Kate and sawyer relationship

kate and sawyer relationship

Why did Kate seem to dislike him early on in season 1? She seemed to hold a grudge against him from the start. He was an obvious jerk but. Skate is the fan-given name to the romantic relationship between Sawyer and Kate. It is part of the love quadrangle involving Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. Kate Austen developed several relationships with characters over the course of Man in Black Sawyer Sayid Sun Tom Brennan Aaron and Kate First Episode.

The writers now had more or less a clean slate and no one could predict where the writers were going with any of the relationships. Frustration continued to mount. Both Jaters and Skaters claimed that their couple would be victorious by the end of the series. In season 5, Darlton decided they would up the ante and try one last permutation of the now dreaded quadrangle: Both actors were reticent.

But for the general audience and Jaters who were happy to get Sawyer away from Kateit was a slam dunk. Holloway and Mitchell had done what many thought unlikely. They sold a relationship between two characters in one episode. Suliet fans sprung up overnight. Finally, Darlton had something that might actually satisfy the majority of the fans. They felt her story was complete and her death was integral to the season 5 finale.

They may have even considered returning full force to the triangle for the sixth and finale season. Jumping forward a year or two was not part of the game plan. As with other seasons, season 6 would cover a short period of time, perhaps a week or two. Darlton could not have Skate return in season 6 and there was no season 7.

So what was next? There are connections seen between the two throughout the season. When Sawyer stands on the beach staring at the ocean, mourning the deaths of Sun, Jin and Sayid, Kate stands next to him not Jack and puts her head on his shoulder.

In the finale, Sawyer gently checks her wound while Jack is mulling over what it means to be the new Jacob in the nearby stream. Only 3 of the original cast are on that plane and it is not coincidence that Sawyer and Kate are 2 of the 3. What do the writers want the Skaters to think?

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Well, it seems obvious they have given them the opportunity to write there own Skate story. Perhaps the storyline could be something like this for example. The plane lands in Fiji or Guam for that matter since that was the original destination.

Sawyer and Kate have a touching parting. Kate goes with Claire to Australia where she helps Claire reconnect with Aaron and her mother. Sawyer returns to the States. Perhaps he decides to make amends with Cassidy, so he can have a relationship with his daughter Clementine.

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Perhaps he and Miles continue their friendship and become partners in a business which would explain their continued connection in the sideways world.

Kate grieves for Jack; Sawyer grieves Juliet.

kate and sawyer relationship

Somehow their paths cross again. Once Sawyer and Kate are in contact once again, they realize that the feelings they once had for each other, feelings they may have buried, are still there and their romance begins anew.

Sawyer and Kate

Down the road, perhaps they marry. They may even have children. They live a long and happy life together. So how does that scenario jell with the awakenings in the sideways world in the season 6 finale?

Not easily, of course. Sawyer and Kate do not awaken each other. Sawyer and Juliet awaken each other. Kate is awakened by Claire giving birth and Kate assists the process of awakening Jack. In any case, these awakenings are not dissimilar to Shannon and Sayid. Yet Sayid and Shannon awaken each other in the sideways. What is it that these couples all have in common? Well for one thing, their love affairs, for the most part, occurred on island. For another, at least one of the partners in the relationship died on the island and that partner was never shown to have any all consuming relationship off island.

Does this apply to our couples in the church?

Shannon died on island and she never was shown to have a significant relationship with anyone but Sayid. Juliet died on the island and although other relationships were shown for her, it was obvious that Sawyer was the love of her life. He died on the island and although he had other relationships, Kate was the love of his life. Charlie died on the island and Claire was the love of his life.

kate and sawyer relationship

Libby died on the island, as Hurley probably did too. Who was there for whom? I think it likely that Libby was there for Hurley rather than the other way around.

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It seems more likely that they would be like the character Rose in the movie Titanic. He was con-man and she was on the run from the law, but both ended up on a plane that crashed and stranded them on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. There was mutual attraction from the beginning that constantly drew them into each others orbits, but it took awhile for them to act upon it.

Yes, they were both so emotionally stunted that they hurt each other often and could not truly be in a healthy relationship until they worked through their individual baggage, but throughout the series we were shown how much they were able to help each other grow and evolve as human beings. Kate was one of the only people to break through Sawyer's shell, and he was one of the only people to call Kate out on her crap.

Time and time again they fell back into old patterns, but they could never stay away from each other for long and were always able to forgive each other. The problem with shipping Sawyer and Kate is that their chemistry and love story far surpassed both the show and the inane storylines thrown their way. Sawyer and Kate were connected, and the first three seasons seemed to be building up to an epic love story spanning time and space that could have grounded the show in a wonderful way as it became more and more unbelievable in the later seasons.

Instead, Kate was stuck in a love triangle and her "choice" became one of the central mysteries of the show. The disservice this did to both her character and all of her storylines was immensely detrimental to the entire show. While her motivations were always scattered throughout the early seasons, there was a shift in season four where it all became more pronounced as they tried to paint Jack as a viable romantic interest.

It was all done to string along of the shippers until the end, yet, how anyone could be happy with the "resolution" of the love triangle is beyond me.