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parks and recreation april andy relationship counseling

April and Andy's love story was part of what made 'Parks and Rec' special and each step in their relationship sees the two of them getting stronger as a result. Once Chris got himself into therapy and Ann decided what her. Andy and April's Fancy Party is the ninth episode of the third season of the American comedy The Parks and Recreation staff tried to keep the wedding secret to surprise viewers, but NBC accidentally ran a staff was contemplating what direction they should take with the romantic relationship between Andy and April. I'll start by saying that April was my favourite character in the show as she from the show and anything else Parks and Recreation-related.

He has a brief liaison with Bobby Newport's campaign manager, which cheers him up. He is no longer depressed, but is continuously seeing a therapist. He is also asked to be the father of Ann Perkins' child via in vitro fertilization.

He is hesitant at first and turns to Ben and others to help him make a decision.

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After "Bailout", he tells Ann that he will be the father and the two begin parenting compatibility testing to see how well they will work together with raising a child. During "Jerry's Retirement", they get back together but Ann is not sure if they should continue their relationship the way they are now. Season six[ edit ] With Ann pregnant at the beginning of season six, Chris is preparing to be a father.

In addition, when Ann expresses interest in leaving Pawnee to be closer to her family in Michigan, Chris decides to go with her. Some time after the pair leaves, Ann gives birth to their son Oliver Perkins-Traeger. Season seven[ edit ] Chris and Ann, now married, return for a guest appearance in the series finale in order to advise Leslie in It is revealed that after Oliver, the couple had a second child, a daughter named Leslie. Development[ edit ] What I love about Chris Traeger is his unrelenting enthusiasm.

He is the most positive person in the world.

April and Andy’s love story was part of what made ‘Parks and Rec’ special

And he is also very, very intense and specific. So whether he's ordering how he would like his water or describing the kind of colors he wants on a graph, everything means the world to him. He made his first appearance on the show in " The Master Plan ", the penultimate episode of the second season. The character debuted the same episode that Adam Scott began his role as Ben Wyatt. Originally, Chris Traeger was only meant to be a guest role, with Lowe portraying him in the final two episodes of the second season and the first six episodes of the third season before departing the series.

Chris' desire to live years was inspired by Schur's wife, J. Philbinwho had read an article which stated that scientists believe the first human who will live years has already been born, and felt it applied to the Chris Traeger character.

parks and recreation april andy relationship counseling

And the way to knock that person off balance is to get Rob Lowe in a relationship with you. Trivia Although she insults and talks about harming certain people, she has never once been shown to physically assault anyone.

Chris Traeger

She likes to regularly sit on Andy's lap, being shown doing so multiple times in many episodes. She once drove a riding lawn mower through Nordstrom's. She goes through multiple hairstyle changes.

At first she had long hair with no bangs, then long hair with bangs, then medium length hair with bangs, back long hair again without bangs, and finally medium hair without bangs.

April is tied with Ben on looking directly into the camera multiple times following closely with Tom.

parks and recreation april andy relationship counseling

She was a loner and Goth in high school. She and Ann don't get along. April and Andy use Ben's comforters as pillow forts to have sex on. April has attended college. She claims to love Ron's first wife, Tammy One, saying she's the "cold, distant mother I never had".

She reveals in " Summer Catalog " that she played softball in high school. Her parents' nickname for her is Zuzu. She married Andy after dating him for a month.

parks and recreation april andy relationship counseling

She pairs up Tom and Ann, to her regret, and also tries to set up Chris with Andy's college professor. She created her own major in college: She gives birth to her first child, Jack, with monster makeup on and the song "Monster Mash" playing. April's favorite band is Neutral Milk Hotel. April is also a fan of alternative rock band The Smiths. In the episode Time CapsuleEduardo says that April is making him listen to said band, who he finds "very depressing.

The sex is unknown. April is probably born in The entire first season is set inand April is mentioned to be years-old and then, turns 20 in the same season. She even starts up a project of her own, a pet adoption, another passion of hers that remains throughout the show, and actually she gets a pet of her own, a three-legged wonder who she loves more than life itself.

She gives Chris some very heartfelt pep talk when she sees him being depressed. In her own ways, April shows that not only she can handle responsibilities, but that she seeks them out. That pattern is even stronger in season 5. As Leslie is trying to overcome the challenges of a new position and to navigate her romantic relationship, April gets not one but two new jobs within one season and also has a season-long arc focused on her relationship with Andy.

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Not necessarily in that order. And season 5 contains some of the most heartfelt moments between Leslie and April, with April acknowledging that sometimes, Leslie does know best, and sometimes, outsmarting her.

On her mini-arc with Ben in early season, she spends some actually genuine moments of friendship with him, develops this oddly brother-sisterly bond with him, starts to actually put in the effort to make things work.

They spend some time together, bonding… And actually do get out of it having bonded, despite all appearances. April has started to develop values outside of her own personal feelings towards people. She can recognize that even though she has her qualms with Ann, Ann is a good person and has decent goals that April wants her to achieve finding the perfect dad to her baby.

To continue with April learning to be a good person… April is such a sweetheart in season 6. April is not an angelbut damn is she kind and generous in this season. The first friendships that April developed had a very strong taste of parental figures. Ron and Leslie have always been very father- and mother-like to April, filling her needs of loving guidance Leslie and freedom to be herself Ron.

That leaves Tom and Donna. By far season 6 contains the most interactions between that trio of all the show. For the first time, we keep seeing April engaging in her friendship with these people who are her equals and it brings out the absolute best in her. Episode after episode, April navigates these two relationships and finds her place in this trio that used to be a strong duo.

She bonds with Tom and Donna not just together but individually, for example helping Tom all throughout his project of opening a restaurant, or finding the right way to communicate with Donna when both can be a bit closed-off.

She gives them presents, special attentions, she shares private jokes with them to the point that Leslie feels excluded but that issue is addressed specifically. They give each other advice, learn from each other. April has evolved into a young woman who can have casual friendships at work and all the while keeping all her weirdness and anxiety and everything that makes up who she is.

parks and recreation april andy relationship counseling

Even within her stronger relationships, April is a darling. She has always been extremely supportive of Andy, their relationship has always been grounded in complete mutual understanding, but they share some of the most sensitive heartfelt discussions where you sense that both of them have matured and can talk about grown-up things when needed.

Season 7 April has matured, grown, evolved, and she realizes that what she is dedicating her life to no longer fits the person she has become.