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Themes - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

development of human relationships. In Ken Kesey's novel After being constantly beaten down by Nurse. Ratched, the only way they can survive is to build thicker, stronger walls Eventually he comes to trust McMurphy enough to break his. First, McMurphy rejoins the game he has made of irritating Nurse Ratched. Second, Chief talks for the first time in years. Third, Chief's walls begin to break down as he starts to trust McMurphy. McMurphy: McMurphy comes back into his game of irritating Nurse Ratched, Connection to Previous Chapters. McMurphy, who serves as an advocate for the overthrow of the authoritative forces controlling the ward, specifically Nurse Ratched. As savior of the trusted and popular among the people. In hopes of Ratched's relationship as that of an obnoxious kid and a school teacher rather than that of a Christ-like.

Всегда есть какой-то выход. Наконец он заговорил - спокойно, тихо и даже печально: - Нет, Грег, извини.

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