Medaka box and zenkichi relationship questions

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medaka box and zenkichi relationship questions

The Edit-Patrolling Script · Notifications problems · Knowledgeable Members List Name: Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Erase Man, Medaka's Guard Dog . This is the inverse connection style that specializes in the use of the word Even Iihiko called Medaka's Kurokami Phantom "slow", right before beating her with glasses. Medaka Box is a manga series by author NisiOisiN (of Bakemonogatari Student Council: Subverted — Medaka and Zenkichi solve various problems, but don't of Medaka and Zenkichi's relationship — going from Zenkichi not being able to. Medaka misinterprets it as Kouki, and he says "No Kurokami, I meant. . Zenkichi and Medaka's meaningless relationship falling apart isn't a.

Hitomi thinks that the girl looked familiar; and remembering Emukae, she realizes she can't let the two of them stay together. Before she can leave however, she runs into Kumagawa.

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Hitomi tells him she is happy that he remembers her, though thinks to herself that she did not want to meet Kumagawa until later. As Kumagawa draws his screws and invites her to come buy porn with him, Hitomi reaches into her backpack, asking him if he is asking her out on a date. Hearing Zenkichi's demands that she go easy on Emukae, Hitomi remarks that he is a gentle boy, but goes all out using her feet. She tells him not to be so shocked, reminding him that she was the one who taught him the basics of Savate.

Emukae asks Hitomi if they have met before, noting that the kick felt familiar, though Hitomi denies it. Emukae reveals that she has rotted the air, and Hitomi falls to her knees.

She stops Zenkichi from coming closer to her, but in her weakened state cannot stop Emukae from grabbing her by the collar. Hitomi tells her to stop calling her mother however, and spits a mouthful of needles at her. Having held her breath with the Lamaze method, Hitomi tells Emukae not to talk about love until she has given birth, and sews the girl into the concrete. Hitomi then begins to interrogate Emukae about Classbut is surprised when Emukae rots through the building, causing an entire side of the structure to collapse.

Caught by Zenkichi, Hitomi asks him if there were any students in the building.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship questions

She is glad to hear there weren't, but remarks that, as a transfer student, there is no way Emukae could have known that. She is surprised by his sudden appearance. She passes Hinokage's examination. One week later, at the end of the semester, Hitomi is present for Medaka's speech. She is surprised by Kumagawa's sudden entrance.

They discuss whether Zenkichi will be alright; when Zenkichi shows up, Hitomi explains the Hitoyoshi family fashion sense.

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She is immediately accosted by Kumagawa, but is saved by an angry Medaka. Hitomi questions Naze on the specifics, and thinks to herself that Naze is a good, if gloomy girl. She is surprised by Zenkichi's continued performance. She states that Kumagawa could not use All Fiction at age four, and that it has probably come about due to something he lost in the previous three years. They find them with worse injuries than Zenkichi; they treat the others at Naze's lab before sending them to the hospital.

Hitomi thinks to herself that the situation is not entirely hopeless yet. Zenkichi tells Medaka he wants Naze to stay their ally. Choujabaru insists that Medaka and Kumagawa be handcuffed together to keep either of them from causing trouble. Hitomi thinks to herself that the pair are a good match. Hitomi is surprised by Kumagawa's offer of Class 's surrender if Shibushi loses. She is surprised to see Kumagawa has entered the freezer to restore Shibushi.

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In answer, Hitomi declares she will participate in the Treasurer's Battle. On August eighth, Hitomi faces Emukae in the Treasurer's Battle, set in the academy's botanical garden. She is surprised to learn this match will include sub-players.

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She then makes a bet with Kumagawa; if she wins, he must answer one question honestly. In return, Kumagawa tells her to go on a date with him if Emukae wins. As the match begins, Hitomi and Zenkichi enter the garden, only to be quickly attacked by the plants. As he reminds her that the main opponent is Emukae, not Kumagawa, Hitomi remembers her first meeting with Kumagawa.

It is however only a dummy, and Kumagawa attacks Zenkichi from behind. He then orders Emukae to separate them, Kumagawa and Hitomi ending up together. Kumagawa reveals he erased his aura to confound Zenkichi's senses; Hitomi questions how he can treat his life so easily. Hitomi refuses, stating Zenkichi is a man now.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship questions

Hitomi sets up a picnic, hoping her behavior will force out some of Kumagawa's true emotions. She eventually drives him to cry bloody tears, and at her prompting, he begins talking about his most recent love. Hitomi is surprised as Emukae breaks through the plant barrier, bringing Zenkichi with her. Zenkichi asks Hitomi to keep it distracted so that he can talk to Emukae, Hitomi asks him if he thinks he can make her happy; he answers in the affirmative.

He is a freshman and later junior of Class 1and a childhood friend of Medaka Kurokamiwho strong-arms him into joining the Student Council as the general affairs manager. He later becomes the th Student Council president. He is the son of Hitomi Hitoyoshi. Contents [ show ] Personality Zenkichi is very observant, and his inner monologues provide much of the narration for the series. Zenkichi has been friends with Medaka since they were two, though they apparently grew apart during middle school.

Zenkichi is deeply in love with Medaka, though the dynamics of their relationship is different between the pilot and the actual series. In the pilot, Zenkichi is unable to admit his feelings though Medaka is aware of themwhile in the main series he openly admits to his friends that he follows Medaka around because he's in love with her.

Zenkichi is highly determined; despite being only a Normal, he can keep up with Specials and even Abnormals. Appearance Zenkichi is left handed. He initially wore the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, though after joining the Student Council, he changes to the Student Council uniform, black as opposed to the usual white.

He sometimes wears his jersey underneath his jacket, though only rarely. The green armband signifying him as the general affairs manager is worn around his left arm. After becoming President, Zenkichi replaces his green armband with the Medaka's red one. He also begins wearing a pair of glasses. Zenkichi has an odd fashion sense, which he seems to have inherited from his mother. At Medaka's suggestion, he begins wearing his jersey under his uniform, a style he believes makes him look cool in contrast, everyone else thinks it looks stupid.

At age two, Zenkichi wore a yellow lined, orange hoodie with green shorts. When he was a middle school student, Zenkichi wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School.

For a time, he also had his hair dyed brown and slicked back, before Medaka convinced him to change it back. History Zenkichi gives Medaka her purpose. Zenkichi first met Medaka when they were both two years old. Left inside the Hakoniwa General Hospital nursery while his mother worked, Zenkichi was struggling with a toy puzzle. Medaka, trying to hide from the hospital staff, introduced herself by taking the toy away from him and easily solving it herself.

An impressed Zenkichi asked her to solve the rest of the puzzles in the room, which she accomplished without trouble, much to Zenkichi's delight. Medaka brushed him off, insisting that life has no meaning. When Zenkichi refuted her, she asked him to tell her then for what reason she was born. He then pointed out how happy she had made him, and told her she was obviously born to bring happiness to the people around her. Medaka took these kind words to heart, and the two of them became friends from that point onwards.

Hitomi tried to talk Medaka out of the "hostage" situation, but Medaka held her off with the promise of violence, while Zenkichi looked on in confusion. For half a day, Medaka and Zenkichi played, but Zenkichi soon fell ill to high fever from exhaustion.

At his bedside, Medaka tearfully apologized for forcing Zenkichi to go beyond his limits; even though she felt that their friendship was fate, still no one could keep up with her. Zenkichi took her hands and told her to stop crying. With a cheery smile, Zenkichi promised to catch up to Medaka even if they became separated or lost.

After meeting Medaka, Zenkichi never held a grudge against his father. However, he resolved that he would never run away from extraordinary people, or his own mediocrity. In primary school, Medaka took the first kiss of all her classmates, but when she and Zenkichi got to elementary school, he had her stop. The group ganged up on Akune, but their efforts were cut short by Medaka, who kicked Zenkichi away, and admonished him for trying to bully someone weaker than him, as well as telling him to switch back to his old hair-style.

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Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is. Zenkichi first met Hansode Shiranui at Hakoniwa Academy, when she dropped her eraser in front of him. Zenkichi was astonished by her gluttony, comparing her to Medaka. She then dropped her eraser while having a rice ball. Shiranui first dropped her rice ball in surprise, then burst out laughing. Telling "Erase Man" he was funny, she introduced herself. Zenkichi is present at Medaka's inauguration ceremony. The two discuss Medaka's numerous achievements, before Shiranui asks Zenkichi if he plans the join the Student Council.

Zenkichi adamantly insists that he won't, only for Medaka to appear behind him and drag him off. In the Student Council room, Zenkichi complains to Medaka about her treatment of him, only to be shocked when he finds she has been undressing behind him.

While he insists she have some shame, Medaka only responds that it's fine because they are childhood friends. She tells him that while she has never found a job challenging, she wants Zenkichi to stay by her side.