Kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

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kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

Kelli Berglund stuns in a gorgeous white jumpsuit as she steps out for the Cruise premiere held at ArcLight Cinemas on Wednesday night. Spencer Boldman has been in a couple of relationships which came in rumored to be dating his bionic siblings on Lab Rats, Kelli Berglund. Spencer replied to her tweet with two Leonardo DiCaprio gifs. Co-creator Chris Peterson Kelli Berglund (@kelliberglund) February 28,

She reprised her role in the movie version of the show and also appeared in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped. Osment and Oller reportedly started dating inmaking an adorable couple, but sadly, the romance was apparently short-lived. They broke things off soon after getting together.

Monster, again playing the lead character Skylar Lewis, a young teenager who soon discovers that her family members are actually monster hunters.

Holt and Benward met on the set of Girl vs. They began dating soon after, but broke up two years later in Their fans still miss them as a couple, even if Holt was said to have moved on to Ray Kearin. She began her career in the animated Indian film The Legend of Buddha and appeared in a few other films as a teenager before signing up with Disney Channel in for the role of Juliet van Heusen on Wizards of Waverly Place.

She then landed a role in the Disney series Good Luck Charlie, where she met and became friends with Shane Harper, who played Spencer in the series.

kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

Inhe revealed in an interview that he started dating Mendler in Maytwo years after they met. Fans of the two were thrilled at the thought that their onscreen romance in Good Luck Charlie was being carried over offscreen as well.

The pair parted ways in After the singing group disbanded, he went solo and did some song writing for other artists before deciding to form his own band, DNCE. But back to his string of ladies.

kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

I hope you have a magnificent day. He replied by saying " kelliberglund I care because I love you so much baby" and added a kiss emoji. In earlyKelli posted a picture of the two on the Lab Rats set and captioned it "throwbacknotthursday". On Twitter, in JulyKelli wrote: Spencer replied " kelliberglund really kel?

On Spencer's 22nd birthday, Kelli tweeted to him "guess who's 22 today? I love you to death birthday boy!

kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

On the day of the premiere of Spencer's movie Zapped, Kelli tweeted to her followers to watch Zapped Spencer replied to her, writing: Kelli and Spencer pranked Billy together.

On Instagram, Kelli wrote "ayy bae sboldman" and a picture of the two together. On Instagram, Kelli posted a picture of the two standing outside together and wrote " sboldman" Kelli and her friends took a picture of themselves at their graduation.

In Radio Disney Live! Spencer told the audience that she never listens to his advice. Kelli quickly said,"I do, I do! In a Young Hollywood interview, Kelli says that Spencer's dressing room is always messy, implying she spends time in his dressing room. In a Young Hollywood interview, the interviewer says that Spencer is very good looking and Kelli agreed. In a interview, Kelli states she loves working with Spencer. Kelli posted on twitter another screenshot of her camera roll with pictures of Spencer, writing "Not only did he hack my twitter and insta.

He wrote back, saying " kelliberglund what a day Kelli tweeted a pic of her and in the background was Spencer, making a funny face and wrote, "Unofficial first pic of season 3?

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Spencer responded, writing " kelliberglund you're crazy" On Twitter, Spencer wrote how proud he is of Kelli for graduating. Kelli wrote back, writing," SpencerBoldman Love you more than life itself, spenc!

They went to "The Avengers" premiere together. Kelli and Spencer went to the "John Carter" premiere together. Spencer and Kelli went to a concert together.

kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

In a interview, Kelli said she likes guys with dark brown hair and Spencer has dark brown hair. On Instagram, Kelli posted a picture of the two standing close together with Spencer wearing his costume for Scramble The Orbs and captioned it, "You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas got of the boy.

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Spencer captioned it, "Who dat. On Instagram, Kelli posted a picture of the two and captioned it "Spencey tyrannosaurous Boldman. He captioned it "Whoops. On Instagram, in DecemberKelli posted a picture of herself and Spencer posed as sleeping together with Kelli curled up in Spencer's arms and content smiles on their faces. On Instagram, Spencer reposted Kelli's picture of them sleeping together.

kelli berglund and spencer boldman relationship quiz

On Twitter, Kelli wrote that Spencer got her the best present ever she ever got- a hand painted portrait of her beloved cat, Jesse. Spencer replied by saying " kelliberglund" and added a heart emoij.

On Twitter, Kelli wrote "I spy a Spency", with a picture of him pointing at her from across the room. On May 11th, Spencer posted a picture of him and captioned it "Nailed it kelliberglund" In May, Kelli posted a picture of the two and wrote "boys have cooties [i.

Kelli posted a picture of her sitting on Spencer and captioned it "My traveling chair". On Twitter, Kelli posted a picture of her sitting on Spencer. Kelli reposted the picture of them hugging tightly and captioned it ": On Spencer's birthday, Kelli wrote on Instagram, "it's just about 7: