Olana and kainene relationship quiz

Book Excerptise: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

While Kainene takes over the family business empire, Olanna goes north to teach sociology at the university town of Nsukka. She has fallen in. Stays close friends with Olanna and writes letters to her during the war Has a sexual relationship with Odenigbo but slowly drifts away from him during the war . Part Four: Chapters · Part Four: Chapter 37 · Free Quiz · Characters Olanna and Odenigbo have had a child, whom they simply call "baby. and Olanna make amends and they are able to resume their former close relationship . Ugwu.

The gulf between village Nigerians and these elites is obvious but not the whole story. Odenigbo and Olanna are both Igbo and proud of it. Some of their friends are Hausa and Yoruba but everyone knows each other's allegiances. By delaying the intrusion of politics, the film establishes a sense of what is about to be lost and how easily things can go bad. Turmoil closes in on the characters almost without their noticing. War films tend to do stories the other way round, war occupies the foreground and the characters are buffeted and killed like pawns.

This film takes the same approach as Gone with the Wind: Both films are based on books by women - in this case, a best-seller by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who based it on the life of her father.

She was born inlong after the war. Instead the vandals shot them all, even the children. This terrible story shows just how painful any kind of reunion between Nigeria and Biafra will be. Even unity, the supposed Nigerian goal, is used as a justification for genocide.

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Alice throws herself on the ground and rolls around in grief. Odenigbo comes out and picks her up, and she starts to cry on his shoulder. Olanna thinks Odenigbo holds Alice like someone who has held her before. Active Themes Alice finally calms down, and the man who delivered the message says he will take her with him, as there are some people from the village in his compound.

She eventually falls asleep. Now his possible infidelity is only a drop in an ocean of suffering. Active Themes Olanna wakes up to the sound of shelling. Odenigbo tells Olanna to start walking with Baby, but then the car finally starts. As they drive Olanna asks Odenigbo if he slept with Alice.

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He is silent, but then denies it. They are quiet for the rest of the drive. We never get more of an answer than this about Odenigbo and Alice, and we never see Alice again. It seems likely that Odenigbo did sleep with Alice, but Adichie also shows how much the situation has changed from the early sixties, to the point that infidelity seems not so bad compared to other evils.

They have dinner with Kainene and Richard. Richard offers Odenigbo some brandy — it is the first time they have spoken since Odenigbo told Richard to stop coming to his house — but Odenigbo declines and goes to bed. Olanna follows, but the couple barely speak to each other. The protagonists minus Ugwu are finally all together in one place.

Half of a Yellow Sun Summary & Study Guide

Active Themes Olanna then comes back out and talks to Kainene. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations In the morning Kainene and Olanna share some face cream and then go to the refugee camp.

The children there are playing with pieces of shrapnel, and when Baby finds some Olanna angrily takes it away. Kainene asks her to give it back, saying that Olanna tries to protect Baby too much from life. She says that their own parents protected them too much from life.

The sisters now grow closer than ever, and we see how good they are for each other. Okeoma — A friend of Olanna and Odenigbo in Nsukka. Okeoma later becomes an officer in the Biafran Army and stops writing poems.

Edna — Olanna's neighbor in Nsukka. Edna is an African American woman with strong opinions on racial and gender injustice. Jomo — Jomo works as the gardener at both Richard's house and Odenigbo's house in Nsukka. He is one of Ugwu's first friends in Nsukka and is also often feuding with his rival, Harrison.

Harrison — Richard's houseboy. Harrison's talkative nature at first annoys Richard, and later gets him into trouble. Chinyere — Works in a house near Master's in Nsukka.

Maintains late night visits with Ugwu until the war starts. Mama Odenigbo's mother — A village woman from Abba. She is opposed to the relationship between Odenigbo and Olanna because they are not officially married no bride price paid yet plus Olanna is an unnatural woman. Amala — A village girl who works for Mama, Odenigbo's mother.

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Amala gets pregnant but after giving birth, she refuses to take the child and sends her back to Mama. Chief Okonji — Friend of Olanna and Kainene's parents.

Chief Okonji claims a romantic interest in Olanna, but is thoroughly rebuffed by Olanna. Chief Ozobia manipulates his daughters for financial benefit. He also keeps a mistress, and eventually leaves Nigeria during the war. She does not have a strong relationship with her daughters, and her marriage with Chief Ozobi might be described as a pretense. Uncle Mbaezi — Olanna's uncle, he is the brother of Olanna's mother.

Aunty Ifeka — Uncle Mbaezi's wife. Arize is eager find a husband and get married. Like her parents, she looks up to Olanna. Mohammed — Olanna's ex-boyfriend. He is a handsome Hausa man.

Even after she leaves him for Odenigbo, they remain on good terms and she frequently visits him until the war starts. During the war, he writes her letters but they feel very distanced. Baby — Olanna and Odenigbo's daughter. Amala is Baby's birth mother, but refuses to keep her. When Olanna sees her, she decides to adopt her.

Baby's real name is Chiamaka, which means "God is beautiful. Susan Grenville-Pitts — Initially Richard's girlfriend. She lives in Nigeria but mainly associates with other expatriates or upper class Nigerians.

Her racism towards Nigerians as well as her possessiveness towards Richard emerge periodically throughout the novel. Major Madu — Lifelong friend of Kainene. Major Madu serves in first the Nigerian army and later in the Biafran army. He and Richard's relationship is strained due to the uncertainty of Madu's role in Kainene's life. Special Julius — Army contractor.

olana and kainene relationship quiz

He becomes a frequent visitor of Odenigbo when they are in Umuahia. Ekwenugo — Member of the Science group in the Biafran army. Ekwenugo meets Olanna and Odenigbo in Umuahia. Mrs Muokelu — Co-teacher with Olanna at Umuahia. Muokelu as manly and slightly judgmental. Muokelu eventually stops teaching and starts trading across enemy lines.

Okoromadu — An old acquaintance of Olanna's, Okoromadu helps her get emergency supplies for baby in Umuahia. Eberechi — Ugwu's love interest in Umuahia. Alice — Odenigbo and Olanna's neighbor at their second place of residence in Umuahia.

Alice seeks refuge in Umahia after being tricked by an Army Colonel. She is known as a recluse and avid pianist. Mystery shrouds her relationship with Odenigbo.

olana and kainene relationship quiz

Father Marcel — Helps coordinate refugee relief with Kainene in Orlu. Father Marcel is later accused of impropriety by some of the refugees.