Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

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murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

William Murdoch and Julia Ogden have had quite the romance over the years. importance of family to Murdoch, she sacrificed their relationship, freeing him to. As “Murdoch Mysteries” season 11 episode 17 opens, Dr. Julia Ogden as well as furthering the relationship between William and Julia. NOTE: Potential Spoilers Ahead! *** You are cordially invited to the wedding of William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Julia Ogden (Helene.

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The first few chapters are without smut but later ones include them from chapter 4 and on Thanks to Believe for help on icon picture. Good Wife - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Ogden - Complete The Honeymoon Headache by fralinger reviews This is little more than a forum drabble.

Murdoch Mysteries William & Julia (Season 1-9)

Blame FallenBelle for me expanding it a bit and posting it before the big Wedding Episode. Normally I'm on Team AlmostVirgin!

'Murdoch Mysteries' 100th Episode: Do Murdoch And Ogden Finally Get Married?

William, but a certain sneak preview led me to speculate on how things might go down if Inspector B's wedding day jitters "advice" had been misplaced.

Dedicated to all the stalwart folk on Team NotAVirgin!

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

But the tie has to come off first. Warning, William Murdoch comes only at chapter So be patient, this story is about Julia Ogden first. Sometimes in life events mark you forever, a detail touches you so deeply that it dictate all your decisions in the future, and forever. T - English - Drama - Chapters: M - English - Romance - Chapters: What if when she died, she left William with a new baby? How would that change William and Julia's relationship?

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

Pre-series and heads into season 1. Slightly AU, will eventually be Jilliam. Takes place in S8. Ogden - Complete The Day After by Ethelfreda reviews Having spent their first night together, Julia and William begin the new life they have committed to and that means dealing with those little bumps in the road that all couples must face along the way.

William, Julia, the butterflies.

William-Julia Relationship

One night he gets called by Darcy to help Julia A mysterious disease is on Toronto. Avaible in French too. Please take note of the rating ; Murdoch Mysteries - Rated: Not that it stopped Murdoch from fantasizing. Indeed, the very first time we saw them kiss, it was while she was examining the water content of a human lung There's just something about excavated human organs that pushes his buttons, we guess.

Remember the time Julia got him a romantic gift, and - rather than a bottle of aftershave or a new wallet or something - it turned out to be a contraption for extracting bullets from dead bodies, and Murdoch was as thrilled as a boy on Christmas morning?

How well matched could two people be? Sadly, it came to a crushing end when she confessed that she'd had an abortion while at university.

This revelation was at odds with Murdoch's strict Catholic faith and moral code, and it looked like things were over forever.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

He started seeing a single mother called Enid, but his heart was always with Dr Ogden, and it took the intervention of his half-brother Jasper to spur him into action. She replied she was willing to see "which way the wind takes us". Which - given they were on a hot air balloon at the time - was really an unforgivable pun from Julia there.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

It turned out Julia had an extra thing to reveal: Knowing the importance of family to Murdoch, she sacrificed their relationship, freeing him to find a woman who could make him truly happy. Murdoch wasn't having any of this, and decided to propose anyway. But it was too late: Which you might thing sounds like great news, except for the small matter of her tying the knot with someone else. A dashing doctor named Darcy, no less.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship

Murdoch, already a dab hand at repressing all his feelings, had to squash them down even further inside himself, to the point where we were slightly worried he'd burst a blood vessel. But things were about to look up, at last To give Darcy some credit, he recognized what was going on, and accepted that Julia's heart belonged with Murdoch.

In fact, on New Year's EveDarcy even suggested that she go find Murdoch, to begin the new century with the man she truly loved.