Oreki and chitanda relationship quizzes

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This is from the anime "Hyouka." The couple in the picture is Hōtarō Oreki and Eru Chitanda. . petit test amusant - petit-passe-temps. Photos AniméesShadow . Soon after, during the scene Oreki and Chitanda are talking on the phone, Their relationship may not have started, like many of us may have. He lives with his sister, Tomoe Oreki, who constantly travels and leaves Houtarou alone. Houtarou maintains a friendly relationship with Chitanda and their.

Wheel of Fortune not included. She fits the outgoing Proper Lady type to the letter. Although she's not a leader, she gets very passionate over the things she cares about, as seen during the cultural festival and the Valentine's Day episode. Although he's something of an extrovert, his Hidden Depths reveal that he's this way because otherwise he'd fit the negative attributes of the Melancholic type obsessive, perfectionist to the point of depression a lot more.

Chitanda is a more refined example. The hot-bloodedness is there, just a bit lower in temperature. Satoshi realizes that his lack of talent or motivation prevents him from having "main character" capability, which results in him being a Stepford Smiler. Done by most girls, even when they're not running that fast—but especially by Chitanda. Oreki frequently experiences a variety of hallucinations, often attributed by him to the level of energy he feels he is experiencing from others.

Often these involve perceptions of moving or shifting kanji. At one point in episode one, he had visions of Chitanda's hair becoming vinelike with radiant flowers in it, ensnaring him as she pleaded for his assistance.

At another point, he sees the kanji from a set of club posters flood around him as a black sea. He's also seen dozens of tiny red Chitanda "angels" tugging on him when she was getting him involved in another mystery. He's still very much sane. Houtarou goes through a particularly nasty one in episode 11 once he realizes that he was totally wrong and that Irisu was lying to him in order to manipulate him into writing the script.

Eru Chitanda

Also, judging from his actions in episodes 10 and 11, Satoshi is veering dangerously close to one as well. Hoist by His Own Petard: In episode 19, Oreki attempts to discredit his deduction skills by trying to decipher a vague school announcement. His conclusion turns out being completely correct and Chitanda is all the more impressed.

oreki and chitanda relationship quizzes

How We Got Here: Episode 9 features Chitanda absentmindedly eating the better part of a box of whiskey bonbons. She actually only gets a bit loopy, only to pass out The trick to the mystery in the student film. Although it turns out it wasn't the trick the original director had intended. Triggered in episode 2 when Chitanda catches a scent of paint on a school history book. Oreki briefly imagines dog ears and a tail on Chitanda.

What brings the main characters together: The colors are on the inside. Or a less drastic Hugging Discretion Shot. Still, the way the animation portrays the end of Satoshi and Mayaka's exchange in episode 17 implies this heavily because of Satoshi's arms reaching out. Kouchi, a member of Ibara's Manga Society Club, professes her patronizing thoughts on the club's festival booth, making light of their efforts, getting to Ibara easily.

The way Kouchi smiled when Ibara finally responded to her remarks was quite trolly. Apparently, the members invoked this trope as a part of a Batman Gambit. Locked in a Room: Chitanda and Houtarou accidentally get locked in a shed in episode Episode 1's mystery, except no murder is involved. The student film in episode 8 features an example with a murder mystery. Though that was not what the writer originally planned. It only appeared to be one to the Classics Club because the people doing the filming changed an important detail in the script.

Oreki and Chitanda frequently exchange these: Episode 13, the mother of all blushes is shared by Oreki and Chitanda when she catches him peeking at her cosplay photos. Episode 20, when Chitanda first appears her kimono. Oreki is breathless, to say the least.


Episode 21, when Chitanda is mumbling about Valentine's day chocolates and Oreki is trying to figure out what she means, to no avail. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: He blackmails multiple upperclassmen, Tanabe and Tougaito, in order to advance the goals of the Classics Club. He also goes out of his way to keep Chitanda uninvolved, even lying to her about the Jumonji case to keep her in the dark.

Oreki figures her out, but not soon enough. Episode 14 expands on this slightly, delving into Irisu's character during her conversation with Chitanda. Chitanda doesn't seem to realize the effect she's having on the other. In the beginning of the novel and anime, before the actual storyline kicks in, the mysteries Houtarou solves are pretty trivial, yet most of an episode focuses on them.

He solved how a room becomes locked seemingly on its ownwhy the same book was checked out and in from the school library for weeks, and where the unauthorized flyer for a "ghost club" was hanging this last one was actually a fake mystery he planted so he wouldn't have to waste energy walking to the other side of the high school to solve a mistery that Eru was curious about.

Still, his perceptive thinking has potential, despite his slothy exterior. Kanya Fest features a lot of these.

Along with Satoshi's giant Saturn, there are also battleships and shogi pieces. No Sense of Personal Space: Mystery, School, Slice-of-Life Age: Mysteries, Daikon, Matcha Milk Dislikes: Sad endings Voice Actor: As the daughter of one of the famous four clans that surround Kamiyama town, her name is well known, and contributes to her personality.

With her rich background, Chitanda carries herself in a proper manner. She's smart, polite, and energetic around others, especially Oreki Hotarou, the main protagonist.

Despite Chitanda's kindness overall, she's also very emotionally driven by her surrounding environment. If there's any line you can predict in Hyouka, its definitely when Chitanda gets curious about a certain topic, subject, or event.

oreki and chitanda relationship quizzes

Many times, it is a school or local mystery, and Chitanda gets quite invested in everything the Classics Club investigates. However, during his first visit to the Classics Club room located at Geography Prep RoomHoutarou unexpectedly met girl called Eru Chitandawho told him that she is already became the member of the Classics Club. During their conversation Houtarou noticed his friend, Satoshi Fukubetrying to eavesdrop on him, and called him loudly.

Satoshi explained that he was intrigued when he saw Houtarou speaking with girl from the courtyard.

oreki and chitanda relationship quizzes

During their conversation Eru discovered that she was locked down in the clubroom. That mystery ignited Eru's curiosity, and she together with Satoshi pleaded Houtarou to investigate it.

[Spoilers] Hyouka's ending and why I believe it's perfect. : anime

By using his good deduction skills, Houtarou quickly solved that mystery. Satoshi joined the Classics Club as well. That task required to have past issues of Hyouka as a reference to write a new one. However, they had a minor setback as they discovered that Hyouka first issue was missing.

He later discovered that his theory had holes, and eventually came up with the conclusion that Jun was sacrificed for the sake of the school body. With the case of Jun Sekitani finally closed, Eru accepted her now-missing uncle's fate with tears of her eyes. They made a trip to Seizansou, an inn owned by Mayaka's relatives, located in Zaizen village. During that trip Houtarou wasn't quite active as he suffered from carsick on the journey to the inn, and the only mystery he solved was a mystery about a ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn.

In the end, at the pre-screening movie was well-received by nearly everyone.