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Ice Climber never stated their relationship, so when they were revived for Melee Sakurai decided to make them lovers. I prefer to think of it as. Super Smash Brothers - Sorry Popo Nana's moved on. Like us on . Even the official word of Nintendo for the the relationship of these two is "up to the players . Relationships. History. The Ice Climbers grew up in a relatively peaceful world. A pair of twins, Popo, the boy in the blue parka, and Nana, the sister in the with Mario and several others to find the root of all of the problems.

Snake's list finished with an 'and', his mouth still open. And you immediately jump to conclusions! His arms seemed to hover midair as his eyes strained to see over Dedede's large build. It really made her wonder how Snake could spend so much time looking. His bandana barely moved across his back, making it very temping for Nana to pull it and get his attention quicker.

That would only make Snake happier.

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Any form of affection from a girl was the equivalent of an engagement ring. Instead she tapped her foot quietly as he observed Zelda's tearful face.

She couldn't hear what the princess was saying, but it was likely Snake was trying to anyway - she could tell from his strained posture and the way his head was slightly on one side. If there was no one sitting next to him, he could have probably watched her through the whole match.

Nana yanked his bandana without thinking. There was no need for that! It's probably Link's fault. She uncrossed her legs in frustration and leaned over to him, much to his surprise. She could smell his aroma of leather and shampoo, but most of all she could smell was the source of all problems. He liked it best when girls were angry, but he decided not to mention that.

With Nana, it was best to go where she wanted to go rather than try to reason with her. In a sense, she was right. Perhaps he should get a new hobby, something more worthwhile than daydreaming about all the babes on the beach.

Maybe there was something else out there for him to do, something that didn't hurt him the way unrequited love did. You know, become a new man. Nana gave a small laugh. That'll be a right mission. Remember that day you planted a mine outside the girls' toilets? You're just trying multiple ways to peek up their skirts! As if she was interested in his reply anyway. People around her were shuffling and chatting about the events of the match.

The noise was tremendous and it was as annoying as Snake's presence. She needed to get out of here. She rose to pass Snake, expecting him to get up after her, but he didn't.

She made her way back to the doors where the busy crowd was filtering through, anxious to get away from the hubbub. The procession was a slow process, so she decided to keep an eye out for what Snake was doing. He was some way behind her, and he wasn't focusing his attention on where he was going or his slow walking pace.

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His gaze drifted over to where Zelda and Link were sat, seemingly in a tight embrace. Even from this distance, she knew he had sighed by the way his shoulders drooped and the head hung low. She pushed her way back through the crowd to approach Snake. Snake laughed hollowly, still looking at the Hylian princess. There are so many beautiful women in this world," he declared.

She began to drag him to the exit, away from the Hylians. As she was turning round, she saw a glimmer of pink up on the awning. Must have been my imagination, she thought, for no sooner had she caught sight of it, it disappeared. She brought him right to the corridor, when his yelps were beginning to get to her. There was more space here, and the Smashers around her were just as eager as her to stretch their legs.

The relation between the Ice Climbers.

She threw her back onto the plastered wall in enragement. She was doing what she thought was right for the other female Smashers, but with Snake suggesting things that were genuinely being annoying, it was a difficult task. She wasn't even a teenager, yet Snake was enough to give her daily mood swings. You're not going to get any presents, I hope you know. And I didn't even see Samus. He suffers unreturned love not from one, but from three women. But she discarded that feeling as soon as it had come — he tries to look up their skirts at every opportunity!

Maybe it's because you're some guy who's as shallow as can be! Though I was kinda expecting at least one present. I'll give you one alright. Snake couldn't comprehend it. Until he saw her smile cheekily, he thought he was going to receive a nice present.

The glimmer in her eyes had sparked excitement, but it was a mixture of that and fury.

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She had raised a leg and kicked him as hard as she could in the shin. Ready to fight the orchestrator, the man who had been combining worlds, Tabuu, the Ice Climbers raised their mallets…only to be turned into a trophy and left to their fate, unaware that Luigi, King Dedede, Ness, and Kirby would soon be on their way.

Personality The Ice Climbers are young, and for the most part, they have a really simple personality. They love to climb and explore and, occasionally, get in a good fight. They also love the simple things in life, like vegetables, toys, and being able to go where they want.

Being this young, however, also has its drawbacks. They jump and celebrate when they win, and they cry instead of congratulating the losers. They also have a fierce competitive side to them.

Despite this, they are separate people. Popo, the boy in the blue parka, is the leader and more reliable of the twins. Nana follows his lead. He tends to think a bit more and can get confused slightly more easily than Nana. Nana is the inverse of Popo.

She follows his every order, but traditionally, she deals out more damage. Abilities The Ice Climbers are great with hammers and they can climb just about everything that doesn't have a completely flat surface. They are great jumping, and they utilize ropes and snow shoes to their ultimate potential.

Not only that, but they can create icicles, icy wind blasts, and even summon a giant glacier when they find a final smash ball.