Relationship of love and trust

The Foundation of Love is Trust

relationship of love and trust

Trust in love that's as present as air. In the press of life – dealing with hassles in personal relationships and bombarded with news of war and other conflicts. If I cannot trust someone then I am damn sure that I can never truly love that person. Trust is the most important thing to build up a relationship. Any relationship. When you think of a good and healthy relationship, there are two aspects that are pretty much a given: love and trust. If you are missing either of.

As in the paragraph just above, absorb the benefits of recognizing and trusting in your love. Try this with others whom you love. Scan back over your life and notice some of the many times when there was love in your heart — expressed one way or another, including generosity, kindness, patience, teamwork, self-restraint, affection, and caring.

Appreciate as well that there have been many times when you wanted to love, were looking for someone or something to love friends and good causes, too, not just romantic partnersor longed for more love in your life.

relationship of love and trust

These are facts, and you can trust in them — trusting in the lovingness of your heart. In situations, open to your own lovingness.

relationship of love and trust

Privately ask yourself questions like: As a loving person, what is important to me here? Trusting in love, what seems right to do?

Remember that you can be strong — and if need be, create consequences for others — while staying centered in love or one of its many expressions e. What happens when you assert yourself from a loving place? Tune into the lovingness in others, no matter how obscured by their own homelessness, their own fear or anger — like seeing a distant campfire through the trees. Sense the longing in people to be at peace in their relationships, and to give and get love.

What happens in a challenging relationship when you stay in touch with this lovingness inside the other person? Notice that you can both feel the lovingness in others and be tough as nails about your own rights and needs.

relationship of love and trust

Trusting in love does not mean assuming that someone will love you. It means confidence in the fundamentally loving nature of every person, and in the wholesome power of your own lovingness to protect you and touch the heart of others.

It means coming home — home by the hearth of love.

relationship of love and trust

Just One ThingloveRick Hanson "Just One Thing" Free Weekly Newsletter Sign up for Rick's free newsletter that suggests a simple practice each week for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind. And, we will dare say, sometimes in every relationship you think about slipping in the sack with some of the beautiful people you meet.

These are the moments of momentary lust for another human being that are not acted on. People in love who are happy in their relationships control their urges because they know that while a moment of sexual fantasy is healthy and normal, following through and enjoying sexual satisfaction with someone other than their mate — cheating on their mate — is destructive to the loving and trusting relationship between them.

It destroys the tie that binds. Couples who are truly in love in their relationship know that a few moments of sexual satisfaction can NEVER replace the loving, trusting, and caring relationship they have developed with their mate.

relationship of love and trust

But acting on those urges has ruined many a marriage and many a loving relationship. Those wonderful couples we have interviewed resist these normal urges and temptations of life because they know their relationship is no much more important to them.

21 Quotes About Trust in Love And Relationship

Destroying the trust between them causes the foundation of their relationship to crumble. Character in a successful marriage or relationship does matter, and character is about trust. Being honest and trustworthy is at the heart of all the best loving relationships we have studied. It really is a 10 on a point scale. In our estimation, character is the foundation of true love! The foundation of true love is trust. Destroy that foundation and you destroy your love.

When you do so there is rarely redemption — there is rarely ever reconciliation.

Trust In Love - Dr. Rick Hanson

Never forget this simple truth — there is character in the best loving relationships. Practice good character and your love will not only survive, it will thrive. Simple Things Matter in Love and Marriage!