Nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship marketing

Nico Rosberg opens up on title win and Lewis Hamilton relationship | F1 News

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship marketing

LONDON (Reuters) - Lewis Hamilton says his relationship with Mercedes team mate and Formula One leader Nico Rosberg has become. Nico Rosberg opened up on the secrets of his title-winning season and the difficulties of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton in a revealing. LEWIS HAMILTON has accused SkyF1s pundits of undermining him. Lewis Hamilton takes aim at Nico Rosberg, Damon Hill and Martin.

In Spa, Rosberg was clearly to blame. In Barcelona on Sunday, it was much less clear-cut. So how did it happen? The background, and the fundamental reason for the crash, was that Rosberg has had a clean run of four victories in the first four races of this season, and Hamilton has hit various problems.

That meant Rosberg arrived in Spain with a point lead over Hamilton in the championship, and the world champion was determined not to let it get any bigger. Hamilton took an absolutely brilliant pole position, one of his very best, rewriting the boundaries of what was possible in a way that left many in the paddock aghast - including his team-mate.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship marketing

His start was good, but so was Rosberg's, and the German drafted Hamilton down to Turn One and passed him around the outside with a fantastic manoeuvre, the sort he has so rarely been able to pull off. At that moment, as Rosberg admitted later, he felt he was "about to win that race", so difficult is passing on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Hamilton knew it, too, so when he saw Rosberg's engine "de-rating" - running out of hybrid boost indicted by a flashing red light on the back of his car in Turn Three because the German had it on the wrong setting - he saw an opportunity to pounce.

Rosberg moved to defend but Hamilton kept coming. TV pictures showed that Hamilton had his front wing alongside Rosberg's rear wheel while both were still on the track. In theory, that means the defending driver has to leave a car's width of space. But Rosberg was coming across so fast that it was all a blur. Hamilton took to the grass, lost control, spun and hit his team-mate going backwards, both then careering into the gravel trap.

Listen to Hamilton and Rosberg crash Who was to blame? I had part of my wing and wheel alongside within the white line and then that diminished pretty quickly.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship marketing

Larger text size Very large text size Texas: At a touch past 3pm Texan time Sunday, on a swathe of scruffy, reclaimed grassland once known as Wandering Creek, Lewis Hamilton will stand ready to light his name in the Formula One firmament. A fifth world title: Whatever one thinks of Hamilton or his sometimes lurid off-track antics, this is a rare and precious moment in the annals of sport.

Where Ferrari have collapsed like a concertina, Hamilton, propelled by his ever-reliable Mercedes, has streaked into the sunset once more. So, how has he done it? Advertisement How has he turned the past five years into a dynasty to rival that of Schumacher, the man whose character he once played in childhood video games?

Formula One: Five conclusions after Nico Rosberg edges out Lewis Hamilton - CNN

For answers, it pays to study the team around him. It seems extraordinary to recall now, but when Hamilton shocked F1 by announcing he was leaving McLaren for Mercedes at the end ofmany scoffed. While Mercedes have gathered up every drivers' and constructors' title since the V6 turbo era began inMcLaren have failed to win a single race.

There are those who argue that Hamilton owes his supremacy purely to the technology beneath him, but this is to negate the market knowledge that has become an essential part of the greatest drivers' armoury. There is a premium on sensing which way the wind is blowing, on timing one's move with the utmost canniness.

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Just ask Fernando Alonso. Hide Caption 1 of 23 Photos: Race for the title Bahrain, April 3 — Another slow start and a first-lap collision with the Williams of Valtteri Bottas hampers Hamilton's charge. Rosberg ticks off another victory in the desert to stretch his lead as his rival finishes third. Hide Caption 2 of 23 Photos: Race for the title China, April 17 — In Shanghai, Hamilton starts at the back after an engine problem in qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton: "I do not invest any energy" in repairing Nico Rosberg relationship

He fights back to seventh but Rosberg wins again to take a chunky point lead in the championship. Hide Caption 3 of 23 Photos: Race for the title Russia, May 1 — President Vladimir Putin was on the podium to hand out the victory laurels to Rosberg once more.

Another engine problem left Hamilton back in second as his teammate moved into a point lead. Hide Caption 4 of 23 Photos: In his first race since his shock promotion to Red Bull, Max Verstappen became the sport's youngest race-winner at Hide Caption 5 of 23 Photos: