Octavia and lincoln relationship with father

Anyone else thing that Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship has been toxic for awhile? : The

octavia and lincoln relationship with father

Ever since Bellamy sided with Pike in Season Three, their relationship has been strained. After Lincoln's death, Octavia disowned Bellamy, blaming him for. Lincoln and Octavia were lovers, but they were somehow more than that, too. Indra and Octavia's relationship extends beyond friendship into about the action's underlying significance: His father was floated on the Ark for. Octavia and Lincoln is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Lincoln. to speak with Roma's parents, Octavia enters the room where Lincoln is locked up.

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She is a fiercely independent girl who is constantly rebelling and getting attention from men, most notably the Grounder Lincoln. However, just like Clarke, she is not exactly built for war so she is horrified at what she sees and experiences at first.

In the second season, she becomes more immersed in Grounder culture and serves as Indra's second. Originally she felt hatred towards Clarke for being the daughter of someone in the same council who had her locked up. It is intensified when she discovers Clarke knew about the bombing of Tondc, did nothing about it, and allowed all those Grounders to die after the events of Mount Weather even telling Indra that she will not leave behind Bellamy and her friends.

She remains in her Grounder gear, and berates Lincoln for wearing an Ark jacket and for being naive as she still holds a grudge towards them. Eventually, Lincoln is brutally killed in front of her by Pike, causing a rift between her and Bellamy.

In the fourth season, she shows more signs of being bloodthirsty after killing an ambassador who questions Roan's leadership. This new violent attitude earned her the nickname Skairipa 'Sky-reaper' or Death from Above. After refusing to kill Illian and getting close with him she decides to drop the act and take him home. She later accepts the fact that she is a killer and will fight in the Grounder battle for the bunker alongside Trikru, in which she is victorious after killing Luna, and becoming the acting leader of all 12 clans by telling them they will share the bunker.

She finally forgives Bellamy for Lincoln's death after he opened the bunker realizing that he would put his own life in danger just to save her and the Grounders. She later protects Nilyah and further solidified her role as new leader by saying if Skaikru does not choose the people to stay in the bunker then she will kill every Skaikru member.

In the season finale, she officially becomes new leader of the new Grounder tribe consisting of Skaikru, Trikru, Azgeda, and other Grounder clans, regardless of her blood and what's in her head.

In the fifth season, although still reluctant on being the leader, she tries to make peace with everyone. Eventually overpopulation prevents from any real peace inside the bunker, so Octavia takes matters into her own hands and kills anyone who defies her or questions her view of what peace should be.

Thus covering herself in their blood and being told by Gaia that it is best she keeps the blood on her, thus becoming Bloodreina the Red Queen and decides anyone who breaks her laws must compete in death matches. During two years in the bunker, Abby's actions caused Octavia to become more dark and hateful that led to her ruthless actions as ruler of Wonkru, including murdering anyone who tries to defect and burning down the Hydrofarm in the bunker.

Near the fifth season finale, she later has a change of heart, after realizing that she broke Wonkru. Bellamy Blake[ edit ] Bob Morley portrays the role of Bellamy. He often says "my sister, my responsibility". He was the leader of thealthough often loses focus and control over the group, and uses militaristic approaches.

He develops from an antagonistic character to an antiherorealizing the matter to him and showing compassion towards enemies and fallen comrades. He initially clashes with Clarke over their opposing approaches to their respective responsibilities over their people, but ultimately both he and Clarke develop a mutual respect and learn to compromise for each other's methods. He still feels guilty for getting Octavia caught, which led to her lockup and his mother's death. In the third season, he aligns himself with the new Chancellor after Azgeda Ice Nation bombed Mount Weather, killing 49 people, including his girlfriend.

In the process, he betrays Marcus Kane and put the whole of The Ark at risk of death. The bombing was made possible because Bellamy trusted Echo, the Grounder he saved in the previous season in Mount Weather, and listened to the false information she delivered.

He helps to put in prison his sister's boyfriend Lincoln, which leads to Lincoln's execution. After Pike's election, Bellamy is one of the nine guards along with Pike himself that carry out the chancellor's orders to kill the Grounder warriors sent by Lexa.

Bellamy soon feels guilt for his actions, and while he saves Indra's life, this puts a rift between him and Octavia, as well as Kane. He remains one of the few people not taken over by Allie, and fight alongside Octavia and Pike to stop her. Afterwards he reconciled with Kane and is often the voice of reason between the Sky People and Grounders.

Octavia forgives him after he risks his own life to open the bunker and let the Grounders in, feeling it is selfish for the Sky People to hog all the places in the bunker. In the fifth season, it is revealed he survived back on the Ark in space.

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During the six years there, he and Echo not only reconciled but became lovers. After being reunited with Octavia, he feels he does not recognize her anymore due to her brutal and unforgiving ways, but still tries to get through to her. It was also his idea to try and take the cryogenically frozen prisoners hostage and have leverage with Diyoza. Callie is first seen talking to the people on The Ark about the going down to Earth.

She said that she cannot confirm or deny anything at the moment. When Callie comes to know that Abigail Griffin is going to be executed she goes up to Marcus Kane to tell him that he is out of his mind and he cannot kill everyone who disagrees with him. Callie says that Abigail is her friend leaving Kane to reply that he cannot do anything to stop it.

Kane and Callie share a close moment.

octavia and lincoln relationship with father

She tries to implore him to give Abby amnesty, asking him to think of their own relationship. He answers by saying that no matter what he feels, he cannot. When it is time, Callie breaks into tears walking with Abigail to the place where she will be executed, embracing her and refusing to let go even at the behest of the guards. Abby asks that Callie watch out for her daughter before she dies. When the door is about to close Chancellor Thelonious Jaha demands the execution be stopped immediately.

Callie is thrilled for Abigail, able to hold her friend again. Jason Rothenberg revealed that Hu was dropped after the first episode due to budget reasons. He and Jasper were arrested for making illegal substances. He is best friends with Jasper and is among the 48 held in Mount Weather, eventually escapes and reunites with his mother in the third season. He tries to help Jasper recover from the traumatic events in Mount Weather. He eventually becomes part of Chancellor Pike's cause after his friend Monroe is killed by the Grounders.

In the process he gets Marcus Kane put in prison and Lincoln killed. He eventually betrays his mother and Pike in "Stealing Fire" by helping Kane, Octavia, Harper, Miller and Sinclair escape by feeding members of the Ark Guard faulty intel and distracting them. In "Nevermore", Monty is forced to kill his mother—who had taken A. In "Red Sky At Morning", Monty has sex with Harper in Arkadia, and is forced to delete and essentially kill his mother for a second time by wiping her memory from the City of Light.

In the fourth season, he comes up with the idea of protecting his people by shielding Arkadia with a hydrogen generator and recruits Bellamy, Harper and Miller to gather it when they do they blow it up to rescue the slaves taken by the Ice Nation, there he learns that the Chief killed his father and instead of killing him himself he allowed the slaves vengeance by freeing them, After realizing Harper chose to stay behind in Arkadia he decides to stay with her until she changes her mind, she is eventually convinced and they search for more people to recruit.

In the fifth season, he is still with Harper but still feels guilty about killing his Mother and letting Jasper commit suicide. By the end of the season, it is revealed that he died with Harper after growing old with her and raising their son, Jordan. Jasper Jordan[ edit ] Devon Bostick portrays the role of Jasper.

Portrayed by Devon BostickJasper Jordan seasons 1—4 is a goofy and geeky chemist. He is Monty's best friend. After his capture and subsequent rescue from Grounders, he becomes traumatized by his near-death experience which he struggles to overcome. Early in the series, he has a crush on Octavia, even saving her life during an animal attack, but she offers her friendship in return instead.

He was one of the delinquents' camp's gunners and is among the 48 held in Mount Weather, and becomes an acting leader of his surviving people in Clarke's and Bellamy's absences. Jasper later becomes romantically involved with a Mount Weather resident, Maya who was later killed. In grief, Jasper becomes an alcoholic and he is disgusted that his own people would steal from Mount Weather after the war with its inhabitants as well as hating Clarke. Monty and Octavia struggle to help Jasper to cope with his loss, but although Jasper was briefly tempted by the City of Light tablets, when he realised that they erased all good memories relating to painful topics, he refused to take one, even breaking Raven out of Camp Jaha and taking her to Clarke and other escapees for medical treatment to remove the chip.

It is revealed that he has been chipped while on Luna's oil rig and turns on the under A. He is freed from her control once she is defeated. In the fourth season, he attempts suicide only for Raven to tell him they only have six months to live.

He eventually commits suicide by remaining at Arkadia exposing himself to a lethal dose of radiation that comes before the death wave. Thelonious Jaha[ edit ] Isaiah Washington portrays the role of Thelonious.

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Portrayed by Isaiah WashingtonThelonious Jaha, commonly referred to as "Jaha" seasons 1—5 [5] is Wells' father and the former Chancellor of the Ark. Jaha, along with Marcus, were best friends with Jake Griffin and his family. However, his and Marcus' friendship with the Griffins deteriorates after Jake's death and Clarke's subsequent arrest but he manages to maintain his friendship with Abby. He loses his power while on Earth as he clashes with Abby and Marcus over their views on the Grounders in addition to the unconfirmed destination, the "City of Light".

Along with Murphy, he leads a small group of his followers from Camp Jaha to find the city. Jaha is unconcerned about the side-effects even when presented with clear evidence that the City of Light erases even good memories to spare the users from psychological pain, such as Jaha having lost all memory of his son, he is soon freed from A. He becomes guilt ridden after he sees all the casualties in Polis due to him feeding everyone a chip.

In the fourth season, he assists Clarke in being a leader for her people such as suggesting they find shelter in a lost bunker, only to discover it could not hold out radiation. Jaha tells everyone that if they want to survive the second nuclear explosion they must earn a lottery pick to ensure they will be on that list. He eventually comes to the realization the bunker was a decoy and the real one is in Polis, the Grounder capital, so he decides to recruit Gaia on what she knows about the symbol on the token and eventually learns it is a key to open the bunker.

He eventually finds it and successfully opens it, he takes a child after promising his father to take care of him.

In the fifth season, he is stabbed by a Grounder and dies in front of Kane, Abby, and Octavia. When Thelonious Jaha was Chancellor, he was second-in-command. He, along with Jaha, were friends with Jake Griffin and his family, but his friendship with them did not last after Jake's execution and Clarke's subsequent arrest. Though he initially supports population culls to extend life on the Ark, when Earth is shown to be survivable, he is guilt-stricken and works with everyone to survive in hopes of making amends of his past misdeeds.

This, in addition to his mother's influence and death, affect his later actions of seeking peaceful and compromising solutions when governing his people after arriving on Earth. In the process he gains allies who respect his new approaches, rebuilds his friendship with Jake's wife Abby Griffin, and earns the Grounders commander Lexa's trust. Kane aligns himself with Abby, who becomes Jaha's successor. In the fifth season, six years after Praimfaya he takes the fall for Abby's crime and proceeds to fight in gladiator battles but refuses once Octavia shows signs of being a dictator.

Raven Reyes[ edit ] Lindsey Morgan portrays the role of Raven. Portrayed by Lindsey MorganRaven Reyes season 2—present; recurring season 1 is an ambitious zero-gravity mechanic when on board the Ark who is not afraid of anyone or anything. She later collaborates with Abby Griffin in her escape from the Ark and launches herself in a pod to Earth, and occasionally advises Abby in the fields in electronics and mechanical engineering after she becomes chancellor on Earth.

Brave and intelligent, Raven leads the camp in setting up communications and making bombs. She was childhood friends with Finn and was in a relationship with him until he fell in love with Clarke. It is revealed in the second season, that Finn took the blame for Raven's crime because she was already 18 and would be floated.

She was the first zero G mech student under the age of 18 in 52 years. In the third season, with Abby's help, Raven begins recovering from the injuries she sustained from last season. She joins Jaha's cause after reluctantly taking a tablet given to her by him, she does begin to fight the side effects after Jasper reminds her about Finn. She is soon saved by Clarke and freed of A. In the fourth season, she bonds with Luna for her loss and convinces her to help save everyone on Earth, she also forgives Murphy for shooting her in the spine.

She later hallucinates Becca who tempts her with the chance to spacewalk leaving her to stay behind. A Sinclair hallucination appears to tell her to continue living which gives her the motavition to fight off Becca by restarting her heart. Afterwards, Clarke rescues her and request she fly them to The Ark in which she agrees to do, and successfully able to fly them to space and finally was able to spacewalk again.

In the fifth season, Raven becomes an improved fighter being able to topple Echo in combat and plans to return to earth she soon notices another ship landing on Earth, and proceeds to follow it, she realizes there is other life forms in cryostasis on the Eligius ship and decides to stay behind and lies about an escape pod so Bellamy will not argue with her. Lincoln[ edit ] Ricky Whittle portrays the role of Lincoln.

Portrayed by Ricky WhittleLincoln seasons 2—3; recurring season 1 is a Grounder who rescues Octavia. The pair develop a romantic relationship, and Lincoln helps the multiple times, causing him to be viewed as a traitor to his people. He later is drugged to become a reaper, but with Clarke's and Abby's assistance, he is successfully rehabilitated from the drug.

Having been viewed as a traitor by some of his people, Lincoln resides in Camp Jaha with Octavia. He is put in prison by Pike with the help of Bellamy and shot by Pike after surrendering to save his fellow Grounders from execution.

octavia and lincoln relationship with father

John Murphy[ edit ] Richard Harmon portrays the role of Murphy. Portrayed by Richard HarmonJohn Murphy season 3—present; recurring seasons 1—2 starts out as one of Bellamy's men and is generally disliked by the group due to his reputation of being a troublemaker and career criminal, making him one of the few members to actually have committed felonies and not petty misdemeanors.

After being wrongfully accused by Clarke and nearly lynched, he tries to kill Charlotte. As a result of her suicide, he is banished from the camp. He later returns, surviving being tortured by the Grounders.

He seems to have forgiven thebut he kills two and attempts to hang Bellamy and accidentally shoots Raven in the spine. In the second season, he helps the as they search for their lost members, even saving Bellamy's life when he could have let him drop.

He eventually finds a lighthouse where he is trapped by Jaha and A. He later leaves the island after not wanting to be a part of Jaha's insane missions, and gets a boat ride from Emori. After Emori transports him and Jaha across the sea, he refuses to take the key and flees with Emori.

They start robbing people in the Commander's Forrest and he is eventually captured by Grounder warriors and brought to Polis, as one of the captors discovers a chip in his pocket which has the "Sacred Symbol of the Commander".

He is tortured for information by Titus and eventually tells him what he knows. Later on, Titus tries to murder him and frame Clarke but accidentally shoots and kills Lexa.

After she dies he witnesses Titus remove the chip. After Titus gives Clarke the chip and commits suicide, Ontari makes him the new "Flamekeeper" since he is the only other person to have witnessed it being removed from another person. Ontari takes a liking to him and wants him to sleep with her; if he refuses, she will kill him. He later reunites with Emori who is under A.

After the City of Light is destroyed and A. When he finds out there's a nuclear disaster coming which will wipe out everyone on Earth, he and Emori decide to side with Clarke, who has a plan that might save people. But inwhile Abraham, Thomas and his two older brothers, Mordecai and Josiah, were planting corn, they were attacked by Indians. Abraham was killed instantly, Josiah ran for help and Mordecai hid in a nearby cabin.

Looking out of a crack between the logs, Mordecai saw an Indian sneaking up on Thomas, who was sitting beside his father's body. Mordecai grabbed a rifle and killed the Indian before he could reach the younger boy. Mordecai had saved Thomas's life, but that life would be one of hard work and struggle. Under the laws of the time, when a father died without a will, the oldest son inherited his entire estate. Thus, Mordecai would become a wealthy landowner, and Thomas would have to live by the sweat of his brow.

Thomas became a "wandering laboring boy," as Abraham Lincoln would later characterize the situation, and he never had a chance to get any kind of education. A farmer and carpenter, Thomas worked hard and saved his money. Inhe bought a acre farm in Hardin County, Ky. Four years later, he married Nancy Hanks, and the couple's first child, a daughter named Sarah, was born in Abraham was born inon a new farm Thomas bought on Nolan Creek. A third child, a boy, died in infancy. Records indicate that in his early manhood Thomas was a reasonably respectable citizen, according to Mark Neely's "Abraham Lincoln Encyclopedia.

Strong and powerfully built, Thomas was average or a little above average in height with a shock of black hair and a prominent nose. He was respected in his community - "honest" was the word most often used to describe him, Donald wrote. The land title system in Kentucky was a mess in the early s, and Thomas continuously had trouble with the titles to the farms that he owned.

He was often forced to sell property for less than the price he paid for it. As a result, and because he opposed slavery, which was legal in Kentucky, Thomas moved his family to Indiana, where they lived a hard frontier life. InNancy Lincoln died from drinking contaminated milk from cows that had eaten poisonous weeds.

Thomas quickly realized his household needed a mother's touch, and within a year he had married a widow from Kentucky named Sarah Bush Johnston, to whom young Abe would grow quite close. At this point the household was a large one. There was Thomas and his two children, Sarah and her three children and Dennis Hanks, who was Abe's cousin on his birth mother's side.

Abe's difficulties with his father had probably already begun by this time. His mother's death had hit him hard, and Thomas did little to console him. Abe craved education and was especially fond of reading. His father encouraged his education but was vexed by the boy reading when he was supposed to be doing chores. Thomas was said to have hidden Abe's books and even destroyed some to put an end to that problem, but all that accomplished was to widen the distance between father and son.

Corporal punishment was the order of the day, and Thomas was not one to spare the rod. He was said to sometimes "slash" Abe for reading when he was supposed to be doing chores, and Thomas also was known to knock the boy down for speaking before his father could when strangers rode up to the family farm.