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Ravan was a disturbed man; if not about Vibhishan, Sita occupied his mind and attention. Every day he went to meet her and each day she. Many of us have grown up hearing of the immortal saga of Rama and Sita, and the legendary battle against Ravana, the ten-headed demon. Sita Sings the Blues is a American animated musical romantic comedy- drama film written, In his absence, Ravana abducts Sita and demands that she submit to him on pain A while later, Nina flies to a meeting in New York, where she receives a brief e-mail from her husband telling her that their relationship is over.

Sri Lanka’s Most Fascinating Ramayana-Related Locations

Rama and sita from Uttara-kanda While Rama's trust and affection for Sita never wavered, it soon became evident that some people in Ayodhya could not accept Sita's long captivity under Ravana.

During Rama's period of rule, an intemperate washermanwhile berating his wayward wife, declared that he was "no pusillanimous Rama who would take his wife back after she had lived in the house of another man". This statement was reported back to Rama, who knew that the accusation against Sita was baseless.

Nevertheless, he would not let slander undermine his rule, so he sent Sita away. Thus Sita was forced into exile a second time. Sita, who was pregnant, was given refuge in the hermitage of Valmikiwhere she delivered twin sons named Kusha and Lava. Sita's exile during her pregnancy was because of a curse during her childhood [18].

According to Padma-puranSita had caught a pair of birds when she was young. The birds were talking about story of Sri Ram heard in Valmiki ashram which intrigued Sita. The female bird was pregnant at that time. She requested Sita to let her go but Sita only allowed her male companion to fly away. As a result, the bird cursed Sita that she would suffer a similar fate of being separated from her husband during pregnancy.

The male bird was reborn as washerman. Speeches in the Ramayana[ edit ] The marriage of the four sons of Dasharatha with the four daughters of Siradhvaja and Kushadhvaja Janakas. While the Ramayana mostly concentrates on Rama's actions, Sita also speaks many times during the exile.

The first time is in the town of Chitrakuta where she narrates an ancient story to Rama, whereby Rama promises to Sita that he will never kill anybody without provocation. The second time Sita is shown talking prominently is when she speaks to Ravana. Ravana has come to her in the form of a mendicant and Sita tells him that he does not look like one.

Some of her most prominent speeches are with Hanuman when he reaches Lanka.

Ramayana reimagined: Was Ravan actually in love with Sita?

Hanuman wants an immediate union of Rama and Sita and thus he proposes to Sita to ride on his back. Sita refuses as she does not want to run away like a thief; instead she wants her husband Rama to come and defeat Ravana to save her. His business has grown rapidly too, but no one knows about it, because he does not push his public relations department too much. Few would notice him in the office. He dresses like others do, uses the same toilet as his employees, loves spending his Sundays only with family, and is happiest when he can give his employees a good bonus and his shareholders a good dividend.

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The point, he says, is not show spikes of brilliance but a steady sustainable growth. His speeches are boring, too accurate and lacks the glamour of Trilochan-ji. And when in crisis, Asutosh-ji will not pick up the phone to call a politician nor will he look for people he can buy out; he will meticulously plan his action to solve the problem without looking for short cuts. What makes Ravan villain of the Ramayan is not his heads, or arms, or flying chariot or city of gold. It is his strategic intent.

What does Ravan stand for? He never built the city of gold — he drove out his brother, Kuber, and took over the kingdom of Lanka. He went around the world killing sages and raping women. To establish his dominion — to generate fear. Why did he abduct Sita? He loves you, he really does. It is his ego, not his love speaking. A true man in love looks after the happiness of the woman he loves and my happiness is with Ram.

Ravan has it all — good looks, wealth, power and knowledge. He is a scholar in the Vedas, Upanishads, the Tantras, astrology and even the occult sciences and dance and music. He is a man none can refuse. For him, all are things or pets to possess, to subdue and to make them obey to him. My Ram has nothing, but just his love, thoughts and humility.

Ramayana reimagined: Was Ravan actually in love with Sita?

That suffices for me, I am the wealthiest wife in the world. Her serene complacency was disconcerting. Surpanakha still had not yet had an opportunity to gloat and this day would be it. She wanted this girl to feel the same terror which had gripped her when Lakshman had held her arms and brought down his merciless sword on her.

He cannot possess my heart, my mind, my soul. They all belong to Ram. Both were her shield, they were her conviction that none could break. But what has he done for you? Ravan has given his all for you — his pride, his crown, his family, his honour, his reputation, and even his precious Lanka!