Luffy and zoro relationship

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luffy and zoro relationship

Luffy x Hancock (Nami as the 2nd albeit very far 2nd choice since there's been Zoro will end up with tashigi as we can see they have some connection which. I just rewatched the beginning and it makes is surprising clear. At that time everyone knows who Zoro is, it is implied Zoro could kick Luffy's ass. Blog: About the Friendship between Luffy and Zoro. Relationship: Captain and loyal Nakama NO SHIP!.

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His nakama are truly his family, and he cares for them more than anyone else. Luffy repeatedly risks his life for the sake of his crew, even going as far as to chase after Nami and free her from the clutches of a widely feared, extremely powerful pirate named Arlong, even though she supposedly betrayed him and ran away with his ship.

All we know about him is that he trains very hard throughout his boyhood at a dojo - and that he has a fierce rival in a girl named Kuina. Humiliated and angry, Zoro continues to train hard in hopes of both beating Kuina and someday becoming the best swordsman in the world.

luffy and zoro relationship

Her father told her that she will never become the best swordsman because she is a woman. To become like you is my ambition! The thought is enough to send his blood boiling, and he demands that Kuina promise him she will work to become the best swordsman.

In turn, he will also try his hardest to gain the title before she does.

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Stunned, Kuina agrees, and they seal the deal with a handshake. She never gets to fulfill her end of the bargain. The next morning, Kuina breaks her neck in an accident and dies.

luffy and zoro relationship

He will use it along with his two other swords as a way to keep a piece of Kuina with him as he fights to become the best swordsman in the world. Several years later, Zoro leaves the dojo with three swords and a promise he intends to keep. What transpired during this time in his childhood is a huge driving force in almost everything Zoro does. Since Kuina is dead, he is obligated to become the best swordsman, period.

luffy and zoro relationship

Failure is not an option, as fulfilling this goal is the only way he can keep his promise to his former rival. This is what keeps Zoro moving, even when times are tough. Like Luffy, Zoro takes his promise very, very seriously. Out of the other crew members, he and Luffy are the only ones whose goals revolve around specific promises. Zoro wants to be the best swordsman because he promised Kuina he would, while Luffy wants to be the Pirate King because he promised Shanks he would.

Zoro shares other characteristics with Luffy, though. They are both incredibly blunt and are not afraid to speak their minds, have a terrible sense of direction, tend to see situations in a simpler, black-and-white way and often lack common sense about many things.

As many similarities as they share, however, Zoro is very different from Luffy in a lot of ways. First of all, he is generally more reserved. When they are bathing in Arabasta, Luffy freely parades around in his birthday suit while Zoro modestly wears a towel around his waist. One of my personal favorite duos in the crew and definitely both a well-developed and fun to watch relationship. Sanji — Another strong bond and a relationship that also has gotten a lot of development in the recent arc.

He sees Luffy as his captain and looks up to him a lot, but he also seems to be the one in the crew that controls Luffy the most besides perhaps Nami.

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Either way I find the moments of Sanji reprimanding Luffy really funny, but I again really love when they show the trust they have for each other. It makes their development almost seem private, and in a way it is, because Luffy is definitely the person that Sanji has allowed to get the closest to him. They are both dreamers and I think these two in particular have been connected because of their dreams, which is something Oda focused a lot on in the Baratie arc.

Luffy knows Sanji really well and I think the way he more than anything wants Sanji to see his own worth is really great. I also love the fact that Sanji is the one Luffy compliments the most and how well Oda showed in this arc how important Sanji really is to him.

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The way he manages to get past Choppers protective walls and truly show Chopper that there is a place for him together with the strawhats is probably my favorite introduction arc out of the whole crew.

The two of them having fun together and the way Luffy teases Chopper is really just cute to watch. They share a lot of similarities because of their younger age and fun-loving nature, and also how they both like food and sweets so much.

I just kind of wish that they got more development in their relationship. They are completely different people, but Robin mostly just find Luffy amusing and is simply happy to be his nakama.

But other than that I fail to come up with many things to say about their bond. If we compare it to how Luffy has dealt with Sanji in the current arc the differences are pretty huge and in my opinion the bond between Luffy and Robin lacks a lot of personal bonding. Franky — To Luffy Franky seems to be that cool uncle that is hilarious just being himself. If anything Luffy got a better development with Iceburg and that always struck me as quite odd.

Their interactions can be quite funny with how Luffy just finds Franky cool and kind of unsuspectingly hilarious sometimes, but I really wish that Oda would put some more focus on developing their bond. Brook — I love Brook and I love Luffy and these two seem to feel the same way about each other.

How Zoro and Sanji respect Luffy

Meaning that just like me they find each other hilarious. They think the other one is hilarious and in that way without really interacting much I just think their reactions to each other are funny. However I still think that there is a profound relationship and mutual understanding between them. Brook really admires Luffy and acknowledge him as his new captain and a true friend who instantly showed Brook he was welcome. Both of them also share strong bonds with Laboon which connects them even more, and I also love how Luffy and Brook are both so carefree in certain ways.

I feel these two are truly similar in a wear-their-heart-on-their-sleeves kind of way.