Prateik babar and raj relationship help

prateik babar and raj relationship help

Aarya Babbar lashes out at Prateik for calling Abhishek Bachchan his big brother. It began when Amitabh and Raj were both actors, and continued when relationship between our family and theirs, and he (Prateik) is not a fool, sure he does not need b to support him ha aarya or watever Prateik Babbar wrote a tell-all column in which he documented his had a turbulent relationship with his father, Raj Babbar, who tied the knot Rehab helped Prateik get better, and the actor knows that it can help others too. Raj Babbar's marriage with Nadira Babbar After consummating their marriage, Raj Babbar and Smita Patil's only child, their son, Prateik Babbar was born "My mum Nadira always helps and gives me very valuable advice!.

So, I distanced myself from him. His first brush with substance abuse was at It was marijuana with friends.

Blame game was required: Prateik Babbar on how he dealt with hard times

As he grew braver, he moved to miracle mood changers. Ganja remained a constant. The other constant was a girlfriend. With drugs, I also needed relationships. I am very careful about falling in love now," he says. A stint at a rehab centre in Mumbai was followed by relentless counselling. Most psychotherapy experts arrived at one conclusion — he was trying to fill a void. But it was true.

It makes me glad then that in the last three years, I have stayed away from a relationship.

Interview: Prateik Babbar's frank talk on drugs, love, and missing parents - Lifestyle

The break gave me the chance to face my problems alone, even if I was facing them when high. Kakkar, a friend of the family, even had firm named by Smita. I was pushing everyone away. Inhe announced that he was now simply, Prateik. He said in an interview during promoting Dum Maaro Dum in that he regarded actor Abhishek Bachchan as his elder brother, prompting half-brother Aryan Babbar to blame him for "doing all kinds of things for publicity".

After advertising, I auditioned for Jaane Tu Unusually natural on screen for a debutant, he won a Filmfare for the role in For a while, things seemed to be going well.

prateik babar and raj relationship help

But during Ek Tha Deewana, love did him in. When she returned on work from England next, the intricate tattoo on her forearm, Mera Pyaar, Mera Prateik, was gone. I forgot I existed. I was jealous, possessive… crazy. Think of a bad adjective, and I have been all that in five years.

And then, Vidyatai Patil passed away last year. Prateik says he lost track of reality, right and wrong. Without her watchful support, he took to what made him feel better, drugs and alcohol. It was my number one priority. I was hurting myself the most. Raj and Smita's marriage went through troubled times in the initial months. But Smita died due to childbirth complications at the tender age of Raj was left shattered and expressed his emotions in an interview later: I was traumatised by her death.

But I didn't want my problems to affect the lives of those who counted on me. I sought refuge in my work, but the wounds took time to heal". After Smita's death, everyone thought that Nadira would not accept Raj, but much to the surprise of everyone, she accepted him and said: She had her dreams and wishes. It's sad she couldn't live those. The grief of her passing away became larger than any other sorrow.

It left everyone broken.

prateik babar and raj relationship help

I have forgiven it all. I have no ill feelings towards anyone". I was called a doormat by feminists and others, but I didn't care It is so easy to disintegrate. I could have gone my way and married someone else and become a flag bearer for women without worrying about my children.

Prateik Babbar On His Parents Smita Patil & Raj Babbar's Work

Do you think if somebody puts a gold medal around my neck and calls me the woman of the decade, it would solve my problem? He has said in many interviews later, after he became an actor, that his father, Raj Babbar never gave him ample time when he was a child.

Without his late mother and father's love, Prateik even grappled with drug abuse. But the death of his maternal grandmother brought him closer to his father and his step-family. Ever since embracing his step-mom and step-siblings, Prateik has spoken reverntly about Nadira Babbar. On Life and work and being an actor. I haven't asked her about my new passion, theatre acting. But I bet if ever get down to asking for proper professional help or guidance I know there's so much that I can learn.

She, being such a stalwart". In fact, Prateik has often been spotted with his step-siblings at many events. And he shares an amicable bond with Aarya and Juhi Babbar.

Prateik Babbar upsets Babbar family

On his mother's death anniversary, inPrateik penned down an emotional message on social media and wrote: Smita's spirit still lives on. And lives on with pride and honour and dignity! She truly was special. She was gods child. But then the gods got greedy and wanted to keep her for themselves. Yess They got the better of her. She always made us so proud and will continue to make us proud and continue to inspire so many.

I'm grateful that I'm her son. A son of a great woman! I will make her proud! And I will not rest till I do! Raj's infidelity led not only to a lifelong trauma for Nadira but also for Prateik Babbar. What do you think of this tragic love triangle, guys?