Maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

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maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions | Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap Forum. married King Bharmal of Amer and on the first night of their marriage .. Related Topics. JODHA BAI is popular name in films more than was also known as jagat Gosain. Motley Fool issues rare "double down" buy alert. ,daughter of Raja Bharmal,bhua of Raja Mansingh (famous by haldighati war against Maharana pratap) and wife of Akber. Bharmal gave his daughter in marriage to akbar. From this it is clear Akbar was by relation uncle to Maharana Pratap and brother in law to Sher Shah Suri, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, Haji Khan.

While Maharana Pratap shows Akbar as cruel, nasty and a shrewd person, Jodha Akbar potrays him as a tolerant, nice and a strategist ruler.

Maharana Pratap

Some might argue that both the potrayal makes sense because one Akbar has just become the Mughal shenshah while the other has become a bit matured and so changed post his marriage to Jodha.

However, in that case can the basic nature like lust, cruelty towards innocent change? While Maharana Pratap more towards the cruelty side and Jodha Akbar more towards his soft side. Since, both the serial is running around the TV during the same slot, the audiences are in dilemma which show is giving them the actual thing.

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But, in either case the authenticty of Indian Historical drama is in question mark in the eyes of its audiences. A comparison of facts Age difference between the two — Pratap Two years older Relationship- Arch Adversaries Akbar became king in at age 14 Pratap became king in aged 28 Akbar at the age of 13 was Busy with North India and not Pratap When Akbar was of 13 as currently shown in the serial, he along with Bairam Khan was busy capturing the North.

His priority was Hemu, the general of the Sur ruler and not Pratap, the potential Maharana of the Mewar region.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

No wonder, he defeated Hemu in the Battle of Panipat and then set his foot towards Punjab to get rid of Sikandar Shah. I repeat, at that particular age, his priority was generals and officers related to Delhi Sultanate and not a prince of Mewar. In fact, Maharana Pratap and Akbar never came face to face.

Akbar was no fool to waste his time over Phool Kanwar and her love interest Maharana Pratap, he was busy planning how to capture the fort of Chittorgarh from Uday Singh. Bringing him under the imperial hold meant bringing the entire Sisodia Kings under the Mughal rule.

This was the major reason why Akbar eyed Uday Singh. These two reasons were the major causes of the rift between Akbar and Mewar. Phool Kanwar is just to entertain the Indian Television viewers! Akbar wanted Rajput as his Alliance and not Enemies Akbar was a smart monarch.

He always wanted to get hold of the Rajputs as he was not only well versed with their strength, intelligence, honesty but also their bravery. No matter, how cruel the serial shows Akbar is towards the Rajputs, the truth is, he respected them and wanted them as an alliance and not enemy.

He is so obsessed with her that no sooner he hears of her marriage with Pratap, he is ready to kill Pratap. He had the greed of power and not women. One should not forget Akbar married the Hindu princess Jodha, not out of lust but as a political alliance. He was a strategist, visionary and a pure statesman.

Showing him in bad light for things which he never attempted only for gaining TRPs, is injustice towards the great monarch who as per the records, is way better than some of the prominent Hindu monarchs. I am surprised that people historians have not objected to the distortion of facts of one of the Famous Moghul rulers of India whose reign was proclaimed by Historians as the Golden era of India.

jodha bai | History and Chronicles

Akbar was given the title after is marriage to Jodha and when he abolished the jizya tax by the people and not when he was young. People distort history and facts just to titillate TRP and fan unnecessary controversies. However, Udai Singh and the royal family of Mewar escaped before the capture of the fort and moved to the foothills of the Aravalli Range where Udai Singh founded the city of Udaipur.

Rana Udai Singh wanted Jagmal, his favorite son, to succeed him but his senior nobles wanted Pratap, the eldest son, to be their king as was customary. Folklore has it that Pratap did not want to go against the wishes of his father but Rajput nobles convinced him that Jagmal was not fit to rule in the troubled times of the day; but it is quite possible that what occurred was a bitterly contested struggle for succession: Though the chief reasons for resentment between Pratap Singh and Akbar, two very visionary rulers is unclear, it is now largely agreed that it had to do with disagreements over the status of Mewar within the Mughal Empire, were it to at all accept Mughal suzerainty.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

The tensions were further characterised by the fact that Babur and Rana Sanga, grandfathers to Akbar and Pratap respectively, had earlier bitterly contested the control over the Gangetic plains and the Doab.

It is evident that there were had been some measures of reconciliation, such as acceptance of ambassadors and representatives between the two courts. But his health was failing by the time he was in late 30s he had heart attack, asthama and also other health issues.

This helped Nur Jahan to get a grip on administration and she removed all old ministers and commanders and put her loyal men especially family members to those positions. She also very cunningly ensured that Jehangir was taken away from family members he liked or loved that included his wives like Jodha Bai, childhood friends Mahabhat Khan etc. Jodha definetly was no push over but Nur Jahan succedded in ensuring Jehangir hand over all power to her.

By Nur Jahan had completely taken over the administration and even Jehangirs mind. Jehangir who anyway was unwell and had not much interest in politics was too happy to hand over his responsibility to Nur Jahan and enjoy his wine and meat. Her marriage life was not full of roses as anyone thought it would be because Prince Salim loved her immensely. She had so many people who were out there to support her both in mughal court and mughal family that her life looked like a bed of roses.

But her life was filled with tragedies of great propotions. She lost her first child a baby daughter named Begum sultan in For 7 years after marriage she could not give birth to a baby boy. This distressed her greatly.

Man Bai and other wife of Jehangir had already given him two male heirs. But Jodha Bai despite being a favourite of Prince Salim could not give him a male heir. This made her insecure and she did lots of worships in various temples and fasted to pray for a son.

She even undertook the strenuous journey of walking from agra to Ajmer Sharif on bare foot with Prince Salim to pray for a son like Akbar had done.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

Finally her only surviving child her baby son was born in and named Prince Khurram Shah Jahan. In the meanwhile, Prince Salim was usually away from agra and family either he was governor of Ajmer or sent on wars with Persia or Maharana Pratap, rajpuths etc.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

Prince Salim being away from family wife and kids took a toll on his wives. His kids got highly influenced by other relatives than their own father and these relatives sowed seeds of hatred in heart of kids against their own father Salim.

Man Bai drowned her worry of being away from husband Salim and Khusrau as he lived in Akbars household by taking to heavy drinking.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship questions

Meanwhile a great tragedy struck Jodha Bai too. After 7 years of prayers, fasting and tears finally she gave birth to a son Prince Khurram on 5th January When Ruqaiah Begum, his first wife heard of this she asked her husband to hand over Prince Khurram to her for upbringing.

Ruqaiah was highly possessive of Prince Khurram and restrained meeting time of Khurram with Jodha Bai. Further tragedy struck a lonely Jodha Bai, her baby daughter, her last child died in soon after birth. In year Prince Salim who had just returned from campaigns of five years was being forced to again go on campaign to Deccan. He resisted it, but finally Akbar forced him to go on campaign to Rajputhana in Prince Salim started his rebellion in Ajmer and this lasted till He started staying with his mother-father at age 14 years.

But by then he could not establish the close bond a child and mother had and was closer to Ruqaiah Begum only for many more years.