Nettle and dock relationship

nettle and dock relationship

Dock leaves are a sworn analgesic proof against nettle stings. You need only plunge some part of your anatomy into stinging nettles and then rub the crushed . The relationship between dock leaves and nettles is riddled with myth - so it's mainly coincidence that nettles are found near their 'cure'. There’s no symbiotic relationship between them, any more than there’s any truth that dock can help with nettle stings. Do dock leaves actually work? And if they don't, how should you treat nettle stings instead? And how do stinging nettles even sting you in the first place?.

Nettles and Dock Leaves

Posted on August 6, by milliethom Today has been a lovely warm, sunny day here in the UK — at least in the small part of it where I live in Nottinghamshire. While I was out on my walk this morning, I was reminded of a couple of photos I took last week.

nettle and dock relationship

I was actually taking photos of the local cereal crops another post I need to do! As children we grow up knowing that if we get stung by a nasty old nettle, we immediately get a dock leaf and rub it on the affected area, which by now will have started coming up in horrid little lumps and not feel very nice at all. And thank goodness for the good old dock leaf!

A large nettle sting. Creative Commons Well, today I started thinking about three things: So here it is.

nettle and dock relationship

Most of us will have guessed that nettles contain some kind of chemical that seriously irritates the skin. It grows in rainforests and in disturbed areas.

Western nettle or western stinging nettle Hesperocnide tenella This nettle species is found in California and is more commonly known as western stinging nettle. It has a similar appearance to the other nettle species with leaves that are deeply serrated and it has thin stems.

nettle and dock relationship

The leaves are covered in tiny hairs however they are shaped like hooks and contain formic acid which causes the sting. Why do nettles sting? The nettles sting is an adaptation to provide protection from predators.

Do dock leaves and stinging nettles really always grow together and if so why? - Silver Zone

The sting causes any predator that may eat the plant or uproot it to stay clear. The way the sting works is like a hypodermic needle. When the hairs embed themselves into the skin they break off the plant and then release a concoction of formic acid, histamines and other chemicals which cause the stinging affect.

Do dock leaves help nettle stings?

Why do nettles sting? And do dock leaves really help? - Woodland Trust

Dock leaves come from the genus Rumex and there are several species. Then it happened, I found the cure and cause in one day.

nettle and dock relationship

Because my focus was on finding a way out of my transition curve my radar scanned for solutions. So, on a sunny morning, driving to work on the radio I listened to a discussion about something that endurance athletes adopt — radical acceptance — the act of just accepting that the challenge is going to be hard, painful and tough but that the view along the way or final destination are what drives them.

The concept of choosing to go through something physically and mentally difficult, believing the reward was along and at the end of the journey really appealed to me. Then whilst running a workshop later that day, a colleague shared another concept — awfulisation — when you take a bad situation and just imagine the situation getter worse, and worse and worse.

And I knew the solution was just around the corner, just one thought away, in the form of radical acceptance.

nettle and dock relationship

So instead of seeing my working relationship as something that gave me stress I could consider it as something that was offering me possibilities, giving me a new sense of purpose and hope.