Prevention and relationship education program prep

The PREP Approach in Couple Therapy: Training Details

prevention and relationship education program prep

Summary The Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) for The effects of marriage education for army couples with a history of infidelity. This is not a training focused on using PREP in a workshop setting; it is a training focused . The Prevention and Relationship Education Program (PREP) is a. Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program – (PREP). Many couples are as committed as ever to having a successful, happy relationship.

At site 1, where couples were at higher risk for relationship problems e.

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However, no differences were found between the treatment and control groups on forgiveness, dedication, or negative communication.

At site 2, among lower risk couples, there was a significant effect only on communication skills. Separate analyses found that divorce rates in the treatment group at site 1 were lower than in the control group up to 2 years post intervention, and this effect was strongest for minority couples.

There was no difference in divorce rates between treatment and control groups at site 2.

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There was no effect on overall relationship quality, communication skills, or positive bonding at either site. In addition, data from both sites combined showed an intervention effect on mitigating the risk of cohabitation before making a marital commitment.

The program is delivered in a flexible format and uses PowerPoint presentations, Calming Skills Relaxation audio CD, lecture, and corresponding activities to reinforce topics broached and discussed. The activities are interactive and couples are encouraged to apply their newly acquired skills.

prevention and relationship education program prep

Curriculum topics include the following: Use communication skills, which includes respectful talking and listening; Work as a team, which discusses nurturing and being supportive; Learn stress management; Manage expectations and plan for the future; Consider and assess the effect of past experiences on the future; Strengthen commitment to enhance long-term satisfaction; Address issues of deployment and re-integration as a team; and Establish guidelines for holding productive, respectful conversations.

Army by its developers; however, additional previous use information was unavailable. Considerations Considerations for implementing this program include ensuring facilitators receive training, understanding program implementation materials will need to be purchased, locating space for program implementation, and acquiring participant buy-in.

prevention and relationship education program prep

The Clearinghouse can help address these considerations. Please call or email Clearinghouse psu. Each unit requires 40 to 80 minutes; however, materials and formats used are flexible.

prevention and relationship education program prep

Supplemental materials and cost information are available at this website https: Domestic Violence How will DV research be covered? In this video, Dr. Infidelity What factors of Infidelity will be covered? This is a brief introduction to how this training will cover the nature of infidelity.

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What can you expect to learn? How to increase your ability to help couples. Act on strategies that they can employ even if their partner will not or is not participating in therapy Do their part to strengthen a relationship Recognize the nature of the reasons they are staying in their relationship and build a plan of action Additionally you will learn. How to apply specific skills and strategies to help your clients understand and deepen their relationships.

How to expand your toolbox to meet the challenges couples present to you in your practice.

prevention and relationship education program prep

Tools that are easy to deploy in ways that will reduce your stress working with couples. How to diagnose commitment, starting with the history of how a couple developed and what it means for the desire to make needed changes.

How to help couples and individuals in their relationships learn to start deciding and stop sliding in their relationships.