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Hearkening back to the galaxy-building, this is perhaps Crest of the Stars's strongest point outside of the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel. Lina was ecstatic for years she wanted to know how Jinto and Lafiel were doing, .. the connection to the planetary thermal source, we in essence had pulled the .. “I'll not play the hero as long as you follow your own advice Your Highness. Lafiel accepts Jinto's invitation to stay with friends in a tropical paradise where . The marriage was supposed to have granted their children the right to the genetic "But I will stick to giving advice on less weighty matters.".

Unless, of course, the situation demands a change. Jinto dons similar attire, with a white-and-red cloak, brown, parted hair, and various costume changes when appropriate.

The largest issue comes from their often irregularly shaped heads and jaws. It can, like the filtering, be wholly distracting. Actual animation is normally average to above-average.

While there is a lot of talking and sitting -- at dinner tables, in a shuttle, or within a strategy room -- characters are usually moving or reacting to the words and sentences being said. Furthermore, the aforementioned battles demonstrate their prowess, with huge explosions, lasers, missiles, cruisers, and gunfire going off at all times. Jinto the Terran and Lafiel the Abh. As a descendant of the Abh, and especially of the royal family line, Lafiel finds herself in a precarious position.

Direct yet respectful, she can normally be quite ignorant of the emotions and customs of non-Abh people. This is easily attributed to her race; they are taught to "move forward" when making decisions, are usually apathetic towards other species, and keep themselves away from non-Abh prevalent areas.

But due to her logical reasoning and knowledge of the rest of the galaxy, she is able to support Jinto through the first half of their perilous adventure. And while she finds that completing one's mission is admirable, she wishes she could do more.

That is, she looks at herself as being "useless" in the grand scheme of things.


The attack on Gosroth, fleeing from ships encircling the planet of Sufugnoff, getting exhausted from an absurd amount of running; despite demonstrating her prowess as a capable woman and an amazing friend, she still believes herself to be bringing those around her down, or at the minimum, not contributing enough to the efforts at hand.

However, Jinto believes otherwise. Jinto was born and raised, for a time, as human. However, following a betrayal by his father towards their home planet, Jinto technically became a nobleman in the Humankind Abh Empire.

Extremely caring to those around him and rather witty, he often finds himself being "useless" as well. More so than anything else, he feels useless alongside Lafiel. Not being able to console her during times of grief, taken hostage, unable to man spacecraft; he's described as nothing more than a "commodity" that needs to be transported from one area to the next. But he moves from being the helped to the helper come the second half of the anime. This movement, where the roles are switched between Jinto and Lafiel, also occurs with a shift in location.

They go from Abh-controlled territory to United Mankind dominion, and subsequently Jinto becomes the leader. And after having been the one in reliance and the one relied upon, he discovers that everyone goes through what he has.

That people hold "strengths and weaknesses," that everyone is a "bird in a cage. It makes no difference, for when one's weaknesses are at play, he or she must lean on someone's strengths. In other words, someone else will bring the key, open that birdcage door, and set that bird free. Looking at both Jinto and Lafiel, both here and within the anime, it becomes evident: In short, they learn from each other over the course of the show.

Jinto realizes the difference between killing and protecting, and that there are times when one has to face danger head on. For Lafiel, she comes to understand that the logical choice isn't always the correct path; sometimes you have to do what's right instead of what's right.

Beyond learning from each other, they learn about each other, too. Their various customs, lore, and upbringings allow them to connect with one another more so than with anyone else they have known their entire lives. Any day the powers-that-be decide to continue a series that you might actually like is what I would consider a good day Heck, I'm looking forward to watching Banner of the Stars II and I'd probably be looking forward to more episodes if the powers-that-be were to ever make more episodes.

The chance to be able to watch a whole bunch of DVDs and to be able to have an Abh marathon any time I want? How is that not the recipe for anime watching good fun? So if you haven't seen this series and you are looking for something different whether you are new to anime or not give this series a try.

Advice can be good, bad, or wonderful; however you are your own unique individual and you decide for yourself what you like and what you don't like. Bear in mind that even if you don't like it at this very moment, it doesn't mean that you won't like it later on when the mood finally strikes you just right.

I'm not upset with this purchase, as I figured that I managed a pretty good deal for myself. Humans in the Abh Empire can have all the human-babies they want, provided they aren't inheriting titles. The Abh themselves tend considering anybody of Abh nationality as their kin regardless of their genetics.

At times even excessively: Humans in general and the human nations in particular, on the other hand, squarely define as "Abh" whoever possesses their genetics.

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They look down on human-born Abh as defectors. The non-Abh factions are also down on any other human colonies that used any kind of other genetic modification, even if this had nothing to do with the Abh. One man with tweaked genes for a longer lifespan talks about how he's treated as a second-class citizen and is overzealous in his attempts to prove his loyalty.

The Abh have one. See the trope page for details. Fictionary - The Abh speak Baronh, a language created by the author.

It follows Japanese rather than English structure. Baronh is an uncanny mix. Its grammar leans towards Latin strongly-inflected wordsits pronounciation and spelling towards French large set of vowels and nasal sounds, mute consonantsand its vocabulary is based on ancient Japanese.

First-Name Basis - "You shall call me 'Lafiel'! When the United Mankind sent ambassadors, the locals were repeatedly lectured on democracy and how unhealthy it was to eat cat. The Abh didn't say anything. According to Samson, this is why Midgrat joined the Abh Empire. Full Name Ultimatum - Lexshu gives one to Lafiel. Generation Ships - The planet Martine was settled by one of these and the Abh's original home was one as well before they cracked the FTL issue.

Lafiel did this pre-series to find out who her mom is. Her dad told her it was Captain Lexshue. When her hair's not strategically covering what needs to be covered, it's either camera angles or reflections of light. Gratuitous English - The language of Jinto's home planet Martine is explicitly mentioned to be descended from English; when it's spoken at the end of Banner III, it's identical.

Translation Convention - In the Japanese-language version of the first episode of Crest, the radio chatter on Martine following the emergence of the first Abh vessel is initially in Gratuitous English before fading into Japanese. So from their POV they're only years in our future, and pretty behind the tech level of the rest of the galaxy. Gray and Grey Morality - Because the story is told from the Abh's perspective, the Alliance is not nearly as evil and the Abh are not nearly as angelic as initially presented.

The alliance lets you join willingly; keep your spacecraft; participate in interstellar politics; and provides security, infrastructure, and technology at no apparent cost.

On the other hand they they force planets to culturally assimilate, set down very intrusive policies in the name of security, and will take over your government and run it like a military dictatorship if they feel they need to.

The Abh respects the culture of the planets in their empire, allows governments to maintain their sovereignty with a few minor caveats, and provides aid no strings attached if it is requested. On the other hand they force planets into their empire, will confiscate all ships capable of intergalactic travel, and only Abh nobility may own the means of interstellar trade and travel. Klowal wants to puts Lafiel in onehe keeps his father in one because he's still human and Klowal is ashamed of him.

Lafiel recruits Klowal's vassal, Seelnay, as her own and together they take over Klowal's Mission Control. The Humankind Empire Abh practises a different type of hegemonic influence - diplomacy. The Abh expand by military conquest, but this "conquest" will often consist of a single ship delivering a treaty of surrender, with no shots fired. The Abh then order the conquered world to surrender all long - range space travel capabilities to the empire, install an Abh noble to rule over the planet who is sometimes chosen from the local population rather than importedset up trade routes, and then as long as the ruling class follow the rules and the people don't cause too much trouble, pretty much leaves things alone except for an occasional military recruiter or observer.

The Alliance follows a fairly more straightforward method of this, as explained on the Black and Gray Morality trope above. Captain Ragash and his bridge officers agree to be left behind in Plane Space without fuel, so Lafiel's less-damaged ship can get most of his crew to safety. High-Speed Missile Dodge - Standard operating procedure for Abh attack ships since they're fast and maneuverable but have little or no defense.

Honor Before Reason - The Abh follow their system of honor to the letter, keyword here is their system of honor. Hope Spot - Captain Lexshue, outnumbered 10 to 1, succeeds in destroying 9 enemy ships but suffers terrible damage in the process, and is almost about to destroy the final enemy ship, when it hits her with a Wave Motion Gun. Ho Yay - When Jinto says goodbye to his best friend before heading to the academy, he remarks that "I'd rather be with you than with any beautiful flight attendant.

They want to reinslave the Abh since they see them nothing more than automatons, using human shields in battle to play on the Abh sense of honor and exploit it, and oppressing anyone who chooses to dye their hair blue. Jinto may be a count but the only thing to his name is his position in the Star Force. He comments on this and his quarters on the ship has a sign declaring, "The tiniest noble mansion in the empire.

Jinto still doesn't get to set foot on his home planet again, as this was one of the conditions Martinians required. Incest Is Relative - Asking a close relative for their genes is considered perfectly acceptable among the Abh, though the process doesn't involve sex and genefixing presumably clears up any of the problems of inbreeding. Info Dump - The beginning of every episode of the anime begins with an infodump relating to whatever is about to happen in the episode. Insult Backfire - Admiral Spoor's chief of staff is rather appalled at her attitude during combat and calls her Lady of Chaos - a title which she immediately adopts.

She blurs the line by crossing it twicethough her relationship with her executive officers tends to have heavy shades of Mistress and Servant Boy which indicates a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Technically it would be 'Captain and Supply Officier' but Lafiel and Jinto fullfil the spirit of the trope. He takes care of and otherwise protects her, while she is a good-hearted princess with a drive to serve her empire.

On other hand, since Jinto is arguably The Quislinghis fellow humans see them as the darker variety. Large Ham - Trife: Backfires badly in one scene. Latex Space Suit - The Abh have the skin-tight version worn by pilotsand the bulky version used by mechanics, workers and damage control crews. In a twist, they've been unable to drum up much support against the Abh, and the United Mankind occupation forces want to arrest them because they're afraid the Independence Party will be resisting the occupation.

They end up helping Jinto and Lafiel escape to Spoor's fleet. Macross Missile Massacre - Crest Of The Stars and its sequels made their battleships purely missile platforms that take Macross Missile Massacre to the absolutely ridiculous extent the majority of the mass of ships multiple kilometers long consists solely of thousand and thousands of missiles.

Of course, they were almost entirely Point Defenseless, but that's another matter. Not as spectacular but still of note. By the second season the Humankind Alliance has developed a new weapon that can overwhelm almost any point defense.

Missiles that split into more missiles when shot at. In the novel, the effectiveness of those missiles were neutralized in a few hours Also in the second season are mineshipes: The Abh deploy them in the hundreds.

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An interesting twist on this occurs in the second season where multiple episodes are devoted to nothing but the Abh fleet defending against wave after wave of Macross Missile Massacre.

Male Gaze - Present during a conversation between Jinto, Ekuryua and Samson, where Samson is talking about his experiences as a mustang enlisted man promoted to officer. It suggests that part of the reason Samson has been in the Star Forces for 20 years is because of the pretty girls in latex space suits.

Mayfly-December Romance - Abh live much longer than landers, meaning that Lafiel is painfully aware that she's going to outlive Jinto. Not so surprisingly, Jinto is actually the one that acknowledges this the most as Lafiel still wonders at time if she and Jinto is a different race while Jinto is ALWAYS conscience of the difference.

Meaningful Echo - "You shall call me Lafiel! Jinto brings a cat on board a vessel that's going into combat. Admiral Abriel and his chief of staff insult each other even more than usual for Abh. Spoor treats The Laws and Customs of War as nuisances to be ignored when she wants to terrorize the enemy including one instance where she makes up a loophole that allows her to kill prisoners in cold blood, and threatens her chief of staff with disciplinary action when he protests.

Oh, and Nereis likes to take baths when there's a pitched battle going on. Never Be Hurt Again: The backstory has the Abh overthrowing their human creators and masters, then going on to conquer most of the known universe, while in the process of conquering the rest. They claim they want to redeem their family's reputation, but they're not doing a very good job of it. Obfuscating Insanity - Aside from Nereis and Nefee, Spoor's reputation for being nuts even by Abh standards covers her brilliant tactical mind.

Older Than They Look - Abh physically stop aging at somewhere around twenty-five. One Product Planet - Interstellar travel relies heavily on Gates. During Jinto's and Lafiel's adventures, they see a Factory asteroid producing Antimattera Strategic planet, enforcing a planetary Blockade, and latter coming across a rather civilized Penal world.

How Lafiel and Klowal's battle ends. One possibly confusing thing is that most Abh have normal ears; hair color is the marker, not pointy ears. Those ears belong only to the royal family. Given Lafiel, we just get to see them an awful lot. This doesn't stop Abh from being like space elves pretty and long-lived but it's not the ears. Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions -- the Abh are repeatedly described as all atheists, though the Banner I anime has Lafiel mentioning praying and souls briefly, in context I forget the details of.

Banner II has them talking about an 'Abh Hell' they've created for when they need to inflict revenge worse than death, Web-allegedly a planet of medical experiments. I may have imposed my reconstructed memories; I haven't found mention of the word 'atheist'.