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meet and secret agent walkthrough

For Barbie Superpack: Secret Agent / Groovy Games on the Game Boy Advance, FAQ/Walkthrough by queenpetra. I'll meet you at the lab in Mexico to run some final tests on the jewel making device.'" You get a water jet for. Secret Agent is an adult game by GamesOfDesire, click on the You can also click on the banner below for more "Meet and Fuck" games. He'll tell you about Janus, and how you need to meet him at Lenin's statue, Janus turns out to be Trevelyan, your old secret agent associate.

Remember where you see the puffle, if you do find it. Click the red light at the top of your spy phone, and use the scissors to cut down the sack of berries. Put the sack of berries in your inventory. Now, search through the woods till you find the black puffle.

Give the puffle an O berry from the sack of berries in your inventory. The puffle follows you around now, just like it did in mission 2. Search through the woods till you find the cave the crab went in. Take an O berry from the sack in your inventory, and put it on the smaller door the crab went through. The puffle follows the O berry, darts through the door, and lets you in.

Go into the cave. Once inside the cave, a cage drops, trapping you. Talk with the polar bear. He tells you who he is, how he met the crab, and what his plan is. This is pretty long and very funny.

After the polar bear and crab leave, the black puffle comes out from behind a rock. It helps you get out. Move to the left till you see the Cage Lift mechanism.

Put an O berry on the handle on the right of the Cage Life to make the puffle jump on it and turn on the water. Now put an O berry on the left side of the drain to make the puffle jump on it and make the water pour the other way. Finally, put an O berry on the tray to the right of the waterwheel to make the puffle jump on it and make the water flow to the waterwheel. Go to the right, and put the Electro Magnet plans on the cave wall in your inventory.

Put the bottle of hot sauce on the table in your inventory. In your inventory, put the bottle of hot sauce on top of the sack of O berries to make a flaming O berry.

Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent Protect Natalya, Disable Goldeneye satellite, Destroy armored mainframes. You start off in an elevator with Natalya. Run out of the elevator to the wall in front of you. Kill the three soldiers who run at you. The first automatic machine gun is tough, but there is a spot where you can shoot it without it seeing you.

The second one is in the middle of the room, so stay covered in your first hiding place across from the elevator. The third one is the nastiest because it's high and right around the corner. Once you've taken it out, there are two soldiers just behind it and one behind you in the area where the computer controls are. Get Natalya and she'll open a door for you. A few guards will appear in the distance.

Kill them from a distance. Farther on is a room full of soldiers with big guns and grenades. Pick them off one by one, careful of grenades, back up if you hear that awful clinking sound. When they're all gone, instead of taking their stuff, go down the stairs to the room where you knocked of those two guys from a distance. There are weapons, and timed mines. Now enter into that crate-filled area and pick up all of that lovely ammo.

At the far side is a path, and four guards will be there for you to kill. You're in a pump room. Ascend the stairs, open the door, and back up a few steps. Soldiers will line up to get shot. There should be four, maybe five. Once that area is cleared, go down the stairs, open the door and check around the area for soldiers. Boris is in front of you at a computer console. Let him go, and make sure NOT to kill him. If you do, Natalya will quit the mission. He'll pull a gun on you, and then drop it like a goof, and then run away.

Don't bother with him. Stick mines behind the two mainframes and blow them up. This should kill the two soldiers upstairs if not then they will come down the stairs or just stand in their original position.

Go upstairs and to the end of each hallway are mainframes, stick mines on them. There are two more. Go up the next set of stairs to the 3rd level and on the left side is the armor.

Go back down to the main floor and head toward the only door you haven't opened. One of two giant turrets will shoot from the distance and three to four soldiers, guarding a mainframe, will run toward you. Don't enter yet, on each side of the door are two more turrets aimed at you. Open the door and lean out to the left or right and destroy the turret. Then destroy the other one. Then destroy the mainframe on the right.

Walk out and before ascending the staircase. Go to the main part of the room with the computers in it. Take out the side computers, leaving the two center ones alone.

Now, place a mine behind the two spiral stairs so the glass is destroyed but make sure you have at leased one mine left for later. Now, facing the big screen, ascend the spiral stairs on the right and walk to a small door in a rocky area. Walk down and get Natalya. Lead her to the main computer area, to the central monitor. Natalya will start working on the computer but she'll sound the alarm. Reload your guns and position yourself behind Natalya so that your back is to the glass and your looking towards the video screen.

What you're doing is getting the best possible angle on the soldiers who will come flooding down the stairs. From your spot you can hit all of them and completely miss Natalya, who's in the center.

Be democratic with all the soldiers. They'll flood down two to three at a time. Kill each one off, and don't let anyone get too close to Natalya. Your objective is to protect her, and if she dies, you'll have to start the mission over. When she finally overrides the computer, Natalya will flee.

With your back to the main screen, take a right, then a left at the previously locked double doors. Make sure your guns are loaded. Reload and blow away the two guards there. Then use the last mine on the last mainframe. Make sure you close doors behind you. Open the door in front of you and kill any nearby guards. Go to the right and hug the wall then turn left still hugging the wall on the right. If you see anybody shooting you, kill them.

You will pass the elevator on the right and it will close. Go pass the metal grates on your left, turn and go all the way to the other side of the room and kill the last of the soldiers. Turn left again and the elevator that you need is on the right. Water Caverns Time cheat: Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9: Destroy inlet pump controls, Destroy outlet pump controls, Destroy master control console, Minimize scientist casualties.

Destroy inlet pump controls, Destroy outlet pump controls, Use radio to contact Jack Wade, Destroy master control console, Minimize scientist casualties. Four to five guards will be in your immediate presence, kill them, and try not to get touched. Then just follow the path the only way you can. You'll pass through two doors before being able to veer off the beaten path. Go downstairs to an area with two computers, a scientist or two, and some ammo boxes. Blow up the computers.

There is a pathway to another similar area; you can take it or the stairs, both lead to the same place. There are two main computer set-ups down there as well. Blow them up, and objective A will be met.

meet and secret agent walkthrough

Make sure not to hit any scientists. You'll come to an opening. It leads to what seems like the bottom of the entire cavern. There should be a guard or two, so kill them off. A winding path leads in a spiral fashion along the right side. Take this path there aren't any other choices anyway.

Knock out about three military personnel along the way. At the top is a guard and a door. Open the two doors, and throw a mine in the distance and one where you are. Then shoot in the distance and step back. A handful of soldiers will emerge, and then blow them the pieces. Make sure to stand back and off to the side to stay un hit. A circular cave with a central pillar and about three to four guards and lots of ammo boxes are next.

Nail all of these guys. Follow the path until you have a choice of going down some stairs to your right or continue upstairs. Go down the stairs and do a degree turn. Follow this new path around until you get to a cavern with lockers in it. The lockers will be on your right side. Blow up the crates for lots of ammo. You should have two ZMGs by now. Go back to the stairs that you went down and go back up them. Turn right and follow the path and kill all guards along the way. When you see a door on the right, stop and open it.

Open the next door and kill the guard on the left and two guards in the distance. Then destroy the gun turret on the ceiling to the left. Go into the room, if there are no guards to the left then turn right to the lockers and two guards will be waiting for you.

meet and secret agent walkthrough

Head down the stairs and destroy the three computer consoles while looking for the keypass. Head out the same way you came in and go forward. Follow the path all the way to the end and kill guards along the way. There are two guards by the door. Kill them from a distance, then aim and shoot to the left so that you would be shooting into the room. You will hear glass breaking. All you are trying to do is lure some of the guards from the room into the area you are in. After you dispose of them head for the door then back up behind the stairs.

Two guards will climb the stairs and you should kill them. Find the keypass then open the two doors and go into that room. In the easy mode their is armor to the right on crates but only on easy. In the room turn left and if their is a soldier there kill him. Kill the other guard on the other side of the room not at the control room. Now it will get tough. Three- four guards are in the control room on your left along with two scientist.

There are also a lot of explosive barrels to. Some of the soldiers will throw grenades as well. Head for the left wall and take out your machine gun. Use your site and leaning technique and shoot one bullet at a time. If you hear a clink move back. Kill all guards in the head or there will be a large explosion. Use the radio and when the scientist are out of the way, destroy the control room. Look for another keypass if you can't open the large door. Head for the large door, the one where the scientist are trying to get out.

Destroy the guard on the left and the right. Go to the first door on the left, open it and kill the guard on the left and right. This part is tricky. You need time to destroy the two gun turrets before guards start shooting you from behind. Open the first door then open the second door. While the second door is being open move out through the first door and go hug the wall on the left or right.

If Trevelyn doesn't see you, you are OK. Lean and aim upward and destroy the two gun turrets so that Trevelyn still hasn't seen you.

When they are destroyed run after him while you are shooting at the seven guards in the other room and go into the elevator. Antenna Cradle Time cheat: Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2: Destroy control console, Settle the score with Trevelyan. Turn around an get the armor. Skip this if you are going for the Gold PP7 cheat. Run up the walkway aiming toward the opposite end and start shooting almost immediately.

If you take hits here, you may wish to restart the level. After killing the first foe and picking up his ZMG skeep using your PP7 and go along the right side of the cradle walkway. This will conserve ZMG ammo which can be scarce on 00 Agent level. Destroy all of these and, if you're fortunate, get a hit in on Trevalyan.

The first secret is that Trevalyan doesn't have any amount of life.

I Expect You To Die - Full Walkthrough [No Commentary]

You can't kill him more quickly by shooting him with more bullets. To defeat him you must cause him to speak all his lines, each of which is activated by being shot. This means you must shoot him quickly, let him speak, and then shoot him quickly again and so forth.

Run to the far right corner of the balcony. Look down to your left and you will see Trevalyan below you. Shoot him and he will say something and run away underneath you.

Run back through the shack and across to the other shack. If you're lucky Trevalyan will be there and you can shoot him, hearing his next piece of dialogue. Regardless, pick up the armor at this point. Proceed through the shack and, again, skip the ramp and go forward and right. Look down to the left and there's Trevalyan again.

Shoot him and repeat this process of going back and forth until he says something like "Finish it now, James - if you can. You may run short of ammo on this level. If you are ever pursued on to one of the balconies by guards position the ramp between you and them. They will run around it instead of firing across it and this gives you time to kill them. You should never allow Trevalyan to climb to the upper cradle.

Aztec Complex Time cheat: Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9: Reprogram Shuttle Guidance, Launch Shuttle. You start off in a small door frame, with guards to your left and to your right.

There are fewer to the right so kill the guard there. The remaining living guards have grenades and aren't always that athletic about handling them. They will approach you and start shooting. Kill these two guys off, and then head toward the opposite side of the room.

A shadow on this wall highlights the secret door which opens by pressing B. Inside the next room, which is bigger than the previous one, you'll look through a stone hallway. One guard will stand directly in your way, so kill him immediately and then look out in the distance and you'll spy one more guard to the far left. Kill him while two more fill the hallway. Knock them off without advancing. Now move about three-fourths of the way down the hallway, staying to the right.

A guard in the distance on the right is hiding behind unbreakable crates and has a perfect view of you. Unfortunately, you don't have the same view. There's one on the left but he's farther off. There are two parts to the room, separated by a deep crevice in the middle. From here there are two ways to go, and one is definitely better than the other: Either way you chose, you'll get to the same place, it's just that the path via the secret door is much more manageable.

Open the door and play a little trick. Run into the large, dark control room about two steps to let the guards on either side know you're there. Then quickly step back into the hallway. This forces them to come to you, and you can then just pick them off in the hallway.

There are at least four more guards in the hallway, and you'll need to trip them up, too. After those two are down, run in and into the first three- sided 'room' or 'slot' on the right and reload your weapon. At least three guards will appear slowly from the other little slots. Pick them off as they approach you. There are at least three, so when you believe the coast is clear, snoop carefully across other little slots to make sure they're all gone.

In this control room you can see computer panels behind a glass encasement. That's where you will set the data to reprogram the Space Shuttle. Also you'll pick up another important document, a DAT for launching the shuttle. A control panel in one of the slots to your right has a flashing red button on it. This should look familiar. Hit the button and a giant computer on the wall will open up, revealing a secret pathway.

Inside is at least one guard. Use your rifle site to quietly pick him off. Then enter the area. Pick off any other guards you see. Follow the hallway and at least three soldiers guard this hall. Pick off each one quietly, one by one, by placing a bullet in their heads.

Then start blasting the wall. It will let two guards in another room come looking for you. After disposing them, pick up their ammo and go into their room. You will see two computer panels on the far side of the room. Blow up the computer console on the far left wall, and then enter into the hallway behind it. Strangely enough, there's a labyrinthine corridor behind it.

Enter in and go forward all the way.

meet and secret agent walkthrough

Destroy the machine gun emplacement on the right, then on the left. A few guards running your way from the left. Let the three or so guards come to you, and kill them. You should pick up their guns and one will be the Moonraker Laser with unlimited ammo!

Turn right then left and you will find the body armor.

PSA Missions

Walk down the hallway containing the broken auto guns and follow it to the end. You can pass through a ventilation door, but don't just yet because there are four motion sensitive auto guns in the area. Halfway down this hall until the nearest gun is activated or you see it through the door, then shoot it. Then move up to the ventilation door and peak out right. An inactive auto gun is hanging on the wall to your right about five feet away.

There are two more hanging high on the walls to your right. From behind the door you can blow up the one on the left as well as the more difficult one on the right. A few stray soldiers will approach the door and shoot in; kill them off.

There are at least three soldiers with lasers hiding behind steel crates against the wall on the far right, so take them all out. The coast should be clear.

  • Agents of Mayhem Achievements
  • Meet'N'Fuck Secret Agent

You should have a grenade by now. Keep it until later, when you meet Jaws. Now move toward their carcasses and pick up their weapons and then head toward the Space Shuttle on the other side of the room notice the mainframe on your right, you'll need to go back to it later.

Half way to the space shuttle is a ladder that leads up to a control panel. Go up and hit the button which will close the exhaust doors and also open up a necessary door you've already been through. Now to meet Jaws. After descending the ladder, turn your back toward the vent door from which you arrived. A similar door is on the opposite side of the room. Go through it, take a right. When you go down the second pair of stairs you will see one guard. Now your ready for Jaws.

Jaws takes a million hits, unless if you hit him in the mouth or facebut he still takes a bucket load either way. If you have a grenade toss it at the wall were the guard used to be standing and it will go near Jaws. It won't kill him though. Use the rifle because it's a non-stop weapon and the laser takes a millisecond between shots, allowing Jaws some time to recover. Turn the corner, aim for his head and pummel him.

He usually gets a few shots in so be careful. Just keep strafing him around in a circle and he will drop like a fly. Now pick up his weapons and the smart card you've been needing. Kill any other guards in the area and run back to the vent shaft, cross the room a few guards will be thereand enter the vent shaft from where you first came. Follow it all the way back to the control room with the glass doors.

meet and secret agent walkthrough

We're finally getting something done now. There are two things you must perform once you've opened up these glass doors. So go ahead and pick up the DAT, and then switch to the Guidance Data via your watch and slip it into the computer terminal on the table to the left. Objective A will have been met. Now, go back to the Shuttle Room, where you'll once again meet up with a bunch of ingrate soldiers, and then head toward the computer terminals on the far end of the room.

Go to the mainframe remember? You'll have to do this quickly because a few stray soldiers will shoot at you from behind. If you've done it correctly, a timer will set off, and you'll have approximately 30 seconds.

Ascend the ladder so that you can once again open up the exhaust doors. Wait their while more soldiers will come to you so be ready. Egyptian Temple Time cheat: Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6: Follow the instructions Below!! You start off in a long rectangular room centered around a pool. Move to the right side of the room and walk down the stone path. At the end and guarding the large entrance into the next room are two guards, one on each side of opening.

Hide behind the last pillar and pick off the first guard which will send the other toward you, and then kill him. Obtain their ZMGs and pass through the opening, staying to your right. In the second room, there is a passage on the right side leading to the Golden Gun. In the passage is a staircase and at its foot is a path to the right. Take the staircase up and press B when you arrive at the gray door.

A narrow hallway leads to a medium size room and from where you stand you can see the Golden Gun. Well, don't be fooled, it's a trap. The four odd blocks in the room are 'stone sensitive' and hide never- ending, indestructible auto-machine guns that will surely kill you every time.

So, step on the first stone, and watch the glass case appear and encase the Golden Gun and the ammo. Now, move all the way to the left, and then move up toward the gun to the second stone. Move three stones to the right, two up, one across left, one up, one across left again, then two up and one to the right, and you should be standing right in front of the gun.

The glass will move down if done correctly and the machine guns won't come out at all. That's the easy part. Now locate the only way out, a gray stone door that will reveal a piece of body armor, and a door that lets you back out and into the clutches of a few gun-crazy soldiers.

Switch to the Golden Gun, and you'll only need to hit each soldier once to kill them. With your back to the door you just stepped down from, kill off the soldiers around you and head straight into the next room, where Baron Samedi is waiting for you. He must be killed three times regardless of the difficulty level. Each time you face him his strength is heightened, and last time you face him, his weapon gets deadlier.

So, dodge, duck, and strafe when you see him, and then simply shoot him once with the Golden Gun to kill him. His death is also obtained without the use of the Golden Gun. He'll next appear in the same room you began this journey in, and so you can retrace your steps or circle around and face a lot of soldiers along the way.

After dispatching him the second time, you'll need to locate a hidden room where you'll also find another body vest. Go back to the first secret passage that leads to the Golden Gun, and instead of going up the stairs, turn right down that passage you didn't take the first time.

Meet'N'Fuck: Secret Agent -

Follow it to a room that has only one other door in it, and follow that passage to a T intersection. Take a left at the T and switch to your Golden Gun. You can see a room about 10 feet away and the Baron is in it. He's usually either on the far left or right side. This is head-to-head combat here and his Moonraker Laser is very powerful, so play your cards right.

A bizarre, slim pyramid of unbreakable glass sits in the middle of the room and should be used to hide behind. Remember to not deplete your Sim too much. You also need to learn the 3rd level of Programming. You will become a Secret Agent 7. You need to learn the 5th level of Charisma with the already described method and you also have to investigate 3 Sims with a computer.

When you will choose the "Investigate" option in the Internet you may choose a Sim which you know. Do it three times in total however remember that you have to wait for a while before you will be able to repeat this action.

When you will meet the promotion requirements you will be able to choose between two career branches: If you will choose the A branch you will become a Spy Captain 8 A. Your daily task is to be involved into romantic interactions. The easiest way to do that is to live with a partner or a spouse.

You will be able to complete this task just by flirting with your other half. You can also flirt with other Sims. Keep having the Confident emotion during your working hours. You need to learn the 7th level of Fitness and the 7th level of Charisma you already know how to accomplish that.

You will be promoted to the Shadow Agent 9 A position. You need to meet three promotion requirements. First two are learning the 8th level of Fitness and the 8th level of Charisma what is not really problematic however it takes a lot of time.

Your third task is to have 8 friends. Meet other Sims, invite them to your house, go to a bar and so on. Develop your friendly relationships with interactions from both "Friendly" and "Funny" categories. Don't invite and neither call anyone during night hours however you can still interact by using a computer.

This task is very difficult and takes a huge amount of time. Remember that your friends can sometimes stop being so friendly so you should keep contacting them to be sure that you are still close with them. You will be promoted to the Double Diamond Agent 10 A position. You work only 3 days per week however it's also related with working 15 hours per day.

Still your salary is huge Simoleons.