Power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

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power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

No memes allowed unless it is on Meme Monday. I like Time Force because it has a good plot, good character development for It's very nostalgic to me though, it was the last season I ever felt a real connection to. Jen, amazing, she hated Wes because he looked like Alex, she hated Ransik, she even. See more. Wes and Jen's Relationship 8 - YouTube Power Rangers, Relationship own anything. Wes and Jen throughout Time Force Power Rangers Time. MzDany is a fanfiction author that has written 33 stories for Power Rangers, StarTrek: So far, as their relationship progresses, the series should be read as follows: 1. story with Cmar (Ninja Storm/Time Force crossover, Cam/Hunter & Wes/Eric) . [Dekaranger] Third fic for the Super Hero Time Kiss Meme on LiveJournal.

power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

SPD crossover in later chapters. For PR Slash Write 22 romance challenge. The best man looks on, and wonders what might have been. But will he do something drastic, or forever hold his peace? One Shot Power Rangers - Rated: Irresistible force Jen meets immovable object Eric. Or is it the other way around?

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No happy endings for these two. Gueststarring whoever the author thinks of next! Written for the PRSW challenge. Kapri is impulsive, but what happens when she goes too far? Lothor and Zurgane are gone, and Marah is forced to rethink her evil roots. Oh, and those other rangers a bit as well What do you do when you're a Ranger who has everything?

If your name is Bridge, you build a toaster, of course. My brain ran with it. A new student to the Wind Academy is not what she seems. Someone's got plans for Jim and his senses The hunt for a mutant in the present forces Wes and Eric to relive memories of the past, and just may change their future. Slash, for PRSW22, not part of any series. Sky realizes that his relationship with Jack is a lot more complicated than he thought, and decides to take a chance.

Tommy and Jason are fighting their feelings for each other for various reasons. Tommy, after his ordeal, is left with many questions. MM relationship Power Rangers - Rated: Just when it seems like Lothor is losing his edge an old general of his returns bringing trouble with him. Now the rangers face their greatest threat yet and for once it doesn't look like they'll win. T - English - Angst - Chapters: When an ancient evil arises, the rangers must rely on teamwork and the strange gift of one of their own.

Wes and Jen's Relationship 3

He gets more than he bargained for. Parody Power Rangers - Rated: Tommy and Jason are trying to explore a new side to their relationship - if assorted friends, villians, and teammates will ever leave them alone.

Remember to mark any details that haven't aired yet with spoiler tags.

Sometimes you have to live with your mistakes. Sometimes you get a second chance. K - English - Chapters: Everyone hates a so called perfect character And if you don't like that Hunter mulls over certain definitions.

power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

Apollo, Starbuck, a dancing club and an unusual competition. Mild slash - nothing explicit. Sadly, a songfic, but since ffnet are being such morons over using song lyrics, one without the song itself. Battlestar Galactica - Rated: The Silver Hills police are investigating the kidnapping and murder of Wes Collins, and Eric Myers is the prime suspect.

Third in 'Red Fire' series. Wes and Eric have gone from bitter enemies to partners. But do their feelings go beyond friendship? Trapped and in danger, they remember the past and try to confront the present While the Ring went south by Thundera Tiger reviews What happened after the Fellowship left Rivendell but before they came down off Caradhras?

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Behold the missing scenes. Lord of the Rings - Rated: The day us progressed reviews Sequel to "The day us began". A robbery gone wrong has Sky playing chauffeur to an alien with dangerous powers….

Twelve tasks, one for each Zodiac sign, is what Jen and Alex have to go through to recover their children from an ancient brotherhood. When Mesogog teams up with a villian from Wes' past, he quickly discovers its going to take more than him and the dino rangers to stop them.

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Legacy by walutahanga reviews How can he explain that he had not authorised the experiments out of a desire to protect a living species, but out of a need to preserve a dead one? Updated with proper formatting. Only that's not easy when he thinks presents are a stupid custom to begin with, even more so when his name is Eric. And then there's this thing called Christmas!

power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

Slash, part 2 of 2 Power Rangers - Rated: K - English - Chapters: How quickly the Rangers in the field forgot that Andrew sat there every day, watching battles and worrying. What if the Rangers had gone through with the memory adaptation? What if Wes had died? For one year, Time Force has pulled off the biggest coverup in centuries. Ten years after the end of Zeo a series of strange interconnected events brings some of the old guard together again, but they are hardly the shiny young soldiers they once were.

Chip hasn't had the easiest of lives, thanks to a turbulent past. But it's his newfound classmates, one music loving girl in particular, who help him to remember that any adversity can be overcome with the support of friends who care about you.

Commander Blackadder and Baldrick get put into stasis for a crime against Space Corp. A crime that will have reverberations millions of years in the future with the crew of Red Dwarf.

Eric, watching Wes, at night, musing. Because I'm so not original.

power rangers time force jen and wes relationship memes

Slash Power Rangers - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Some friends leave, others stay behind as life goes on. Can his friends save him in time?

A 'Valentine's' ficlet for a friend K - English - Romance - Chapters: Tommy and Jason are fighting their feelings for each other for various reasons. Tommy, after his ordeal, is left with many questions. MM relationship Power Rangers - Rated: Set shortly after End of Time: Jen and the others return to the yearonly to find something has gone horribly wrong.

Tim uses his advice to good use to lose three dates in one night Lothor might be gone, but the Wind and Thunder Ninjas are not out of enemies yet Only Mr Collins knows for sure Collins and Wesley are killed, and now its up to Eric to unravel the mystery surrounding their murders. Little does he know, the conspiracy is only the beginning Well, here are some of my crazy ideas Power Rangers from several different generations find themselves trapped inside a cube with no memory of how they got there.

Now, they must work together to find a way out. Is it simple abduction or does The Master have another trick up his sleeve? Now, after his girlfriend left him, he has once again to fight an old demon of his: Does his will stand a chance? Quantum Chaos by The Fink reviews Things are about to get interesting.

Trouble for Eric leads to old friends, new friends and a conspiracy that might just bring about the end of the world Now she's back, and that isn't the only problem T - English - Angst - Chapters: Operation Overdrive is finished, but life still holds a few surprises for Mack and Andrew Hartford as they seek challenge and adventure, and encounter love in unexpected places.

Crossover with Space and pre-SPD. Dekaranger, mostly, set after Boukenger vs Super Sentai. Super Sentai - Rated: