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Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai are happily married! Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai, who have been in a relationship for over six years now, got Trust me, THIS is the kinda wedding everyone should aim for. kaun kehta hai reality shows mien rishte nahi bante (who says you cannot make relationships on reality shows).” Prince, Kishwer and Suyyash. Kishwar merchant & Suyash kumar Bollywood News, Bollywood Updates, 6 Relationship Lessons That All Couples Can Learn From Suyyash Rai And Kishwer February It's such a delight when clients trust your vision and go along.

Whenever we get time, we do talk about it. All this while we had been busy with the BCL practice and then we were also travelling. What does Kishwar have to say about the wedding? She is a much matured person. But I think, once we get into the mood, she will also start behaving like that. Karna bhi chahiye, every girl has her wedding dreams and plans.

Is it going to be a destination wedding, aajkal fashion hai… No, no!

Suyyash: I will take Kishwar out for a holiday abroad and propose to her

It has to be Mumbai because all the friends and our families are here. We want everybody to be present at our wedding. Has Bigg Boss made you stronger as a couple? We had this question in our mind before we decided to participate in the show.

Many people told us that couples break up once this show ends. But for us, testing our relationship by living together in the same house was very important.

We wanted to see how we will react when someone says something against me or her and how strong we are when we are together. So we proved our point by standing strong against all odds. And yes, Bigg Boss has definitely made us stronger. We have been seeing so many break ups happening around us, of course it is scary.

Suyyash: I will take Kishwar out for a holiday abroad and propose to her

But with the relation we share, I feel it is stupidity not to take the plunge just because something bad might happen in the future. It is better that you take the step now than regret later. One should live in the moment. I am ready to take the big leap. As a person how would you describe Kishwar? She gives me my space and trusts me completely.

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We are good friends more than a couple. We are very strong emotionally and we are loyal to each other. Photography is your passion: Kishwar has often said that she is a bad poser Hence I know in which moments to click her picture. I shoot accordingly, you know.

Because she knows that photography is something I love. She never gets irritated. Well, I compensate by clicking her good pictures and I am always there with her. So, I believe she has nothing to complain about. Since both of you travel a lot, do you have any honeymoon destination in mind? Nobody proposed to each other as such. We kind of understood what was happening between us.

There was no proposal from either side. We both just knew that this was it. What was the first gift you got from each other? When he took me to the Golden Temple Amritsar Suyyash: When she gifted me my first Bangkok trip Did Bigg Boss give a new turn to your relationship?

But we did what we wanted to and went for it. We decided to be ourselves and not pretend. We actually realised our strengths, weakness together how we are and how we support each other.

We became much stronger than what we were before going in the house because we saw each other reacting and supporting each other in different situations in the show.

To sit at home, just cuddle up and watch movies and shows together. Also go out for dinners and drive or just plan a getaway for a day or two. Play the guitar and sing songs for Kish. What do you mostly fight about, if at all?

We hardly fight because we give so much space to each other. We have those one-minute fights where we shout at each other and the next minute, we are fine. We fight over random and silliest of things. And who makes up after a fight? What was the first thing you said to each other after you got married?