Minho and suho relationship problems

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minho and suho relationship problems

EXO's Suho, who is celebrating his 26th birthday today, can probably tell you how it's really like. remember when Kyungsoo and jongdae ganged up against Suho saying in India, Suho y Minho pensaron que los habían reconocido en la . CLEO face reading marriage material Latest Issue. Perhaps this is what Choi Minho feels, being dubbed as the most known member Minho does not really care about money, health, or performance problems. Kyuhyun, TVXQ's Changmin, CNBLUE's Jonghyun, and EXO's Suho. Minho also showed his close relationship with his father on the program;. SHINee's Minho and EXO's Suho recently opened up about their close friendship and the memories they shared with one another as trainees.

I should have set her up with Jonghyun instead. He was begging me to introduce Jihye to him, but I thought he was too much of a player and it would turn out badly. Minho raised an eyebrow and paused mid-pull-up, blinking at his friend. Did any of the guys turn up? Minho winked at them and they all blushed, turning away and pretending to look elsewhere. He grinned to himself and turned back around. Suho sighed and frowned. They should be studying, not staring at strange older men in the park.

He sighed and leaned back. The boys in their class are probably scrawny and pre-puberty. Why should we deny those girls the pleasure of a nice view? Let them stare all they want. Who is actually mad at me, thanks to you! She thinks I set her friend up with a complete asshole and she wanted to know what sort of guys I hang out with.

He kicked the ball over towards Minho again, this time making it hit his side even harder. Minho whirled around, hoping that Xiumin or Onew had finally turned up to pay football, but he was greeted with a group of unfamiliar faces.

There was a group of about five or six middle-school boys. The one standing in front was holding a football in his hand as he glared at Minho and Suho. He gave them a polite smile and nodded.

His tone was mocking.

minho and suho relationship problems

He had a cocky expression on his face as he rolled the ball between his hands. It might help our image if the girls watch us crush you to pieces. These bratty kids were getting to him. He could feel the familiar burning in his veins. Listen, kid, that is not how you address your elders. Should I call you ajhussi? Do your bones creak from old age? Minho clenched his fists. He took a step forward, but Suho pulled him back.

Minho folded his broad arms across his chest and stepped closer to the boy so that he was looking down at him. The two of us will beat all six of you. And then, you can go home crying to your mothers.

It seemed to be taking forever, and she gave the overused machine an impatient pat to help it along. She was fully dressed, wearing a pretty white blouse and a new skirt. Even her purse was in her hand. Jihye raised an eyebrow at her before looking down at her own clothes- shorts and an oversized soccer jersey. The thought of his handsome smile and twinkling eyes still made her feel giddy.

How could somebody so handsome and charming be such a jerk? I gave up ages ago. Why should I chase him around? There are plenty of better guys than him around.

Seriously, though; I wonder how a guy like that is even friends with Suho. She glanced down at the unknown number and narrowed her eyes. Who could be calling her this early on a Saturday morning?

Your brother, Lee Il-sung, was brought in through the emergency ward a while ago, he seems to have fractured his wrist while playing sports. Would it be possible for you to come down to the hospital right now? The doctor is looking at the x-rays right now. She was still dressed in her shorts and too-loose football jersey that drooped at the shoulders.

She had no idea why the hospital had called her instead of her parents, but she had a feeling her brother was behind that. As Jihye walked down the corridor, looking for the right room number, she froze at the sight of two familiar faces.

Suho and Minho were both sitting on plastic waiting chairs in the corridor, dressed in sportswear and looking tired. Jihye blinked at both of them, startled. She narrowed her eyes. Minho froze at the sight of her. Jihye had her arms folded across her chest, and was looking down at him with piercing eyes. She looked really hot. Her long, smooth legs were accentuated by the shorts, and her plump lips were pressed together tightly as she stared down at them.

Suho blinked and sat up. Minho felt a little offended. He sat silently, glaring up at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her eyes briefly flickered towards Minho and then looked away. She cleared her throat. She had to pause and mentally hit herself once. What was she doing? Choi Minho was a complete jerk. All the same, he was still unbearably handsome and had eyes that made her want to melt. Your brother is injured, she told herself, bringing herself back down to earth.

minho and suho relationship problems

Pushing open the correct room number, she spotted her younger brother lying back on a white hospital bed, surrounded by a few of his friends. He sat up as soon as he saw her. His friends hurried to move out of the way, most of them gaping in awe. His arm was wrapped in a bandage and he was dressed in muddy soccer clothes. Il-sung pouted, his expression miserable.

Which was funny, because Jihye could have sworn she heard him laughing loudly just a few seconds ago from outside the door. It hurts so much. Look- they bandaged it up and everything! What a big baby. Jihye sighed and looked down at him. Noona, I fractured my wrist! How could she frown at him this way when he was in such pain? Ignoring him and the gaping looks from his friends, she went to get the attention of a nurse, who hurried over as soon as she saw Jihye.

She gave her a calm smile. He can go home now as long as he comes back for regular check-ups. Jihye blinked and nodded.

If you think that your brother was being bullied or harassed by these men, then you may wish to call the police and report his injury as an assault. She folded her arms and sighed, looking down at them. None of them spoke. Who are these men that supposedly brought you here? He sat up and frowned.

Jihye raised an eyebrow. Clearly they were completely exaggerating the story. Jihye recognized it instantly and she turned around, coming face-to-face with Suho and Minho, both of whom had just entered the hospital room. I thought the kid looked familiar. Is this what you do with your free time, then? Bullying innocent kids at the park? He tripped over my foot! He looked like he was about to explode. His sleeveless jersey was showing his tense biceps.

The poor man looked panicked and helpless. Come on- you know me, am I really the type of person who goes around hurting kids? We were playing football and he tripped. Because I dumped you? Is that what this is about?

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Jihye felt her cheeks flush red. Did he think it was funny to humiliate her in this setting? He opened his mouth to speak, but Suho had a firm grip on his arm and pinched him hard.

He kept quiet, glaring at Jihye. Feeling triumphant, she folded her arms across her chest and leaned back on her heels coolly.

minho and suho relationship problems

But to be honest, I think these poor young boys have been traumatized enough today. The last thing I want is to put them through the stress of being questioned by the police.

EXO’s Suho and SHINee’s Minho Shows Their Affection for Each Other on “Fluttering India”

He glared at Jihye. When did you become such a bitch? Can you just set your ego aside and apologize quickly? He had to take a deep breath to calm his raging temper, and then he opened them again. His fists were clenched as he turned and looked straight at Il-sung with a burning glare.

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The younger boy was smirking at him happily. He turned and glanced at Jihye. Minho stormed out of the hospital room with Suho scurrying after him quickly. As soon as the two of them left, there was a brief silence and then the group of boys exploded in cheers and words of awe.

They were all looking at Jihye as though she was their savior. She turned to her brother and narrowed her eyes at him calmly. Taemin was certain that if he checked that area later, there would be a long, straight burn mark on the floor. You said she even liked soccer. He was suddenly struck with the vision of Jihye at the hospital, her hair framing her face messily, and the loose soccer jersey that engulfed her small frame, with those tiny shorts that revealed her long, gorgeous legs.

Clenching his fists, he shook the image out of his head. I should have known the moment she said she was a Manchester United fan. The next time I see her, I will win no matter what.

Taemin sat up quickly as he noticed a new message that he had just received. Onew-hyung told me about that yesterday. What is she trying to do, ruin my life? You have to go. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road while driving, but it was difficult when Jihye was sitting in the passenger seat, humming lightly along with the music on the radio and tapping her fingers against the armrest.

He cleared his throat. Is it such a dangerous question? There was something about the way his charming smile looked in the dim light that made her heartbeat pound. What does that mean? Do only certain types of girls go on blind dates? She was always teasing him; he liked the playful banter, liked how she could sense the mood and twist his words into a joke by teasing him. Conversations with her were always interesting; but often, she managed to avoid the question by teasing him and Minho wondered if it was intentional.

Why are you meeting people on blind dates? He treats Chaeun really well. I thought you would be the same. All through school, college and even now at work, guys have always found me… intimidating? Once, this boy was yelling out crude insults at the female players so I punched him and a rumor went around school that I beat him up. Again, I had this reputation as a really headstrong, no-nonsense person. I was really insecure about myself for a while.

He could see where she was coming from. It felt like a fresh start.

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I could act like a girl around you without you getting shocked and asking what was wrong with me. They had reached the riverside and, and Jihye looked around. This was your big idea for a third date? You said you wanted a girly, romantic date.

She got out of the car along with Minho, and then pointed towards the simple flats that she was wearing on her feet. He held his hand out to her and Jihye took it, feeling a little embarrassed.

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