Naruto flirt

naruto flirt

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Just the thought of it made Sakura feel rather cheerful, and when the man in question shook his head in response to her earlier enquiry on whether if he had sustained injuries anywhere else, the pink-haired kunoichi happily fired up healing chakra to her hands and started to do what she does best.

Her face was set in a mask of serious concentration as she slowly merged the green flames of her energy into his body. It didn't take long for Sakura to heal all the injuries flawlessly, the cuts and nicks on his arm were mostly shallow and when she was done the kunoichi absently ran gentle fingers down his bicep to check if she had missed healing any wounds.

He let her touch him, his eyes unreadable as he watched her do her work. She didn't seem to notice that he was completely bare from waist up and that she was sitting so very close to him. When she at last took her hand off his person, she glanced at him only to be slightly taken aback by the intent look in his eyes.

Her brow furrowed slightly. Was he hurt somewhere else? She leant over to him so closely that their faces were but inches apart, and placed her hands lightly around his temples. Gently, she began to push little tendrils of chakra into his head to ascertain his condition. It didn't take long for her to understand that he was perfectly alright. Satisfied, she was about to withdraw from the proximity of the larger male when she was abruptly halted— He kissed her.

His eyes never left hers as he closed that one inch between them, and even though it was just a gentle contact of his lips against hers, Sakura felt as if she had been branded.

Too stunned to react to what had just happened she could only freeze in her place and stare at him with shock. He was still pressed against her, and when he started to brush his lips lightly across hers she reacted—pushing away from him immediately.

Sakura did not understand what he was trying to do. In typical Sakura fashion, she began to get angry. He was completely unrepentant. She stared at him for so long she finally started to notice that he was completely naked from waist up. She gawped at his sleekly muscled torso and sculpted chest for a good long moment before it finally occurred to her that she was ogling Uchiha Itachi like a pervert.

Sakura started to turn bright red.

She was completely certain that he was trying to screw around with her head. I'm your healer, that's why the hell not!! If you want to play such games-" She really had no idea how he could move this fast, but even as she realized belatedly that she should have expected something like this from him—he was kissing her again. This time, he ran his tongue across the seam of her lips before withdrawing slightly from her.

He was completely unabashed as he looked her in the eye, the expression on his face intent and serious. Sakura did not know what to say. His eyebrow lifted slightly. He did not look convinced. Sakura felt her cheeks grow even hotter, much to her chagrin. The way his eyes warmed slightly made her heart beat so fast that Sakura was immediately dismayed.

To think that she had tried so hard to ignore him and put him at an emotional distance for the past months, only for him to ruin everything with a single kiss tonight made her extremely dismayed. What did he mean…?

naruto flirt

She started to frown again. I do not require anything! I'm telling you that I'm not interested! I understand that you will need further convincing. She puffed up with agitation. I have been nothing but cordial ever since you made it a point to drop by my apartment every so often on these unauthorized visits! You can't come in here and insult me-" "Look at me then," He interrupted her rant before it could escalate any further. Tell me now and I will never bother you again.

It was as if someone had stoppered her mouth shut and the words simply refused to leave her mouth. The look on her face was one of bewildered confusion but that didn't last long when she detected the muted gleam of satisfaction in the Uchiha's dark eyes.

An aggravated look made its way onto her face immediately. He sounded so confident that she frowned ferociously. You can't lie at all. Despite herself, Sakura started to turn bright red again at the mild tone of affection in his lilting voice. Why was he behaving like this all of a sudden?? It was becoming glaringly apparent to him that she became pricklier and even more defensive whenever she was feeling out of her element. Privately, he found that particular trait of hers rather endearing.

Sakura could only stare. The dazed kunoichi tried her best not to look at the way his sleek musculature rippled with his movement and promptly failed miserably. Shaking her head desperately to rid herself of an entire load of unwanted images that he had single-handedly upended upon her head, the pink-haired female stood up as well and all but fled into her bedroom.

She appeared but moments later, and promptly thrust an article of clothing at him. She had probably seen thousands of naked male torsos in the span of her career as a medic-nin but the fact that she was completely unnerved by his partial nudity now amused him. Then he glanced at the men's shirt that she had just passed over to him and immediately felt a little less amused.

Eyeing her for a brief moment, he slipped on the shirt easily. The gentle aroma of mangoes and cream that was uniquely her surrounded him immediately, and onyx eyes darkened. Sakura did not notice. She was too busy feeling relieved now that he was covered again. Then he just had to open his mouth and ruin it all. Fight or flight; and she was definitely choosing the latter. This situation was quickly becoming so uncomfortable to her!

But not necessarily in a bad way. It was just that everything was happening so fast and— And how on earth could she not realize anything amiss until he chose to drop this on her?!

She needed to think and regroup and analyze just what was going on. This was so confusing—and completely bewildering. Once again, Sakura could not wait for Uchiha Itachi to take his leave. Why did he always have to be so bloody complicated?! This made Sakura feel completely bad-tempered. But for now, he would allow her time to digest what was going on. This little female who had unintentionally snagged his interest was unlike any other women whom he had met. She did not seem to associate him as heir to one of the most powerful clans in Konoha and never hesitated to reveal her displeasure to him every time she felt that he was in the wrong.

She never fawned over him like other women, would rather die than to give him any special treatment, but the way she never failed to heal him and sometimes even going above the line of duty to help had revealed to Itachi her fiercely protective nature, as well as the fact that she was also rather sensitive to the predicament of others despite her outwardly prickly demeanor.

That didn't mean she was all sunshine and laughter though. She had a quick temper on her and didn't seem to tolerate idiocy or arrogance well, despite her gentle healing touch among other more violence-inclined abilities.

naruto flirt

She was such an amazing bundle of contradictions and the more he tried to unravel the character that was uniquely her, the more fascinated he became with her. However, he was also very aware that if he prodded her too hard now it was most likely that she would turn around and lash out at him.

For now, he would have to handle her with care but Itachi had no doubt that he was going to be very well rewarded once she learns to drop her guard around him. The past five months he had spent getting to know her had revealed to him as much. She was such a feisty little female, after all.

He could afford to be patient now. Sakura was slightly taken aback when he actually paid heed to her—for once. Hesitantly, the kunoichi walked him to her door when he showed signs of leaving. The look in his onyx eyes was so quietly intent, that for a brief moment, Sakura felt like a bird trapped under the paralyzing stare of a dangerous predator. Then she started to frown ferociously again. Sakura felt herself twitch just looking at that smug face of his.

He lifted his hand and ran the back of his knuckles down the silky curve of her jaw line. They had been together for about five months and no one in the village knew, except for Ino who was sworn to secrecy.

They both knew that if the village knew then it would only be a matter of time before her boys found out and everything went to hell. The couple had resorted to discreet dating, and both being elite ANBU, they found it to be quite easy.

They even wound up becoming ANBU partners, allowing them occasional escapes from the village to be as out in the open as they wanted. The result being, that they two frequently took mission to get away, this improved her ranking as well as giving her plenty of money. I remember having a couple of drinks and complementing him on his weight loss. Then……" she pondered for a moment as if trying to remember.

Then be started complementing me and then…. I wake up and he is there too. I mean he is my teammate and the only guy I know who does not make me feel like some piece of meat. You know what kind of appetite he has, thank Kami you'll be out of the house. The pink haired girl could only laugh in return. Before Sakura had a chance to react she heard a knocking at her door. She opened it, revealing a tall man with dark hair that framed his face and covered his ears.

He had beautiful blue eyes and a perfect smile that created two small dimples on either side. He was wearing plain dark jeans, and an open short sleeved shirt with a white wife beater underneath it.

It is our last day and Ino has some company over" she said slowly making sure he understood. But to no avail seeing as Sakura had closed the door. They arrived at the restaurant moments later. Both lost in laughs at something funny that had just happened. She was brought back to reality by the waiter, asking if she needed a table.

They were quickly seated at their usual table in the back corner. They engaged in usual conversation and talked suggestively about asking the Hokage for another mission. He leaned forward to whisper provocative things about what they were going to do on that mission, when something else caught her attention. Rather three someone else. Hurt and confusion turned to understanding as he followed his gaze and saw the three shinobi walking towards them.

She quickly masked her disappointment at her ruined date, with a wide smile. Before Sakura knew it, the three had joined them at their small round table and Naruto was excitedly talking about their recent mission and glorifying success. Takeshi was on one side of her, with Kakashi on her other side. They were all close together in order to make room for them all to fit.

It became even more crowded when the food arrived, making it easy for Takeshi to slip his hand from the table and rest it on Sakura's thigh. She had not even flinched, and continued eating and talking as though his hand was not even there. Takeshi smiled at her self-control, hiding it with a sip of water.

He wondered how far he could go without getting a response. Slowly he moved his hand down to her knee, making his way underneath her skirt. He then moved his hand back up to its original place, this time touching skin to skin.

She still remained unfazed. She slowly took a sip of her water, using it to shield her face as she smiled briefly and gave him a wink. He took this as a cue to continue. He began to move his hand in circular motions against her thigh. He looked at the table and noticed that the three younger ones seemed completely interested in their conversation while the white haired man seemed focused on something outside. This gave him the perfect cover to move all the way up until his hand met the final resistance of her panties.

This only encouraged him to try harder. His fingers slipped inside the weak cloth and continued their circular motions. He felt her close her thighs, causing his fingers to go in even deeper, increasing her pleasure. At that exact moment he heard her laugh, "Typical Naruto. This time he could not hide his smile. His fingers moved up and down still inside her.

He could see her close her eyes briefly in pleasure as he increased his pace. He could feel her walls tightening as she came closer to her release, still giving no indication to the rest of the table as to what was happening.

But before she could completely finish he removed his fingers completely and returned them to the table as if nothing had happened. He then continued to eat as he chanced a sideways glance to his pink-haired companion. He could see, though she tried so hard to hide it, she was disappointed and chuckled at her. I suddenly realized that in all those years, we had never touched each other; although we had done threesomes and even foursomes upon several occasions, my body had never come in contact with that particular piece of flesh.

This was completely new to both of us, and I was glad to see I wasn't the only one blushing. We remained silent, frozen.

naruto flirt

There was no way I was continuing without the teme's approval. And said permission had trouble coming out. He glared at me, any trace of his previous smirk gone. I knew his pride was worse than mine; Sasuke was more careful with his mouth, but he never went back on his word.

Without looking at him, I lowered my body, pressing my knees against the soft carpet as I leaned forward. Hesitantly, Sasuke spread his legs a little wider, allowing me access to his inner thigh. I moved with deliberate slowness, inching towards the flesh, and stopping a hair's width away from his length. Telling myself I might as well get over it quickly, I pressed my mouth against the tip of his cock, and felt him jerk slightly under the touch.

I parted my lips slowly, allowing him to slide into my mouth, where my tongue welcomed him, licking off the sides playfully, while I slid my fingers along the part of him that hadn't yet crossed my lips.

This caused him to shiver, cock pulsing against my tongue, and I realized that the flesh inside my mouth was beginning to harden. And not just a little. I changed my plans. I was done proving I could put his shaft inside my mouth. Now I had to fulfill my own bet and show the teme that I could do better than that Karin girl.

Going through my memories, I tried to recall what Sasuke liked, and found my answer fairly easily. The girls always liked to discuss those things with me. Quickly I brushed the tip of my tongue against his slit, pressing it repeatedly against the small opening. The effect was immediate. Sasuke jerked so violently that I pulled out, fearing I might accidentally bite him.

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A moan escaped his lips, and I stared up at him in surprise. I hadn't heard him do that in a while. I glared back, pouting slightly, and pressed my cheek against his leg, making him sigh.

With a smile I obliged, making him moan again, more softly this time. I suppose he didn't want me to know how much my actions affected him, but his efforts were ruined by his lower body. I could still feel the increasing pulse beneath my tongue, and was practically certain he hadn't even noticed the slight bucking of his hips. Following his movements, I pumped the base of his shaft, letting it slide in and out of my mouth, and tightening my lips to increase friction.

His movements gradually became less controlled. I knew he was approaching climax, and vaguely wondered if I should bring him to release. It didn't seem too hard; in his state, all he needed was a slight flick of tongue, and- "N-Naruto.

He must've read my mind. I pulled away, looking up at him. His lips were pressed tightly against one another, and his eyes were glaring heatedly at something I couldn't see.

I recognized the expression immediately. Damn, how long had it been since the last time a mere blow job had threatened to send him over the edge? I pondered, as Sasuke fought to regain some control over his body. When had girls suddenly lost all of their attractiveness? I figured my answer was more obvious; I had courted Haruno Sakura during most of my high school years. She had finally accepted to spend some quality time with both Sasuke and I, and that evening, I swear no other girl had ever been subject to such complete devotion.

Sasuke had played along, in a much more dedicated manner than usual he knew how important this was to meand I knew the three of us would never forget that night. Both Sakura and I had made our respective declarations, and both of us had been turned down. Sakura had told me I was a great friend, as well as an excellent sex partner, but she didn't love me the way I loved her.

Meanwhile, Sasuke had told her in his gentlest tone that he did not plan on dating anyone at the moment. The fact that he had been so careful with her that day suddenly made me wonder. But my thoughts were interrupted as their subject of pondering suddenly tugged on my shirt.

Without thinking I obeyed, pulling the cloth over my head as the teme attacked my jeans. He undid my buttons with dexterous speed, and pulled my pants down. I stepped out of them mechanically, and only realized how crazy the whole situation was when Sasuke got to his feet and pulled me against his aroused, naked body. The unfamiliar sensation of having a lump press against my inner thigh caused my cheeks to flare up in heat, but at the same time, I couldn't deny this didn't feel somewhat Absentmindedly, I began to respond to the rocking of his hips, while my brain tried to catch up with the flood of information roaring inside my head.

I hadn't noticed we had turned. But suddenly Sasuke pressed his chest against mine, forcing me back. The sudden contact of our skins caused me to shiver, and I didn't resist as he pushed me, until my legs hit the edge of the bed, and made me lose any sense of balance.

I fell on the bed with a small yelp, and pushed myself back as he leaned over me. What are you doing? I growled, but raised my hips in attempt to get his hand to do more than just tease my hardening member. My gesture brought a smirk on his lips, which did nothing to help lessen my glare. He did seem a lot more interested in the slight bucking of my hips. His eyes were focused on his task, frowning slightly in concentration. Despite my state, I couldn't keep myself from laughing. God that felt good.

I panted, feeling my heartbeat accelerate rapidly as he pulled my boxers down and resumed stroking my member. I completely lost control over my hips, which began thrashing wildly beneath him, desperately seeking contact. With such encouragement, even Sasuke wasn't cruel enough to keep himself from fulfilling my wishes.

He pumped my member in slow, calculated movements, until I decided to pick up the pace by thrusting into his hand, deeming I had nothing to lose. The teme also seemed to have forgotten about the consequences, and he followed my rhythm until I nearly came. Just as my body began shaking harder than before, he closed his hand around the base of my shaft, preventing me from release. I let out a strangled cry of complaint.

Get-off-" He handed me an in-your-dreams smirk and waited until my hormones had calmed down enough to let my body stay still. I knew that look. Although I had never been on the receiving end, I had seen it countless of times, though never with such intensity. Feebly, I backed up. But I tried nevertheless. There's no chance I'm doing bottom. I-" Again I let out a long moan as the teme lowered his head quickly and licked the tip of my cock.

Amused, he looked up. After several seconds of straining bliss, he looked up at me again. He smirked, and slowly began licking his fingers, stoking my member with his other hand. I moaned softly, closing my eyes as he shifted. Humid digits slid past my cock and testes, approaching my entrance. I shivered as they teased the skin, waiting for my approval.

I glanced at the teme. He was staring at me with a look that was responsible for 99 percent of the increase of my body temperature. Lust and desire were clear in his eyes. I had never seen this; Sasuke always kept some kind of control over his emotions, even while the girls sent him flying over the edge. Somehow, he was never completely satisfied; his body was, but not his mind.

And here he wanted me. Waiting -which he had never done- for his partner's acceptance. Perhaps that's why I gave in. Or maybe, despite the fact that I'd never admit it, I wanted this as well.

All I know is that we stared at each other, and finally I lifted my hips, so that the finger pressing against my skin slid in, causing me to wince. He continued caressing my member as he inched deeper, careful not to hurt me. Some girls has liked us to take them from behind, so this wasn't entirely new.

I was the only one experimenting here, I knew Sasuke would be careful; the slick finger slid in and out of me slowly, allowing me to get accustomed to it. As soon as I relaxed he added a second one, then a third when he heard me moan in pleasure. The intrusion hurt, but somehow also sent small waves of bliss with each thrust, increasing in intensity with each additional digit.

I bucked when he leaned down to engulf my member, nearly releasing inside his mouth. Thankfully his hand still gripped the base of my shaft.

naruto flirt

I rocked my hips against his fingers, increasing the speed of his thrusts, and groaned when he pulled them out. Swiftly I leaned down, re-applying a fresh coat of saliva, all the while enjoying the slight shaking of his hips.

Leaning over me, he glared for several seconds, then suddenly leaned down. I barely felt the tip of his member press against my entrance. His warm lips were a reality that shut everything else down, and I only snapped out of it when he began entering me. Pain shot through my body and I cringed, making him stop. His tongue slid past our lips and into my mouth as he pushed a little further, pausing again to let me adapt.

I was torn between the electric coaxing of his mouth and the splitting feeling of my lower body. Sasuke made sure I stayed that way until he was entirely inside, and then he broke the kiss. I looked at him, panting, and spotted a trace of worry in his pitch black gaze. Slowly he pulled out, then pressed himself back into my body.

flirt, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Pleasure and pain surfaced simultaneously, and I moaned, causing his smirk to widen. He thrust again, and this time the pain was nearly gone as bliss filled every inch of my body. I raised my hips to meet his next thrust, making him hiss. He accelerated the pace. I soon became a jerking wreck underneath him, moaning every time he moved.