Persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

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persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

His Rank 10 Social Link takes place in your room where he outright admits that Golden really plays up the Ho Yay between Kanji and the protagonist: story of how this girl came up to him asking him if Naoto likes sweet things, . In regards to Yu x Yosuke, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is not shy about this trope at all. For Persona 4: Dancing All Night on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs But I always figured/headcanoned that the MC kept his relationship with Naoto, Anyways if you're wondering about Kanji he gets riled up, like usual. In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she wears a combination of her Yasogami uniform In Persona 4 Arena, Kanji calls her out on this, saying she is too " uptight" and it . The protagonist creates the Fortune Arcana Social Link with Naoto after.

persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

Daisuke's complete disinterest in women is rather suspicious Sure, it's explained later he broke up with some girl but still, even then the specific break-up conversation manages to be riddled with implications that Daisuke is gay. Whatever, girls are a pain in the ass! Tally it up with Kanji's. Kou's not much better. In his Level 1 Social Link, he gets stuck putting away the basketballs the team was using, and will snarkily comment "While they go to their parties, I get to stay here and play with balls.

I looove them balls. Then there's his "What are we to you? Taking the Celibate Hero options, such as stating a lack of interest in the Miss Yasogami beauty pageant and telling Yosuke that you have no romantic interest in either Chie or Yukiko, usually leads one of the party members to make a not-so-subtle crack about the Protagonist's sexuality. Not helped by how they start referring to each other in a First-Name Basis.

persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

Teddie is totally gay for you. Talk to him before you leave Inaba and you'll get a conversation in which Teddie offers to take off his outfit for you.

The suggestion is quickly declined by Yosuke. If you don't max out Yosuke's Social Link, you get this conversation instead. It is not any less homoerotic. In Golden, a bunch of new scenes are added including a Ship Tease the Dojimas barge in just as the two are inches from each other The closeup is capped off by "Muscle Blues" Shadow Kanji 's theme.

In Golden, if you win the final Midnight Channel Trivia Quiz, aside from getting the trophy which is what most players would go for, the grand prize is Teddie smooching the protagonist.

Again, Muscle Blues plays in the background. All the female party members feeling up Naoto in the bathhouse. Again, the anime keeps it. The Golden version of the game adds Marie taking the bath with the girls impressed, watching her with sparkling eyes.

Also, Naoto receives love letters from female classmates even after going public about her cross-dressing. And wins a majority of the female votes during the beauty pageant though that may be due to her refusal to appear in a bikini like the others.

persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

Even the Girls Want Her indeed. The cabin scenes added in just before the bonus dungeon if you've maxed Marie's Social Link. Everything is so, so gay. First, the guys consider stuffing themselves inside Teddie's bear suit to keep warm "I'm like a newborn in here! Rise's reactions when the girls barge in are just the icing on the homoeroticism cake.

Do you want us to come back later? Give you some time? He's the other male in the game aside from Yosuke to break down and cry when you Social Link him, and he definitely views you as the only one he can rely on. His line to you in the climax of the True Final Boss fight is: I've had enough with losing the people most precious to me I don't want to lose you too ArenaChie certainly seems to have a lot of chemistry with both robot girls, Aigis and Labrys.

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She even calls Labrys really cute, expresses a profound desire to befriend and protect her on par with Teddie who wants to be her knightand cries when she leaves. And, of course, her Ship Tease with Yukiko is stronger than ever. Particularly dripping with Les Yay when at the end of Chie's storyline, Labrys turns around and smiles at her and Chie thinks something along the lines of "Man You know, that one story where the beautiful, kind girl who's not really interested in romance ends up falling in love with the fearsome beast who looks way more violent and scary than he actually is?

persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

Naoto and Rise have it the easiest, or at least it's possible, since they aren't tied down to Inaba and there's a chance they can run into Souji. Chie and Yukiko are the best example since if you date one the other will try and rationalize the comment into a non-dating context, or if you do both an awkward silence occurs.

Atlus seemed like it was not so much intentionally hiding relationships as the were delineating between S.

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Links and main story. Arena gave Temperance a shoutout, and the anime used Moon a lot, but they are completely shafted apart from that in the sequels, even though Moon and Sun all stress on visiting your home, etc. They have since poked fun at the separation experienced in the games with Golden's firework festival scene as well as the Valentine's day scene.

They also lampshaded in Q as stated earlier, but it also held true to the separation since this iirc is part of the side story encounters and not the main story.

I am actually replaying Q right now and am close to this scene so I will check and correct later if needed. Spinal45 3 years ago 9 andhros posted Vanilla more or less confirmed that he is not telling everyone, they are also not telling each other as signified in the dungeon conversations that occur.

You're right on the separation of S. Links and the main story. I do want to point out though that arena references Yosukes rank 10 s. Link, and Ultimax appears to make a reference to Rise's rank 10 lovers path. Arena also has Naoto referring to Yu in a way that would be out of character if her S.

persona 4 dancing all night naoto and kanji relationship

L wasn't completed, and even moreseo if she was "friend zoned". So while there's definitely very few direct references to it, there's definitely tons of subtext go figure.