Moonshiner josh meet and greet

moonshiner josh meet and greet

never turning anybody away, keen on meeting and greeting fans of the show. Moonshiner Josh Owens with his riding partner Cutie Pie. Moonshiners. Bios. Discovery. "Digger" Manes. Discovery. JT Smith · Discovery. Mark Ramsey · Discovery. Josh · Discovery. Patti Meet Moonshiner X. Moonshiners (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and Herself - Josh's Daughter 2 episodes,

This tells me they are in the upstate area and nowhere near the coast like in Myrtle Beach or Charleston. There might be some shows in the future that have Josh and Bill going to Columbia or Charleston but I am quite sure this is not where they are from. If you know the town or county where Josh and Bill are from please feel free to comment below as my readers and I would like to know.

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As the shows progress maybe I can catch a road sign or a landmark that will tell me where these two reside. From my research, I was unable to find any verified accounts. This makes sense as social media is the last thing these guys want. All it will do is bring attention to their moonshine and the location in which they make it. If you find a social media account for either of these two you can almost guarantee it is fake or a fan page.

Josh and Bill Moonshiners from South Carolina - Wojdylo Social Media

There are literally hundreds of Facebook fan pages for the different Moonshiners. Josh and Bill are no different. There are a few Instagram accounts that claim to be Josh and Bill but remember there are no verified accounts so do not think they are real. I would suggest following the accounts and taking what they share with a grain of salt. Snapchat is the latest social media app that has gotten popular and it may very well be the case that Josh has Snapchat. He is one of the youngest of all the actors on Moonshiners so he could very well Snapchat some of his friends.

Josh and Bill Moonshiners from South Carolina

From my knowledge, most of those in small towns do not use Snapchat all that much. If you have Snapchatted with Josh please feel free to tell your story in the comments below. As most diehard Moonshiners fans know, there are plenty of unique tunes that end up on the show. Jim Tom has been trying to get a hit in Nashville for years and all the other Moonshiners love their country or bluegrass music.

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In the near future, there is a good chance we will hear the song Copperline on Moonshiners as the Silver Travis Band is based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. You can find out much more about them here. They started playing at The Bowery in Myrtle Beach, which was once home to the popular country music band Alabama. The Silver Travis Band is still working on the deal to have their song on Moonshiners but it is something that could happen in the near future.

There has been a heavy focus on Josh and Bill in this season of Moonshiners so listen for the song Copperline. If you would like to buy the song you can find it here on iTunes. You can also listen to this interview to get a full overview on the song and the negotiations with the Discovery Channel and the Moonshiners show. Josh and Bill Arrested in the Season Finale?

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In the commercials for the season finale it shows the police chasing down and arrested Josh with handcuffs on him.

My mom, my great aunt and my dog all died in a year. Plus I got on TV, all at that exact point and time. I just believed in something and I strived for it and I put everything, my heart and my soul into it, and it happened. The two fight like brothers, have more than their share of hardships sprinkled with rare moments of triumph.

But the trials the duo have to overcome are part of what make them so likeable and easy to associate with. Moonshiner Josh Owens with his riding partner Cutie Pie. During our conversation, we had Owens give us a little Moonshining You gotta keep your mash between like 70 and about 84 degrees or it will kill off the yeast. I like making all moonshine. I like making flavored moonshine, I like making brandies. Probably like making brandy the best.

moonshiner josh meet and greet

I seem to have sort of a niche for it. I found all the wrong ways to do stuff, you know. Once you master all the ways not to do something, it kind of starts to fall in your lap after that, right? And for two, I could be doing anything, it could be just water. To be honest with you, I expect them to bust every one of the moonshiners at any time. His love of children and his magnanimity were both on display at the Sturgis Legends Ride that raises money for the Black Hills Special Olympics.

When the kids in the program met him at the event, their faces lit up, big eyes and big smiles. They gathered around, shared hugs, took pictures together, the interaction raw and genuine.

moonshiner josh meet and greet