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Gerry and Julius developed an amazing friendship built on trust and respect. They learnt to appreciate the meaning of trusting a man's soul rather than their. Positive relationships shown in Remember the Titans the Titans. Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell, Louie Lastik and Jerry "Rev Harris and Coach Yoast and Coach Boone Camaraderie belief,trust, honesty, devotion, love, motivation e.t.c. A healthy relationship is a relationship which has respect, honesty, trust, I will be discussing how the relationship of Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell We will write a custom sample essay on Remember the Titans specifically for you.

He is further helped by Rev, who tutors and encouraged Louie through song. The struggles Coach Yoast had to deal with were his desire to get into the Hall of Fame, getting his head coach position back, and looking out for the future of his players. He is informed that events have already been put in place to get him back into the head coach position, but during one of the crucial games he realized how they intended to implement this.

Ultimately, he decided that the team deserved better than a thrown game and called the referee out, claiming to take himself down too if that is what it would take. Coach Yoast lost his chance at the Hall of Fame, but he retained his integrity and dignity in doing what was right in his eyes. He did research and found out that they have handicapped Olympics.

It is later revealed that Coach Yoast trains Gerry for the Olympics and he does compete. This bonding might not have been possible without the strong friendship that blossomed between these two in the midst of racism and adversity.

They started off with the same aggression the community had at the beginning, actually throwing punches at one another over the intolerance of one poster.

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Later at camp, Gerry is seen singing to Julius about what kind of power Julius has, with the team surrounding them and chanting. Music soon became a bonding moment for the entire team. One of the examples includes the bus ride back from camp where there was singing and chanting. These include Gerry choosing to hang out with his team instead of his all-White buddies and girlfriend and the desire Gerry had for his mother and girlfriend to get to know Julius.

The most profound moment of acceptance and love happened right after Gerry was put in the hospital after his terrible car accident that led to his inability to walk forever. The team had no issue admitting when they were not the man for the job, as demonstrated when Alan gave up his position for Petey during the championship game. All of these people seemed to be able to finally move past racism because of these two young men who were brave enough to break free from what, at the start of the movie, was socially acceptable.

Psychology applied to teaching. This isn't to say that Coach Boone never gave motivational speeches to his team. In fact, he delivered many speeches to inspire them.

Often, his speeches were not about the importance of winning, but about the importance of playing your best. In the movie, Coach Boone tells his team that 50, men died during the Battle of Gettysburg. The actual number who lost their lives was much lower. As we looked into the question, "How accurate is Remember the Titans?

Gerry and Julius were friends just like many of the other players were friends. Theirs was not the only new friendship. The character of Emma Hoyt Kate Bosworth is purely fictional. She was created to demonstrate some of the negative traits and beliefs instilled in the youth of that time.

This did not happen in real life. The film also implies that Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass might possibly be gay. This is also untrue. In fact, like Ronnie Bass, most of the other players on the team had long hair inincluding the real Gerry Bertier. During our investigation into the Remember the Titans true story, we confirmed that Titan quarterback Ronnie Bass did come from California, but portraying him as a long-haired hippie is a bit of an exaggeration.

I'll say for the record my hair was never that long. Did protesters stand outside of T. Williams on the first day of school? Unlike what is seen in the movie, there were no protestors outside of the high school on the first day.

Williams Titans to the undefeated season chronicled in the film. Was the racial tension in the community depicted accurately in the film? Although racial tension did exist in Alexandria, Virginia init was significantly embellished for the movie.

Williams High School saw the integration of black and white students when it opened in the fall ofnot in Former students state that many of the racial barriers had been broken down bywhen federal pressure resulted in the consolidation of three high schools, one of which was T.

In an interview with the Greenville News, the real Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass said, "They the movie had a community divided down black and white, and it really wasn't like that in Alexandria.

They don't have to worry about race. This scene was fictionalized for the movie, as was Coach Tyrell Brett Rice. Did a plot really exist with the referees to ensure that the Titans would lose a game? In the movie Remember the Titans, we see Coach Yoast Will Patton confront a crooked referee, telling him to call the game fairly or else he'll expose the whole plot to make the Titans lose the game, resulting in the firing of Coach Boone. Coach Yoast also tells the ref that he'll personally see to it that the ref never works again.

This incident never really happened. Was Coach Yoast's daughter Sheryl really a football fanatic like she was portrayed to be in the film? Sheryl wasn't as deeply intense about football as the film depicts. Sheryl ends up watching game films with Boone instead. In reality, this never happened. I wish she had spent any time with my children.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Unlike in the film, the real Sheryl Yoast had three sisters and she lived with her mother. Bill Yoast did convey to producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he wasn't happy about this. I don't like to look like I only have one daughter,'" says Yoast of his conversation with Bruckheimer.

Sheryl's three sisters, however, were okay with the storyline, which was part of the reason it made it into the film ESPN. Inthe real Sheryl Yoast passed away from a heart condition that had gone undetected for years. She was not alive when the movie was made. Did the racial incident in the restaurant actually happen? As reported on the '71 Titans Web Site, this did not actually happen.

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Even though the attitude portrayed by the restaurant may have been similar to existing establishments in the United States at that time, this scene was a fictional device created to help emphasize the racial tension in the movie's storyline.

Did someone really throw a brick through Coach Herman Boone's window? No, it was actually much worse than a brick. It was a toilet commode. I guess Disney, being the family movie production company that it is, felt that to depict a toilet stool coming through your window was a bit much I've never gotten over that incident that particular night, because I could never understand how anybody could feel so bad about another human being as to throw a toilet commode through a window.

The real Herman Boone did not own a gun. Williams Titans ever dance on the field during warm-ups like in the movie?