Monkey d dragon and luffy meet naruto

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monkey d dragon and luffy meet naruto

One piece luffy and ace its true they have never met ther dad . Luffy's Mom, Monkey D Dragon, One Piece Fanart, Anime One Piece, One Allmetal Alchemist, cant remember but its kinda old, Naruto, andddd Luffy Image Manga. Monkey D. Dragon, commonly known as "Dragon the Revolutionary", is the father of Ivankov had no knowledge of Dragon's family until after he met Luffy years. Instead of taking Luffy to Dadan, Garp takes Luffy to Naruto. Here Luffy trains to . Garp yelled as Luffy was going to take some meat. Garp grabbed a "I'm Monkey D. Luffy, and I'm gonna be Pirate King." Naruto looked at.

No one messes with me and my meat. I'm gonna beat you senseless! Luffy stretches his arm back and fires it at Naruto, who steps to the side to dodge it.

We certainly didn't hear anything about that! While he is distracted Luffy punches Naruto in the gut and sends him flying backwards. Luffy stretches his arm past Naruto as he is still flying, makes a u-turn and punches Naruto again in the back sending him back to Luffy. As Naruto reaches him, Luffy kicks Naruto in the chin sending him into the air. As he is falling Naruto creates a Shadow Clone, grabs him the arms and throws him at Luffy.

The clone punches Luffy in the face then kicks him the face, which causes Luffy's head to crash into a building with his neck stretched. The clone is caught off guard by this cartoonish act and Luffy, with his head still in the building, attacks. Gomu Gomu no Pistol! Luffy sends the clone flying and he disappears. Luffy finally pulls his head of the building and sees no Naruto.

He turns only to get a punch to the face from Naruto and then a kick from behind by a clone. Luffy inflates his body into a balloon as he is heading towards the Naruto that punched and destroys the clone. Naruto readies a kunai and throws it at Luffy, who quickly faces his head down and expels all of the air through his mouth, sending him high into the air.

While in the air, Luffy throws a punch from the air towards Naruto. Naruto moves out of the way. Luffy's fist is now buried in the ground. Naruto grabs Luffy's arm and pulls him down into the ground. Naruto creates three clones and charges at Luffy.

monkey d dragon and luffy meet naruto

Two of them deliver a series of blows to Luffy. Luffy retaliates by kicking one clone and hitting the other with a Gomu Gomu no Gatling! Both clones disappear and he turns around to see Naruto throwing a kunai at him. Luffy dodges it but as it flies past him it turns into a clone and attacks Luffy from behind. While Luffy is distracted with the one clone, Naruto has another create a Rasengan ball for him.

As Luffy defeats the clone Naruto hits him with the Rasengan, sending Luffy flying across the village. Once he gets back up Luffy activated Gear Second. Naruto appears in front of Luffy who immediately takes a punch to the face. Luffy tackles Naruto running through several buildings.

Luffy stops and hits Naruto with a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk! Naruto crashes into another building. Naruto creates a squad of Shadow Clones and they all charge at Luffy. They all hit Luffy with everything they have but Luffy eventually defeats them all. But none of them were the real Naruto.

Luffy is knocked out of Gear Second. He breathes heavily before biting into his thumb and making a small hole in it. Air fills up in his body and is arm is now massive. Luffy slams his fist at Naruto, who nimbly dodges out of the way. Luffy's fist follows Naruto, destroying a house but misses Naruto entirely. Luffy uses his Kenbunshoku Haki to sense Naruto's presence and swings his first behind him and slams Naruto into a house.

Naruto grabs Luffy's fist and throws him across the village. Naruto relaxes for a bit before Luffy jumps back to Naruto in his Gear Fourth form.

Luffy punches Naruto so far he is now outside the village and in the forest. Luffy lands where Naruto landed and grabs him. Luffy drags him along the ground as he is running and slams Naruto into a tree.

Luffy then throws Naruto away and he lies there. Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke and is replaced with a log. Over here Straw Hat. Luffy charges at Naruto and punches, but is blocked by a Truth Seeker in the shape of a shield. Naruto continues to hit Luffy with his Truth Seekers, with Luffy blocking them with his Busoshoku coated arms.

Naruto pushes Luffy back more and more until Naruto hits him himself and sends him flying. Luffy reverts back to his normal form and is breathing heavily. Naruto creates two clones and they grab Luffy by the arms and legs and stretches him. Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke as the wind blows away the ashes of Luffy.

Gomu Gomu no more Luffy. To be fair, Luffy would have completely annihilated anyone with powers similar to Naruto's, but the actual Naruto is a different story. For example his Haoshoku Haki only works on those with weak wills. Naruto has been suppressing the urge to let a giant demon fox from taking over his body, so if anything Naruto has just as much will power as Luffy or even more.

And when there is a larger being his Kenbunshoku Haki can only detect that one being, namely Kurama. It's a gift that runs in my families blood. If you became a shinobi, you'll learn many things.

Himawari pushed her bowl to Luffy. See you later, and thanks. Lunch was great he told his wife. More would've been better. Luffy followed Naruto around Konoha. He guessed they work on pronunciation later. He looked at the happy child. Luffy seemed so carefree, and it made Naruto happy. Kind of reminds me of you. He's the grandson of a friend. Until today Naruto had no idea someone besides Sasuke and Sarada one day had the Sharingan. Sakura looked at Naruto it shock. Luffy got it from his father.

If Sasuke really does have family left though, then they're mine and Sarada's as well. All I know they're Garp's son but that it.

monkey d dragon and luffy meet naruto

You could ask Luffy. Naruto and Sakura walked into Ichiraku's to see 3 piles of bowls. Luffy can you tell me about your father?

Sakura look at confused at how someone could be so fine with not knowing whom their father was. So who raised you? Ayame reminds me of her. Your related to her husband, and he lost his family.

I guess she was trying to find your parents. We should probably get going, Luffy. The door open to reveal the silver haired ninja. This is Luffy, his staying with Hinata and I.

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I need a favor. Like you did with Sasuke. The boy had the black hair and eyes that the Uchiha had, but his aura was entirely different to them. Naruto smiled and left. While Luffy will still has the same personality mostly as he does in canon, to the best of my ability to write any way.

Due to his upbringing being different he has a bit more knowledge and common sense, he went to school, and had people teach him things about the world Mostly Hinata. Also he isn't asexual, but he's still obvious at least as a child.

Monkey D. Dragon

As an adult not so much as you saw, although still and idiot and says stuff he shouldn't. Emporio Ivankov is one of Dragon's comrades and one of the commanders of his revolutionary army. Ivankov apparently understands Dragon's habit of looking at the direction of East Blue whenever the winds blow, as though he is homesick. However, Ivankov had no knowledge of Dragon's family until after he met Luffy years later, which led the commander to protect him at all cost.

It is unknown how Dragon met Ivankov. Following the end of the Battle of MarinefordDragon contacted his subordinate and they caught up. Ivankov remarked on Dragon's family ties being revealed while Dragon expressed surprise that Ivankov protected his son and sounded grateful to him.