinking of you as my boyfriend, it would be something else once they actually do find out. They'd probably insist on finding out if you're up to marrying into our family, and I'd rather not subject you to that this early on.

Even if I was leaving, it was pleasant to know that Yukiko didn't think of it as the end to our relationship, and that she was thinking seriously about the possibility of us getting married someday, even if most would see it as a distant dream.

Of course, that also meant that she'd considered the various difficulties we'd have to overcome, from maintaining a long-distance relationship to telling our families and friends. After Aunt Chisato died, they gave him grief over not picking up Nanako that day. A heated argument then ensued and he hasn't heard from them since. March 21,Day Time As Mom started up the car, I gave her a brief list of my friends with their names, their basic personalities, and how I knew them.

She nodded in comprehension, more paying attention to the number of names I gave than each individual one. My friends hadn't opened up to me overnight, but that had happened as a result of my spending time with them, talking with them about important matters and trivial things, and being there for them. While there were certain things I wasn't yet ready to tell my parents, I felt comfortable talking about most of what happened while we'd been separated.

As I talked, I realized that I was starting to understand my own parents better. I never doubted that they loved me, but at times, I seemed like a secondary priority to their jobs; how else could I interpret their foisting me off on my uncle for a year because of work?

But even without considering that the year in Inaba ended up being one of the best things to happen to me, I found myself having more trouble judging them, even if I still had mixed feelings about the impact their work has on my life.

When Aunt Chisato died, my uncle not only had to put food on the table for a grown man and young daughter on a detective's pay, but he also had to do all of the chores he had never learned to do while his wife was alive, while overcoming his fears of failing her and being there for her as her father.

I'd told him that whether he was fit or not, he was family to Nanako, and while it had taken a while for that point to sink in, he had accepted it in the end. Perhaps neither my uncle nor my parents were the best at raising children in the world, but they were the only ones Nanako and I had, and the simple truth was that I was glad to see mine again.

Evening The drive from the station to my house was fairly long, partly given the afternoon traffic in Minagi. Having driven around Inaba on my uncle's motorcycle, one more detail I was hesitant to mention to MomI gained an appreciation for how light the traffic was on those roads. In the country, a scooter gave you a great deal of freedom, but in the city, many found it more practical to use public transportation. Since it had already been somewhat late when I got off the train, it was nearly dark out when we reached the apartment complex.

kanji and naoto relationship test

Heading inside, we took the elevator up to the third floor, and walked toward our two-bedroom apartment complex. My dad, Souji Narukami, was already inside, as I noticed his dark and graying hair from behind the newspaper that he was reading as he sat in his usual chair in the living room. The living room wasn't exactly spartan, and featured two chairs, a sofa and a TV, but my parents weren't used to having guests over, so anyone who visited might find their accommodations lacking.

Your story's probably a lot more interesting than ours- at least the parts we can talk about. He and Mom worked for an international tech corporation with a wide variety of products, but their roles were vaguely defined apart from being middle management of some sort. Partly as a result of how their work was apparently not very interesting- at least the parts that weren't covered by non-disclosure agreements- I heard very little about it until they were reassigned overseas for a year.

Even then, the details of why they were leaving were, in terms of importance, a distant fourth place behind the fact that they were leaving, how long they would be gone and where I would stay. That much was true for the many times I had to transfer schools, and was true for my temporary stay in Inaba. Of course, when they did talk about their job, I sensed very little to indicate that they were passionate about or enjoyed it. It was prestigious, put food on the table, and the kind of job parents saw as a reward for those who studied hard and did well in school, but was not necessarily their calling in life, nor would it be mine.

Dinner was standard fare for our family- one of those meals that didn't take all that long to prepare- but my portion seemed a bit small. I wondered if my parents had been used to cooking for two all this time, or if they'd made do the same way my uncle and Nanako had. Of course, I knew to appreciate having dinner with my family.

My uncle was not regularly home for dinner in the best of times, and I was home alone when he and Nanako were hospitalized. Still, he did his best to be there for his family, and now that I thought about it from the perspective of a parent who had little time for a child, so had my parents. As such, I told my mother about all my uncle and Nanako.

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I told them about how for them, going to Junes was an eagerly anticipated family outing, but one that could be canceled at a moment's notice. I told them that my uncle was desperate to see Nanako when her condition turned for a worse in spite of the fact that he was still recovering from his own injuries- although I didn't say that the car accident had happened while he was trying to save Nanako from Namatame.

Still, the truth of my matter was that my uncle loved his daughter and would do anything for her within what his circumstances allowed.

kanji and naoto relationship test

I'm not sure how much he told you, but Ryotaro was about as rebellious as you could get without getting into trouble with the law, while I walked the straight and narrow path.