Lucy and loke relationship

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lucy and loke relationship

Couples DanLu (Dan x Lucy) FlaLu (Lucy x Flare) GrayLu (Gray x Lucy) HiLu ( Hibiki x Lucy) LaLu (Laxus x Lucy) LoLu (Loke x Lucy) Luen (Ren x Lucy) Lurus. "I met Lucy, and I have regained my true powers as a spirit. No I met Lucy and have gotten even stronger. I'm not like those dolls you manipulate! Love makes. natsu? grey? loki? question and answer in the Fairy Tail club. and Happy, same goes with Natsu who said he has a good relationship with Lucy and Happy.

lucy and loke relationship

He, Lucy and Happy share a special bond together. They are like a happy family. If only Natsu knows what love is, then he'll realize that the woman who has always been there for is Lucy.

Natsu also helped Lucy in some of her problems like when Lucy found out her father was dead and she was wondering why she wasn't crying, Natsu said something that made Lucy realize that love isn't about crying when someone passed away, because of this, she became happy.

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In the interview by Jason from Weekly Sorcerer, Lucy said she has a good relationship with Natsu and Happy, same goes with Natsu who said he has a good relationship with Lucy and Happy. In the filler manga, Lucy, Natsu and Happy are the main characters in most of them and are shown to be very close to each other.

And another thing, Lucy has a crush on Natsu. In one of the filler arcs, Natsu invited Lucy to come to the Sola Tree at South Gate Park and said it while he was blushing, so this made Lucy thought about crazy things about her and Natsu.

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He also imagined that she and Natsu will have babies which, to her surprise, look like Happies. She also wore the dress she's been saving for a date when she went to see Natsu.

She was also very disappointed when she found out that the girl he was dying to see was Virgo which he would like her help to dig up something.

Because of this, Lucy was very angry and disappointed as well and she slapped Natsu. It was also sweet of him to say " Lay one finger on Lucy, and I'll turn you all into ashes" when Lucy was wanted to be taken by Edolas guards because she has magic. Plus they are the two main characters. Sorry for the long answer Lucy's imagination of him and Natsu.

In Fairy Tail's guild hall, Lucy Heartfilia was enjoying a cold glass of exotic juice. Gray's icy fight with Natsu was nice, too, although she wished the fiery dragon slayer would stop heating things up. The relationship between us must remain professional. Can you fathom how many women he's had over the ages?

Besides, even if I had the slightest bit of interest, I'd be merely another female conquest.

lucy and loke relationship

Put a collar and leash on that kitty and She finished her drink and wiped some of the glass sweat on her neck to cool herself off, blaming the flush on the heatwave. Mirajane watched her, placed a lithe hand on her cheek, and chuckled at the unspoken thing. She smiled and shook her head. She slipped off her shoes at the door. Lucy smiled to herself and shook her head. Really, why was she so mean to him?

A head popped over from the kitchen, and Loke stared hard at her. Poofy ginger orange hair, predatory dark green eyes hidden by blue shades, sharp features like a noble beast, were all offset by a frilly apron with a Kawaii Kitty grinning on the front.

lucy and loke relationship

Look, if I'm being possessive again, I can't help it. I'm a Lion, you know. Did you know that in the wild, when a male lion takes over a pride, he kills all the other males so there's no competition? I think I'm rather tamed compared to that. She tried to turn away, not wanting to ruin a nice night together with her silly worries, but Loke held her by the arms, letting her silently know that he was not going to give up on her so easily.

It won't take everyone long to figure out about us, and I can't lose you. We won't get in trouble. If you truly do, I'll back off. Nowhere do the rules say we Spirits can't fall in love. Hell, Taurus won't shut up about your boobs, and even Sagittarius is enamored. Even if it becomes more than mere unrequited feelings I hate to bring this up," he sighed, "but Karen and I He nuzzled the back of her neck.

Is that even possible? She stretched behind her and began to pet him behind the ears.

lucy and loke relationship

The child grew to be insanely powerful. You might have heard of him. Zeref was the son of a Celestial Spirit? No Human had ever gotten pregnant from a Celestial Spirit. It wasn't supposed to be possible. After that disaster, the rule was made that Celestial Spirits couldn't have sex with Humans. I broke that rule. I'm breaking it again. I'll keep breaking it because I love you, Lucy," he sighed, clutching her close to him.

lucy and loke relationship

When you put your life on the line for me, that clenched it. What's more, you're kind, caring. Even Plue is more than some little pet to you. Lucy," he whispered, "I love you like I've never loved another person—woman, man, or Spirit—for as long as I have existed. She feared Loke might get in trouble, but she could not deny her own feelings. Despite rejecting everyone's suspicions, treating him coldly in front of others, lying about her purely professional relationship, even lying to Mirajane, Erza, and Levy, her three closest female friends, she could not say no to Loke.

Hearing him call her that sent a thrill through her body.


And collars are for kittens. I'm a wild Lion! Unless," he added with a feral grin, "you'd like to see me in a collar. Meow," he said lustily. Lucy hummed at the thought and melted into his arms. Loke gently leaned her back onto the bed and began grooming every inch of her body. Back in the guild hall, Lisanna left a conversation with Alzack and Bisca. She went to the bar to talk with her sister.

How could she say something like that and keep her innocent smile? Elfman snorted into his mug. A real man makes sure he's prepared for his lady. And what are you doing with things like that, nee-chan? Gray-sama would never have to worry about things like that. Juvia is naturally lubricant, too. Cana hummed at her cards. The Star in reverse: The Eight of Cups: Lisanna was still trying to cool off her cheeks. Sex with a lady will never be the same!

An old lover will reappear. Lisanna was fiery red now and feeling squirmy just thinking about what these people were saying. Lisanna knew that look. She could hardly help but recall how the Gray she had known in Edolas was head over heels for Juvia.