Politics and law relationship quizzes

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politics and law relationship quizzes

Technological – Environment – Legal Political and legal – Common law Reduced costs – New types of product Quick Quiz Answers to Quick Quiz 1 1 What. Answer the following questions to see which political parties and candidates you side with. Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples? . Should “gender identity” be added to anti-discrimination laws?. Australia has three levels of law-making—sometimes referred to as three levels of government—that work together to provide Australians with the services they.

That the EBR exception has generated consumer complaints; That the EBR time periods are inconsistent with customer expectations; The costs and benefits to recipients associated with a more limited EBR time period; And the effect of the costs associated with a more limited time period on small businesses.

politics and law relationship quizzes

Electronic advertising faxes that I receive on my computer through a computer modem are still covered by the federal fax laws. True The FCC has issued an order clarifying that electronic faxes received directly on a computer are subject to the federal fax laws, even though they are not received by a traditional fax machine.

False Calling the number at the bottom of the fax and opting out of receiving future faxes is one possible solution that should stop the sender from sending unsolicited advertising faxes. Individuals and companies also can take additional actions against companies who are sending them these unsolicited advertising faxes in the following ways: File a lawsuit against the sender. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of provides individuals with a private right of action right to bring a lawsuit to enforce violations.

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Individuals interested in pursuing this option should retain the unsolicited advertising faxes they receive because the more faxes they can show they received, the more damages they can collect from the sender. File a complaint with the state attorney general.

politics and law relationship quizzes

The attorney general's office may take action against the sender if the office receives enough complaints and also may enforce the state's fax laws if anywhich can be more restrictive than the federal laws. It is recommended that recipients retain the fax or faxes they have received in case the faxes are needed to prosecute the complaint. File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

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The FCC is charged with enforcing the federal fax laws. While this is probably the easiest option, the FCC needs to receive a number of complaints before it will take any action. In addition, the FCC requires documentation with its complaints, so people who file a complaint will need to retain the unsolicited advertising faxes they've received. True The Junk Fax Prevention Act of requires that faxes containing unsolicited advertisements must contain a cost-free opt-out mechanism in order to allow the recipient the ability to opt-out of receiving future faxes from the business.

politics and law relationship quizzes

The opt-out also must be included in faxes even where the sender has the recipient's written consent to send the fax. Right now, a toll-free number qualifies as a cost-free mechanism.

It is unclear whether an e-mail address would qualify. The other requirements for opt-out mechanisms are that the mechanism must: Be clear and conspicuous in its terms and appear on the first page of the fax cover sheet if using one ; State that the recipient has the right to opt out of future unsolicited advertisements and that the sender's failure to comply within the shortest reasonable time to be determined by the FCC, and until defined, brokerages and associations should quickly process opt-out requests to avoid lawsuits is unlawful; Include FCC language detailing an effective opt-out request to be provided by the FCC ; and Provide a telephone and fax number where recipient can send an opt-out request as well as a cost-free mechanism for opting out.

The opt-out mechanism must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Possible opt-out language a business could use until the FCC provides its own specific language is: The sender's failure to comply, within the shortest reasonable time, with an appropriate request is unlawful. To opt out of further facsimile advertisements from this sender, please [call or fax] [toll-free number] [e-mail if desired] at any time on any day of the week.

I participate in a multiple listing service, so I have an established business relationship with other participants; that allows me to send faxes of all my new listings to all other MLS participants.

False Participation in a multiple listing service does not create an established business relationship EBR with other participants.

politics and law relationship quizzes

A brokerage will need to show that it has an EBR with other participants before it can fax them listings. By law, a brokerage would have an EBR with any brokerage with which it has participated in a cooperative transaction.

Of course, an e-mail is preferable because it would provide the brokerage with a written record of the inquiry.

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Roman law thus added to Aristotelian notions of constitutionalism the concepts of a generalized equality, a universal regularity, and a hierarchy of types of laws.

The latter might be based upon the votes cast by the citizens in their assembly and might be subject to frequent changes, but nomoi, or lawswere meant to last longer.

politics and law relationship quizzes

The Romans conceived of the all-encompassing rational law of nature as the eternal framework to which constitutions, laws, and policies should conform—the constitution of the universe. Influence of the church Christianity endowed this universal constitution with a clearly monarchical cast.

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The Christian God, it came to be argued, was the sole ruler of the universe, and his laws were to be obeyed. Christians were under an obligation to try to constitute their earthly cities on the model of the City of God. Both the church and the secular authorities with whom the church came into conflict in the course of the Middle Ages needed clearly defined arrangements of offices, functions, and jurisdictions.

Medieval constitutions, whether of church or state, were considered legitimate because they were believed to be ordained of God or tradition or both. Confirmation by officers of the Christian Church was regarded as a prerequisite of the legitimacy of secular rulers.

The Holy Roman emperor travelled to Rome in order to receive his crown from the pope.