Moka and tsukune relationship quotes

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moka and tsukune relationship quotes

QuotesGram Vampire Quotes, Rosario Vampire, Moka, Anime Figures, . I wish i was tsukune so badly well leave a comment and tell me what you think other stuff are only a small part of a relationship it's really about making each happy. Moka takes a liking to Tsukune, initially because of the. Moka began to invest more and more into her relationship with Tsukune as her feelings . Quotes Edit. What is the relationship status of Kurumu towards Tsukune at the end of the story ? He choose Moka but still the other girls dindn t give up on him and made a vow Everyone is happy. Loading editor. , March 6, Quote.

If she was aware of this, Moka would stop herself. Inner Moka has never drank Tsukune's blood in the manga. In her unsealed state, Moka can detect the presence of other monsters by sensing the demonic aura around them, helping her to find hidden enemies. This works similar to a bat's echolocation, except she waits to sense her opponent's aura rather than send out a pulse on her own and then receiving the returning pulse.

Moka's skills with this ability is such that she can teach it to Tsukune. As a vampire, Moka is extremely strong. When Moka kicks an enemy, they will be sent flying and gaining a huge injury and the place where the enemy flew and landed will also receive enormous damage. Her strength is such that even after even weakened by water from her fight with Kusabi Midou and after making one last blood transfusion to Tsukune, she still had enough strength to deal nearly fatal damage to Tsukune in his ghoul form.

moka and tsukune relationship quotes

Also Moka had enough strength to knock a giant Phoenix out cold with one kick however she did note that as a newborn Phoenix, its powers weren't developed at all. When Moka first awakened her Shinso blood seven years ago upon seeing Akasha bisected by Akua, she was able to greatly injured the older vampire with one kick that also destroyed the corridor when Akua crashed into it and with one punch completely disintegrate the wall in her follow up attack.

Recently, she was able to push back Akua and sent her flying through a boulder and concrete structure with a powerful kick to her face which Moka herself believed was about enough to break Akua's neck though she later appeared unharmed. Moka even tore half of Gyokuro's face off with one kick after she fused with Alucard to increase her power though the older vampire quickly regenerated and mutated from Alucard's flesh.

After becoming a stabilized Shinso Vampire, Moka became strong enough to easily destroy Alucard's body in an instant. She is capable of running and accelerating to high speeds which a human and many other monsters could never achieve.

She usually displays great speed in her released state that is enough to guard herself against Ginei in his werewolf form though she couldn't land any hits on him till the full moon was blocked by clouds thus diminishing his speed. Seven years ago when Moka first activated her Shinso blood after witnessing Akasha's apparent demise, she was able to instantly kick Akua away with the attack being so fast the older vampire was barely able to react in time.

During her fight against Akua with Tsukune, she was able to land a surprise attack on her older sister to save Tsukune from a fatal blow though Akua's attention was focused on Tsukune at the time. Later on Moka was able to bypass the Alucard tentacles Gyokuro hurled towards her to kick the older vampire in the face. After becoming a stabilized Shinso Vampire, Moka became fast enough to instantaneously land many attacks on Alucard that quickly destroyed its whole body along with Tsukune.

Moka's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can physically exert herself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair her. Moka is able to fight against powerful opponents in rapid succession such as Akua, Gyokuro, and Alucard with Tsukune.

Her Shinso regenerative abilities may influence her stamina. The tissues of her body are considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of an ordinary human or monster. Moka is capable of withstanding great impact forces, and falls from great heights, without sustaining any injury. Due to Moka dodging attacks more often than enduring them like Tsukune, she doesn't have as much endurance as him.

Despite this she still has powerful durability where she took attacks from Kuyo after being weakened from giving her blood to Tsukune and from Kusabi Midou after being weakened by water.

Moka later on took a punch directly to her face by the likes of Gyokuro Shuzen yet suffered only a bruise to the left side of her face and showed minor discomfort afterwards. After becoming a full-fledged Shinso, Moka should be able to withstand attacks that would otherwise be fatal to most living things, such as being bisected in half or having limbs severed, which she can reattach and heal from provided she does not bleed out. When she was fighting the Phoenix summoned by Fang-Fang, Moka swiftly dodged its fire blast and jump directly beside it without it noticing her to land a powerful kick to its head.

After Tsukune's fight with Gyokuro, Moka immediately raced towards him by quickly jumping over multiple mutated Shuzen vampires and buildings on the Floating Garden. Her reflexes are heightened in a similar manner and are superior to those of the finest human athlete or monster.

During her fight with Akua she was able to land an attack on her older sister by appearing behind Tsukune before either of them noticed her and was able to keep up with Akua's extremely fast attacks as well.

The blood was given to her from birth, causing Moka's features to change to the tell-tall characteristics of the legendary vampire. The Shinso blood within her is also the key to reviving the monstrous vampire Alucard so to prevent that, Akasha sealed the Shinso blood with the rosary, altering her daughter's personality as well.

Also, a vampire's other base abilities are increased as is their potential for learning a new or previously "lost" set of powers. After her rosary was destroyed and her she was given a blood transfusion from Tsukune, her shinso blood has fully awakened and she is now a full Shinso vampire.

When she activates her Shinso blood whether intentionally or not she emits a powerful aura that is described as "a darkness deeper than night". Her Shinso blood also radiates a much darker, more potent aura than the usual vampire blood and given a vampire's "aura conversion" ability, this allows for an exponential increase in the amount of power they can generate.

After being enraged when she thought Akua killed her mother 7 years ago, Moka released a powerful Yoki that surprised and terrified her older sister. This powerful demonic aura also usually shows itself whenever Tsukune releases her Rosary that unnerved almost every monster in Yokai Academy whenever they witness it.

A unique ability Moka gained after injecting Tsukune with her Shinso blood to the point where he has it permanently flowing through his veins. This ability allows her sense when Tsukune is in great emotional stress and vice versa. Akua states that the Shinso possess an ability called "Creation. In Moka's case she is able to generate a jet black steel suit of armor that covers her arms and legs along with shoulder pauldrons and can create an explosion just by hitting something.

Moka shares an unusual sort of telepathy in that the two sides, Omote and Ura, can talk with each other as individuals. They can talk to each other without worries or shame, because other people cannot hear their conversations. This is explained as the two sides are beginning to become more in tune with one another.

Moka Akashiya

It has become so strong as of late that either Moka will now see the projected image of the other in their field of vision. This is first shown to be true in Episode 5 of the Season 1 anime. When Moka gets covered in water and retreats to an alley because of the embarrassment and pain, the Inner Moka starts to talk to Outer Moka and seems to scold her like a sister or mother would, showing the cold but caring nature of Inner-Moka. It seems that Inner Moka can also project her voice via her blood to Tsukune as well but she has only done this once, after she had given him a fresh blood injection.

Depending on the situation, Inner Moka can get the rosary to move on its own, usually when she talks but it has been shown that Outer Moka can move the rosary as well. This is usually played for comedy since the rosary jumps around, sometimes hitting Tsukune in the face if he's too close.

One unique ability that both Moka's can utilize is physically injecting their blood into another person through their fangs. Not only will the host regenerate any wound on his or her body, but may temporarily transform into a vampire gaining the increased strength and speed that comes with it. The downside to this is diminished strength upon successful transfer into the host's body, as Moka needs to recuperate the lack of blood circulation in her system.

However, this ability is extremely dangerous: Yukari states that all Vampires have an ability called "Wealth of Power. Now as a fully Shinso vampire, Moka has gained the ability to grow bat wings from her upper back giving her flight capabilities. Moka's main method of attacking is Tae Kwon Do by using kicks.

Therefore, she has a lot of variation with her kicks. Her attacks are essentially intense bursts of concussive, strength released in one kick. The result of getting kicked is devastating. Even a strong opponent will be sent flying away and usually sustain a crippling injury. She considers kicking a more elegant way of fighting; however, in more than one cases while Tsukune was fightning Gyokuro, and was in a bad spot, she did refer to trying to use her fist in a desprate attempt to save him showing that she does care for him.

Despite her fighting nature as a vampire, she does not truly wish to kill anyone since she has a soft side and she is merciful. Also Tsukune can stop her if he has to. Her skills in unarmed combat is as such that she is the one who originally taught Tsukune proper fighting that allowed him challenge even Fairy Tale monsters.

Despite Moka's fighting nature, she has proven herself to be very intelligent as she is capable of deducing the nature of her opponents and their tactics through either a mere glance or after a few short blows. In fact her intellect is enough to rival even Yukari Sendo the prodigious student of Yokai Academy that was able to skip a few gradeswhich is proven when Moka was able to solve a legendary math problem in her head that is said to be so difficult that only Yukari herself was able to solve.

As Outer Moka, she is kind and always help others as much as she possibly can and also very optimistic. As Inner Moka, she can be rude and serious. Her expressions are much more stern, serious, and sometimes cocky. Her vampire fangs also become much more pronounced.

In the anime, Inner Moka's breasts and hips become bigger who also becomes slightly taller than the Outer Moka. It is later revealed that the Inner form is her true form and appeared more like this form ever since she was a young child.

The armor like coverings clad her legs to just above her knees like long leg boots, and the arms are also clad in long sleeve like armor with shoulder pauldrons, while at the same time she can use the "Wealth of Power" ability to grow bat-like wings protruding from her upper back, but smaller ones than Tsukune.

In the end of the story, Moka no longer has her rosary but still continues to wear her choker. Like the Outer Moka, Inner Moka's overall demeanor has become much softer. In the manga, the tips of her hair now has a pale tinge of pink which indicates that the two souls of Moka had merged together as noted by Tsukune.

She sometimes carries a brown suitcase for the Newspaper Club. Because Moka "transforms", her appearance differs slightly depending on her current form. Personality Edit Moka is a very kind, loving, soft-spoken, sweet, polite and friendly girl towards others.

Even though she is good-natured, she possesses a bit of naivety that draws her into problematic situations. While initially hateful and distrustful towards humans, she eventually grows to care for the only human on campus, Tsukune Aono. Her bond with him grows stronger over time, to the point where he begins allowing her to drink his blood without protest, just so she remains healthy. When it appears in the story that Tsukune will be expelled, Moka states she'd rather drop out and go with him, because she cannot bear the thought of being separated.

She is also good friends with Kurumu Kuronowho considers herself and Moka "best friends" despite their rivalry for Tsukune's affection. In the beginning, Moka had an attraction towards Tsukune due to how delicious his blood is, and would constantly ask if she could drink it.

However, when Tsukune becomes tired from her always drinking it, she becomes worried over his condition and tries her best not to hurt him. However, when Tsukune allows her to drink it for her health, she hugs him and thanks him for it. The more time she spends around Tsukune, the more her feelings toward him grow. Whenever Tsukune tries to make her happy or willingly allows her to suck his blood for her health and happiness, she blushes and is very happy around him.

moka and tsukune relationship quotes

When others mention how close the two are and if she has feelings for him, she blushes and is very bashful around him.

Whenever she has the courage to ask him out on a date, she fidgets, and slightly stutters with him. When Tsukune's mother mentions how much Tsukune talks about her and likes her, she hugs him and even tries to kiss him. Eventually, her feelings develop into love. In a number of instances in the manga, she says directly to Tsukune that she loves him [Chapter 6 during Tsukune's birthday ; Chapter 11 where she says that she loves him even if he will hate her.

She is very defensive of Tsukune due to him being only human, and wants to protect him so she can be with him. Moka even admits that she wishes to be with him forever. There is a running gag that whenever Moka gets close to Tsukune and looks as if the two are about to kiss, she always bites his neck to suck his blood. However, she has more than once actually wanted to kiss him, but she is always interrupted by the others in the craziest of ways.

Prior to the Inner Moka being sealed by the rosary, she and her younger sister Kokoa Shuzen had a rivalry in childhood. Kokoa became distressed when her beloved big sister was sealed away, and spent the next few years chasing Outer Moka, wanting to kill her and get her big sister back.

While Inner Moka loves Kokoa as a sibling, she finds her "too clingy. When it comes to the Outer Moka, the Inner is deeply close towards her. The two have a very strong bond and act almost like sisters who watch each others' backs. They share a lot in common due to them being in each others' bodies.

Inner tends to make sure that she eats, bathes and does her homework as usual and looks out for her well-being. Outer is the only person, aside from Tsukune, that she can open to, such as her worries over events and how the two feel about their love for Tsukune.

According to Tsukune, he cares for both of them the same and hopes that one day inner and outer Moka can become one together. Which happens in epilogue. In Chapter 14 of Rosario Vampire II, the spirit of the Snow Oracle prophesies that Tsukune and Moka have a "special destiny" and a "destiny that will move the whole world". Her vampiress nature also emerges when she is unsealed. She normally punishes the monsters who dare pick on Tsukune for various reasons and depending on how they treated Outer, she'd even attempt to permanently maim them.

Her pride of being a noble vampiress is very apparent in how she deals with everything. She is very strong for a girl opposed, to her girly counterpart. In all accounts, she is a completely different from Outer Moka.

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Despite her cold nature as a vampiress, she does not truly wish to kill anyone and is very merciful in fights. This is why she curbs her power, to keep herself from killing people. Even when she was forced to kill Tsukune when her blood was taking him over and left him unable to control himself, she didn't want to kill him and showed emotional distress when trying to put him down.

Afterwards she and Outer Moka were sad over Tsukune's condition and Inner Moka blamed herself for hurting him. Throughout both seasons, we learn the true reason for her coldness is to keep distance between her and her friends she doesn't want to lose anyone else even if she is the only one who suffers, not accepted, and hated. Inner Moka's true intentions throughout the series was to protect Tsukune and thinks that she is only needed for fighting.

As such, she wanted to stay as "Inner Moka" so she doesn't become weaker, one of the two reasons she was in a hurry to fix her seal only for "Outer" Moka to try to convince her otherwise, the two working together and filling each other's gaps.

Inner Moka tended to be slightly amused at Tsukune's attempts to assist her despite him being a 'mere human'.

moka and tsukune relationship quotes