Monster high cleo and deuce first meet

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monster high cleo and deuce first meet

Deuce is considered the hottest boy at Monster High as well as one of the most . to Monster High" when Cleo and Deuce first meet he accidentally petrified her. Cleo gets Deuce to petrify a guy so that Draculaura can meet him before On Tuesday of Frankie's first week at Monster High, Deuce passes her and says hello. This is a Cleo/Deuce story about how Cleo's family rose from their tombs and how she first met Deuce. They were about eight years old at the.

Confused and scared in the dark, the Mummy child continued to cry. He put his face in his knees and wished his family would come back. The other boy cried harder and tried ignoring the stupid one.

The small snakes on his head began slithering unhappily. The crying boy heard the hissing and felt hopeful. He loved snakes; he wanted to know where they were hiding. So the mummy child stood up and walked towards Deuce. When standing Deuce could tell the boy was shorter than him. Up close, Deuce saw the boy had funny bluish eyes. He saw the color so well because without warning the wrapped-up boy came up and tugged on his hair.

He didn't like sad people more than he didn't like pain. While the mummy child was geologically over five-thousand years old, he only aged up to seven years old. He never saw a boy with snakes for hair before but didn't know it was weird. He just loved snakes and liked that six or so were there to pet.

monster high cleo and deuce first meet

The wrapped boy said something Deuce didn't understand again. It didn't sound sad or scared so Deuce felt he did good.

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But wanna see what else is cool? It gave them free range to touch whatever they wanted to do. Listening to Draculaura's lecture on how swords were made was boring. Actually getting to hold them was fun. Deuce tried to lift a long, sharp one that fell out during the quake but it was too heavy. So he grabbed a dagger and pretended to attack the Band-Aid boy.

Without a hint of mercy, the boy in wraps kicked the gorgon onto his back. The stood over him, with feet on each side of his torso- the funny-talking boy held a longer dagger to Deuce's face.

He said weird stuff in a serious tone and moved the dagger across Deuce's head and around his heart. This kid played rough, Deuce liked that. The exhibit the wrapped kid liked the most was Bloody Mary's. It had an open jewelry box and the odd boy liked grabbing the necklaces and rings. The ones he didn't like he threw to the side, like he saw grown-ups back home do.

Acting like they were marbles, Deuce kicked them so that they hit one another. The other boy continued to think Deuce was moron. However no one was watching him so the teal-eyed boy joined in kicking the priceless jewelry In the African exhibit, the kids wore the child-body-sized masks and roared at one another like Normies did.

In the exhibit with the broken title, the kids bowled with a fake snowballs and medium-size stuffed yaks. Deuce tried to teach his friend to bro-fist; the royal child ignored this and clapped when he hit more yaks than Deuce. They climbed on taxidermy dragon backs and pretended to fly.

Deuce told his new friend about his old pet Smokey. How Somkey was the best pet ever and how much Deuce missed him. It didn't take long for Deuce to not want to talk about Smokey anymore. The Mummy child didn't understand why his new servant stopped jabbering. He just pushed the snake-hair's back and demanded they continue having fun. In the Imitation Bone exhibit, the kids hit femurs against rib cages to create their own music.

When he realized the rumbling sound under the drumming was his own stomach, the Mummy child pointed at the grumbles. The kids had given up on talking and just pointed to things they wanted to do next.

Deuce brought his friend to the food carriage. It was knocked over and abandoned so the children felt free to eat the fallen floor. The royal child didn't feel right eating off of a floor but since he couldn't give his servant orders he sucked in his pride. With gratitude his father wasn't around to see this, the small mummy picked up a random chocolate bar.

Realizing the bandages stood in the way of eating, the child began unwrapping his head. When the wraps loosened, shoulder-length black hair fell out. Deuce saw his friend's tan face that was hiding under the Band-Aids. His face was cute and he had big lips. Deuce then realized the 'he' was a 'she'. You're a ghoul underneath all the Band-Aids!

It explained why she was always telling him what to do- that was what all the ladies in his family did too! The little ghoul had her ears uncovered but she still didn't understand him.

Deuce was fine with having a ghoul for a friend, but the law was she had to be called his girl-friend. If she talked right he wouldn't have minded being called her boyfriend. The little ghoul opened the wrapper like Deuce did. Then she took a bite of the chocolate. She started jumping up and down because she loved how it tasted. She was so excited she started screaming thanks to her gods. When hearing her screams, Ramses almost felt relieved to hear his second daughter was still alive. His relief would only be completed when his baby girl was in his sights.

The children were on the third floor. Ramses and his servants were on the first. After hearing his baby's sweet voice the former pharaoh demanded the army go to retrieve his child- and kill whomever got in their way.

Deuce and Ramses' daughter were still eating junk food. When her face got dirty the ghoul pointed at her cheeks. Deuce laughed but then realized she wanted him to clean her cheeks. He took a napkin from the fallen carriage and stared whipping.

The little princess still thought the boy was a dummy. Gloomsday The Fear Squad's video has barely gotten any hits, so the team tries to promote it.

With Ghoulia's help, they manage to lure in a big audience and reachhits. However, FrightTube chooses that moment to crash. Despite her best efforts, the clock strikes 3: Cleo tearfully thanks her friends for all they've done, but the mood is promptly improved when Deuce delivers the news that FrightTube crashed because of all the traffic to their video.

Rather than a million hits, they've got twn million hits. Their Gloom Beach invitation follows soon after. She awakes when the bus arrives, only to find that the Fear Squad will be staying in a decrepit cottage. At least, not to her team. That night, she goes for a walk to sort her thoughts and is approached by the werecats to let them back on the Fear Squad.

Witch Trials After finishing the chores, Cleo and Ghoulia work out a routine while the rest of the Fear Squad relaxes at the beach. The Fear Squad gathers at dusk to memorize the routine but they are watched by the werecats.

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Don't Cheer the Reaper It is discovered only at the competition that the werecats stole the Fear Squad's routine and gave it to Smogsnorts. Cleo uses the movements from the chores Scary Murphy had them do to improvise a new routine, which wins them the spirit staff.

Road to Monster Mashionals Cleo and the rest of the Fear Squad have become a target of revenge for the werecats. She is made to believe she's lost her Queen Bee status and is desperate to do something to get it back.

The werecats trick her into agreeing to stay at Monster High on the night of Friday the 13th so people will talk about her again. Queen of the Scammed Cleo is glad her friends agree to join her in spending the night of Friday the 13th at Monster High.

They encounter a monster roaming through the school, but it turns out to only seek people to celebrate its birthday with. Frightday the 13th During lunch, the topic moves to relationships and Frankie lies she has a boyfriend. The girls want to meet him, so Frankie brings a life-sized voodoo doll to school the next day. Weirded out, the girls assure Frankie she does not need a boyfriend to fit in. A popular student, Cleo spends her whole morning signing fearbook copies. When she returns to her locker, she discovers it to be stuffed with balloons just as Mr.

He warns her the balloons better are not part of a prank. Fear the Book Ghoulia has discovered that the werecats are behind the odd events of the day. Her friends thus confront the trio and learn that they plan to pin the blame of a stink bomb on the Fear Squad so that they'll get expelled. The group rushes out and collects the bomb before it drops. She gathers information fromfriendss and assumes he's cheating on her with Operetta, a ghoul he has more in common with.

Deuce Gorgon

A jealous Cleo deamnds Operetta stay away from her man, loudly in the cafeteria, which leads to her humliationn whenOperetta's spider scares her into a tray of food. Cleo then confronts Deuce and learns his secret is his anniversary with the first thing he ever petrafied, his pet dragon Smokey. Cleo is happy to still have Deuce but refuses to make amends with Operetta.

Hiss-teria Spectra sends Cleo a picture of Deuce hanging out with Operetta. Phantom of the Opry Cleo spies on Deuce and Operetta. She finds Deuce writing love lyrics and assumes he's fallen for Operetta. The Bermuda Love Triangle The mummy loudly tells Deuce she's dumping him for cheating in front of many monsters in the school hall ways.

As she turns to walk away,Cleo is frigthened by Operetta's pet spider and has headphones placed on her ears. Cleo discovers the lyrics are Deuce's feelings for her,causingherr to happily return to her boyfriend. She procliams to make all of her friends listen to the song, she gloats in their expected jealousess. Here Comes Treble Dueling Personality Neferamore Cleo is livid to see her cruel older sister become the fearleadingg coach. Even after telling her concerns to Bloodghood, and saying over and over again that Nefera is pure evil the ghouls are still forced under Nefera's incoherent instructions.

By the end the four are replaced by the werecatt trio. Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1 Cleo is certain to lose when her sister uses their family's talismins against her team. Deuce encourages her to do her best anyway and promises he and their friends will protect the ghouls from the totems.

A bad natured vampire named Gory competes with Cleo for superiority. The ghouls, except for Abbey, allow Cleo to win.

Abbey does not go easy on Cleo and the princess is happy. The other ghouls say they'll cancel the party for her; Cleo does not see this as an option.

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Cleo is excited for Ghoulia to receive her first kiss. The two friends switch bodies by touching one of The Mummy's idols. They do not tell their boyfriends during their double date because where's the fun in that. From hieroglyphic instructions the two try random stunts to undo the magic. Deuce and Slo Mo try to kiss the ghouls, at the same time, and the spell is undone for the ghouls and the spell switches the boys. When SloMo becomes president, the princess tells him about her birthday-as-a-school-holiday idea.

Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Cleo complains about walking through the maze. Royal Pest Sitter Cleo's radio active nail-polish mutates the cookies her friends bake for a sale. The monster attacks the kids until Heath cooks the goop. The others leave Cleo to eat the mess. They decide to have the party in the catacombs, in the room where the Pit of Eternal Body Odor was located. Later, during the party, while searching for Toralei, who stole Cupid's bow and arrows, Cleo is shot and falls in love with her reflection in Deuce's food tray.

Deuce and Cleo started dating only a day after the break-up Clawd Wolf's 'School's Out' diary and have been a steady couple ever since. This is mostly thanks to Deuce, who is patient towards Cleo's diva-like attitude and paranoia that Deuce would dump her for another. When asked by Operetta what he sees in her, he answered "she just brings out the best in me, you know.

Makes me want to be a better Deuce. In " New Ghoul School ", Deuce became Frankie Stein 's first crush because he was nice to her and helped her when Heath Burns wouldn't stop his persistent and awkward flirting on his own. However, Frankie stopped viewing Deuce as a potential boyfriend the moment she found out that he was already dating Cleo, and even helped them get back together after she had accidentally made Cleo believe Deuce was cheating on her.

In " Hiss-teria ", Deuce's suspicious behavior and Draculaura's misinterpretation of the things she saw led Cleo to erroneously believe he was cheating on her with Operetta. After a rather violent confrontation between the two, Operetta decided to steal Deuce from Cleo anyway to get back at her. However, Operetta discovered that Cleo's assessment on her and Deuce's compatibility was correct and she genuinely started to like him.

When she made her move though, Deuce politely told her he already had a girlfriend and loved her very much. Touched by this, and aware of Cleo's paranoia, Operetta let go of her pursuit and offered to compose a song on Deuce's behalf in which he could express his feelings for Cleo. In her 'Between Classes' diaryRochelle Goyle wrote about her meeting Deuce when the two bumped into each other in the hallways of Monster High.

Deuce was surprised to learn he couldn't turn gargoyles into stone and Rochelle fell in love with his beautiful green eyes. Though she knew he had a girlfriend and that she didn't stand a chance, she made sure to get to meet him in the days afterwards. One time even, she had Roux steal Deuce's casketball to lure him to her. Deuce himself has expressed mild interest in Abbey Bominablelowering his sunglasses to get a better look at her when she started her first day at Monster High in " Back-to-Ghoul ".

It turned out that Deuce was meeting with Abbey because she helped him create an ice rink in his backyard for a romantic surprise date with Cleo. It is unknown if he really felt anything about this. Deuce is also often consulted by his male friends when they have trouble with getting or keeping their relationships on track. In the Generation 2 reboot in " Welcome to Monster High " when Cleo and Deuce first meet he accidentally petrified her.

In a photo after Cleo is returned normal Deuce smiles guiltily at her while she is unimpressed. In the reboot Deuce is skinnier and shy and still attracted to Cleo. He helps her set up the first party and gives her credit though she doesn't thank him at all.

monster high cleo and deuce first meet

Despite the coldness he asks her to join him in the photobooth in which she coldly complies. Cleo is indifferent until Deuce makes her laugh. During the battle with Moanica and the zomboys Deuce saves Cleo from a creeping Zomboy.

She returns the favor when he is in danger and the two smile warmly at one another. At the end during Ari's big song, Deuce dances next to Cleo and they exchange interested looks. Abilities He has the same power as any gorgon: Being a gorgon, Deuce has the ability to turn anyone to stone with just his eyes. This comes with many advantages. Having a set of serpentines on his head makes him have the need to wear hats to cover up as in disguise as a human in the Monster High books by Lisi Harrison.