Montresor and fortunato relationship quotes

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Fortunato has a similar relationship with Luchesi, who is only named but does not appear in the story. Fortunato obviously has little respect for Montresor's taste. It sketches an intriguing potential backstory, but a vague one: it is possible ( however unlikely) Fortunato did, in fact, harm Montresor a thousand times, but he . Throughout the text, Montresor give Fortunato many chances to back out of this Montresor remark about his hostile relationship with Fortunato foreshadow This mentality is captured by the quote on page of the text.

Not only his words but also his action reveal his intentions. But the reader who knows about the evil plan realizes these indications.

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On page Montresor puts on a mask and draws his roquelaire closely about his person. By doing so he makes sure that nobody can see him together with Fortunato in the last night of his existance.

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At the bottom of the same side7 the two friends descend into the cavern. On page Montresor says: Then Fortunato says about his bad cough: I shall not die of a cough.

montresor and fortunato relationship quotes

The most obvious indication is at the bottom of page Here Fortunato asks his friend about the coat of arms of his family. He replies that it was a huge human foot that crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel. This picture is an allegory of the relation between the two friends and of the future of this friendship.

The foot is a symbol for Montresor and the snake stands for Fortunato: Montresor will destroy his friend who has betrayed him like the snake in the bible has betrayad Adam and Eve.

The fact that the snake bites the foot shows that Fortunato has hurt his friend. This motto of the Montresors could also be the motto of the whole story. Another indication might be the name of the wine Montresor offers to his friend: Transferred into English this could mean: It indicates that these vaults are a tomb: The description of the final room in the vaults reveals its real character: At the end of the tale Fortunato gets immured by Montresor.

montresor and fortunato relationship quotes

The revenge seems to be a complete success because Montresor has destroyed his enemy. Montresor says that the avenger has to be unpunished. But the fact that he tells this story shows that he still has to think about this. The picture in the arms of the Montresors was a snake that gets crushed by a human foot.

The snake is still able to bite the foot and the poison now is affecting the soul of Montresor for half a century.

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He is seeking revenge because Fortunato insulted him. This way of thinking and his actions indicate that there might be something wrong with his mental state. But that possibility is rapidly discarded since the one is able to perceive this was a premeditated murder: Montresor pretended that everything was fine between him and Fortunato only to accomplish his plan, which was killing him.

Instead, Montresor is seeking for the support of the reader. Fortunato prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine. He wanted people to believe that he was the best expert on wine. The cold is merely nothing Amontillado! You have been imposed upon. And as for Luchesi, he cannot distinguish Sherry from Amontillado. Montresor wanted to inflict harm on Fortunato for the humiliation he felt. In the story, the reader is only able to see that Montresor was afflicted by an insult, but there is no evidence of that insult.

The story portrays Fortunato as an innocent that was fooled by an evil person. Although Montresor tries everything on his power to convince the reader that he was right on killing him, he does the opposite. He thought that by killing Fortunato, he was going to feel better and he did but now his heart is filled with hate and that will lead him to his own destruction as well. The rest of the text can now be interpreted with this keystone, Montresor is trying to kill Fortunato with kindness.

On page and Montresor keeps calling Fortunato his friend. With the knowledge that the selected text has given the reader, he or she knows that this is extremely ironic. The selected text explains many more actions. Upon entering the catacombs on pageFortunato is twice warned that the cold will make him ill.

These well timed caring actions not only reassure Fortunato that Montresor is a friend but encourages him to go on as if to prove that he was strong to his male companion. On pageMontresor offers Fortunato alcohol, a sign of friendship but also part of his scheme in making sure that Fortunato continues the journey through the catacombs, blinded by intoxication.