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Plankton Can't Even Pass This SpongeBob Quiz. .. What's the name of Plankton's supercomputer? Kim Kelly Karen you'll find that these two have as rocky a relationship as any pair ever caught in the owner-pet dynamic. Characters, Relationship. Spongebob and Patrick. Mr. Krabs and Plankton. Sandy and Pearl. Plankton and Karen. Mr. Krabs and Spongebob. Related quizzes can be found here: 'SpongeBob' - Quotes Quizzes Karen is also Plankton's wife, although they seem to share a love-hate relationship.

To the left of the screen is a silver keyboard with an oval-shaped green button on the top and nine pink keys on the bottom. There are three silver tubes on the right side. There is a silver control panel connected to the bottom of her screen. Although its appearance tends to change, it usually has a red lever, a circular analog clock, a green keypad, and several multicolored buttons on it. Karen's mobile form contains a light blue head in the shape of a desktop computer, a black screen, a silver stand, and a silver base with wheels.

From seasons 4 to 9, there are two red keys on the base. From the second half of the ninth season onward, the keys are aqua-colored. It is much taller and made of dark silver metal. Her wheels appear to be completely disconnected from her base, which is shaped like a square. Her screen is dark blue instead of black. Forms Karen's system has several forms of manifestation aside from her monitor and mobile computer, listed below: Robot Krabs - Karen is built into this robot and is responsible for activating its self-destruct mode.

Her voice can be heard from inside of it. It is able to become an independent vehicle, and Plankton uses it as a traveling restaurant in the episode. Karen is heard speaking from the inside. Submarine - Plankton's mechanical clam digger submarine seen in " It Came from Goo Lagoon " contains a miniature screen on which Karen is able to appear. Abilities and talents Karen pretending to eat "Now activating helmet brain-control devices.

Karen and Karen 2 are the two of the few pieces of technology in the series that can talk freely. Karen can alternate between her system's different forms of manifestation.

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Karen occasionally uses lasers. Karen often makes food, usually for Plankton. However, she is incapable of eating anything herself. The following are examples of food items she has made: Chum pot pie in "Karen 2. Karen can turn herself into a television, which is useful when she and Plankton want to spy on others. Karen is skilled at inventing, like her husband.

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In " Dunces and Dragons ," it is shown that Karen has a medieval ancestor named Karen the Crystal Ball who resembles her and shares her first name. The episode implies that the Plankton family has included marriages between plankton and pieces of technology for generations. Karen's parents have been shown. Her father, Fredrickhas not made an appearance on the show; however, he can be seen in an issue of Nickelodeon Magazine.

He is reportedly an old-fashioned desktop computer. Karen has many cousins-in-law from the countryside, such as Clemwho treat her with respect despite being hillbillies. He starts to cry. In " Plankton Gets the Boot ," Karen changes her screensaver to look pretty for Plankton, who tries hard to win Karen back.

In " Plankton Retires ," Karen feeds Plankton from a bottle like a baby. In " Spot Returns ," Plankton helps Karen instead of getting the secret formula, and if he does not help Karen he would have had the secret formula.

In " Spin the Bottle ," Karen tells Plankton that he looks adorable in his genie outfit. Plankton and Karen about to kiss In " Grandmum's the Word ," Plankton and Karen have a romantic date in a tub full of oil. Plankton dims the lights, sets up scented candles and rose petals, and dresses up nicely.

Plankton tries to kiss Karen, but gets interrupted by his grandmother. Plankton blows kisses to Karen while she sleeps and says "Good night, honey. This episode shows that Karen has factory-like centers inside her hard drive dedicated to Plankton, like a love center called the tunnel of love. Puff try to convince her that she should prank Plankton. I can turn into a skyscraper! This section is too short. You can help the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it.

All you do is make stupid schemes about making stupid sandwiches! In " Krabs vs. Plankton ," Karen tries to encourage Plankton by saying "Maybe today will be the day?

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She takes it a step further by showcasing "Sheldon" in various fonts on her screens, making Plankton's cousins laugh hysterically. Instead, she crowd-surfs while Plankton fumes with anger.