Meet and exceed goals

meet and exceed goals

Jan 30, When you are not meeting your sales goals and expectations as a business owner, what do you do? Do these things sound familiar?. Meeting goals. Exceptional: Consistently exceeds expectations. Sets challenging goals and surpasses them. Is truly inspirational with her goal attainment. You might also need to put in extra hours to exceed your individual goals. If a department in another area of the company is struggling to meet a deadline, has .

meet and exceed goals

Finally, you figure it out. Your team requires sales training. You have an endless list of sales training companies, all promising to solve your sales issues and improve the performance of your team to meet your sales goals.

I believe in the 4 Ps when it comes to Sales: Plan, People, Process, and Performance. Whether your sales are great or dismal, you continuously need to review your 4 Ps. Plan What are your goals and objectives for the year?

Have you identified them? The majority of business owners I talk with do not have a growth goal. What is your retention strategy?

You Need to Address the 4 Ps to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals

What is your new customer acquisition strategy? Do you have a new product or service? Do you have a new marketing initiative? Are you expanding your territory? How will you get there? So, what is your plan? People If you have a plan, do you have enough people to achieve your well thought-out and defined plan?

Do you have the right people? Do they produce consistent results and beat the numbers assigned to them annually? Do you have a sales leader?

meet and exceed goals

Exactly what are they doing to develop and motivate your people daily? If you do not have enough good people, you will never beat the plan. This is unavoidable and is to be expected. However, a member who performs well below the level of the other members can bring down the motivation of the team as a whole.

Don't be afraid to reassign members who just aren't pulling their weight, or who lack the necessary skills to contribute to the team's goals. Remove factors causing dissatisfaction In his book The Motivation To Work, Frederick Herzberg identified 6 factors that typically lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace.

As much as it's in your power, ensure your employees are happy and satisfied with each of these areas. Foster factors that typically lead to satisfaction Herzberg also identified 6 elements that commonly lead to workplace satisfaction and by extension, motivation. Foster these elements whenever possible to boost morale and motivation: Participate in competitive exercises However, some research suggests that this practice can backfire when not done right.

When using these types of team building exercises, be sure to set up your team against another organization.

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If you pit internal teams or departments against one another, you could actually be increasing animosity and competition within your own company. Recognize each member's accomplishments Not everyone on your team is going to be a top performer. But some members may contribute in other ways: Be sure to recognize each team member's contributions, no matter how small.

Don't be afraid to show some vulnerability Being an effective leader or team member doesn't mean you have to know it all. Sometimes letting down your guard and expressing your vulnerabilities can actually help to encourage and motivate those around you.

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In the words of business management guru Patrick Lencioni, "Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability. Share your mission with your team mates Research tells us that workers who feel a strong sense of connection with their company's mission are more motivated than those who are simply trying to further their careers. Communicate your passion and values in a way that inspires and motivates your team to further the mission of your team and organization.

Whenever possible, identify the strengths of each team member, and assign tasks that you know are best suited to their unique skills and talents. Explain why the group goals are important It's easy to lose motivation when you don't fully understand the goal you're working toward.

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To keep workers motivated, make sure they not only understand the goal, but also the results that will follow from meeting it. Employees must buy into goals in order to remain motivated and productive, and this is one of the best ways to make sure this happens.

Use one magic word that motivates workers It's no secret that teams who work well together are more motivated than those who don't. But how do you foster this type of positive collaboration?

meet and exceed goals

Some research suggests using one magic word can make all the difference, and that word is together. In fact, using this word has been shown to increase motivation both when working together, and when working on the same task independently.

meet and exceed goals

Flatten your team structure Strict, hierarchical team structures can leave some members feeling unmotivated to do their best. To counteract this, some companies are trying out an organizational structure called Holacracy you can read about how Zappos is doing this here.

This model takes power from management or team leaders, and distributes it among all workers. And because each person in the team leader included has a clear and transparent set of rules to follow, motivation levels are more likely to stay high until the job is complete. Establish a workplace support program It has been established that these types of programs work well to provide much-needed support to workers.