Ox and rooster relationship

Rooster and Ox Love Compatibility and Relationship - Chinese Astrology Compatibility

ox and rooster relationship

The Ox and Rooster make one of the most compatible pairs in the Chinese zodiac. Their success in love is probably due to certain traits and priorities that they. Discover the Chinese Ox and Rooster love-relationship compatibility. Oxen are best-matched with Rat, Monkey and Rooster people, while they should They are more balanced in their relationship, and thus minimize disruptions.

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Chinese Ox and Rooster Compatibility

Below is a closer look into Rooster Ox love compatibility with both the good and the bad sides brought to light. Positive Traits This Rooster and Ox relationship will find that they are meant for each other right from the beginning.

There is a sense of practicality that would give them the impression that their relationship could indeed blossom. None of them is too emotional to realize when things are not going well. They would take life as it is without fearing the worst that might happen.

Rooster Ox Compatibility - Mystic Compatibility

Rooster Ox compatibility also complements each other considering the fact that they have something unique to add on to their relationship. The ox lover is an earth sign. They would bring in the aspect of stability in Rooster Ox friendship. This infers that they would be happy together when they are living a comfortable and secure life. Assuming that the ox is the man in this relationship, they would struggle to make certain that the rooster never finds this affair as shaky in any way.

The rooster lover is also a homely bird.

ox and rooster relationship

They know how to keep everything intact. When at home, they would keep time in ensuring that meals are ready for the man and the children they would be having together.

Ox Man Rooster Woman

If the rooster would be taking a feminist role in this match, rest assured that they would carry out their duties without failing. This is what the ox man will fall in love. Rooster Ox in bed will make an amazing couple.

ox and rooster relationship

They would feel like they have found the woman that would take care of their homes. This is a good way of appreciating the fact that the man and woman are two different people when it comes to Rooster Ox sexuality.

Chinese Ox and Rooster Compatibility

Socially, Rooster Ox love compatibility would be at its best. This is because, both lovers in this match are not as social as the horse or the tiger.

Both of them prefer to keep their affairs private. Well, this does not mean that they would not have friends completely.

Who's a Good or Bad Match For You, Based on The Chinese Zodiac

Rather, they would prefer to have a few friends that they fully trust. Hence, the ox man would be cautious enough not to let their friends ruin the smooth flowing relationship. Equally, the rooster would strive to ensure that they are not as shy as other people might conclude. The ox man is the most honest individual you can ever fall in love with.

ox and rooster relationship

Their success in love is probably due to certain traits and priorities that they have in common. And yet too much similarity could bring in ennui and inertia which could pose its own problems in a long term relationship. High points of an Ox-Rooster love match The foundation of a compatible Ox and Rooster couple is based on a common practical attitude to life. Both take pride in their rational natures which are guided by realistic motives instead of getting carried away by emotional compulsions as in case of the Goat or the overarching ego as in case of the Dragon.

Thus the Ox and Rooster are likely to have the same priorities and values in life; their goals and dreams for the future will probably be based on practical considerations and material success which are sure to go a long way in laying strong foundations of a successful relationship.

However what would be most noticeable to an outsider is likely to be the love of home and domestic pleasures that both the Ox and Rooster share. In fact the Rooster is known to be quite finicky about neatness and their homes are most likely to be tidy and shiny as a new pin.

ox and rooster relationship

However this is not simply about being obsessive or compulsive, rather their concern with cleanliness and their habit of always arranging or re-arranging things is a direct expression of a personality which holds order and structure in high regard — values that the stolid and practical Ox understands only too well and genuinely appreciates.

Along with a shared love of a well-decorated and comfortable home, the Ox and Rooster are also alike in much of their social impulses. Neither is particularly gregarious and each likes to spend their leisure hours in quiet comfortable pursuits.

While the Ox may like to entertain only close friends and family, the Rooster is rather shy in nature and may even be uncomfortable in large social settings.