Meet and greet one direction tumblr preferences

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meet and greet one direction tumblr preferences

One Direction Preference #1: You meet him in a public place. Zayn: You walk down the streets of London, trying to ignore all of the people. It's been 15 days since I met One Direction and I haven't blogged about it omg what am I doing with my life. Okay, so basically, here's how shit went down. Your eyes widen because this is Harry Styles in front of you and the group of You were heading off on a tour of the country by yourself, which.

You thought it was pretty cute and, to be honest, you enjoyed watching their videos with her and listening to their music. So when your aunt had managed to get her hands on two backstage passes for a meet and greet before one of their shows when they came to play in your hometown, your cousin had about died and insisted you come with her.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You threw on a casual short dress with flowers on it and paired it with your new tight, thigh-high black heel boots the day you were meant to go to the concert. Casual and summery but nice enough to not feel like a total garbage bag when meeting some hot English guys and an Irish one who also happened to be some of the most famous musicians in the world.

So you decided to put a little more effort than normal into your appearance today, though not excessively so - you would only be seeing them for a few minutes at most and the rest of the night would be spent in a sweaty mess of people watching the concert. Your cousin looked cute, too, wearing one of her many One Direction t-shirts and her favorite pink skirt with it.

meet and greet one direction tumblr preferences

You thought her crush on all the boys was adorable even though they were close to 10 years older than her. And she was bouncing out of her seat by the time you both hopped out of the car and made your way into the stadium, figuring out where you needed to be after talking to someone who worked at the venue and making your way backstage. After waiting in a large room with a few other people for around 20 minutes, you finally heard the doors opening and saw a few security guards walk into the room before stopping by the doors and waiting as the boys walked out behind them.

Your cousin was squealing, her hands covering her mouth and eyes watering, and her excitement was contagious.

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As you and your cousin were standing, waiting for your turn, you suddenly realized that Harry was glancing at you when you looked up from your cousin to look in their direction. And finally it was your turn to go up to the boys.

meet and greet one direction tumblr preferences

You grab your over priced ticket and make your way through security, tears streaming down your face the entire time. You look up through blurry eyes, reaching up to wipe tears from your cheeks before taking a shaky breath.

Liam Payne sits beside you, a comforting smile on his handsome face as you sit in the terminal. The terminal is packed and you sigh.

You lean forward, your hair curtaining your face as you stare at the carpeted floor.

meet and greet one direction

You smile at the blond in front of you, hobbling around him to plop down in his seat. You were running late for your flight to New York and literally running through the airport trying your best not to miss your flight.

You had only stopped to get a coffee and were back to running to your terminal. As you look down to check to confirm your terminal number, you find yourself running headfirst into another person, spilling your coffee all over yourself and dropping the contents of your purse all over the floor.

meet and greet one direction tumblr preferences

You gasp loudly as the hot coffee seeps through your layers of clothing and stand there in complete shock.