Renton and eureka relationship help

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renton and eureka relationship help

After this, Renton developed a personal desire to help Eureka as much as possible. His relationship with both Nirvash and Eureka develops into a deep. Contents[show] Overview Eureka, lonely without Renton, begins to take on his that spacing out is unlike him, but she's not the one to drop unsolicited advice. . Although still refusing to acknowledge Renton and Eureka's relationship. Renton and Eureka on the Nirvash TYPEZERO. It does not help its audience at all to understand the elements of its world. The relationship between Eureka and Renton forms the emotional cornerstone of the series.

When Talho tells him that she is pregnant with his child, he starts to take on a surrogate father role to the crew and he becomes more open and friendly with them. History Edit When Holland was born, his mother died giving birth to him and it was decided by his father that he would become the next Sacrificial King.

As the first son, Dewey expected to become the next king but after he was pushed aside in favor of his younger brother and their father showered Holland with more attention and affection, Dewey deeply resented Holland, who was unaware of this. After Dewey murdered their father in cold blood and the planet rejected his sacrifice, he and Holland were kicked out and left homeless.

Both went on to join the military, but Holland spent much his childhood and teenage years reffing, which becomes his passion. When he was fourteen, Holland was reffing one day and encountered Diane, and although he instantly liked her, his reaction towards her made him think she hated him. Soon after, Holland joined the military to follow his brother.

Four years after they first met, Holland and Diane met again, shortly after her father, Adroc sacrificed himself to stop the First Summer of Love from destroying the planet.

Renton Thurston

They began to date and he fell in love with her to the point of obsession. The relationship didn't last due to Diane's obsession to prove that her father's theory about the Scub Coral being a sentiment being is accurate.

Holland didn't believe it was true and told Diane to join her dead father if she wanted to, and soon after, she disappeared.

Due to her breaking up with him and disappearing so suddenly, Holland became more obsessed with her. Three years prior to the series' debut, Eureka was transferred to the military after Adroc's disappearance and Dewey placed her in Holland's care.

renton and eureka relationship help

All that mattered to him was that she was the true pilot of the Nirvash and her piloting skills were necessary. They were then transferred to the SOF, and were given a mission to eliminate all the residents of Ciudades del Cielo because the military believed that the residents, as Vodarac believers, were protectors of the Coralians, whom the military considered as an enemy to the humans.

He attempted to apprehend Norb, who easily took him over and talked to him about the Scub Coral about truly being a living being. The conversation shifted to the true nature of Eureka: But in order to achieve that co-existence, she needs to find a human partner, who will never be Holland or Dewey because they only use her to destroy things, and her partner will be the boy who can truly make her smile.

renton and eureka relationship help

Horrified by the revelations, Holland decides to take Eureka and the Nirvash, and escape from the military to stop his brother from his evil plans.

Despite being told he will never become Eureka's partner, Holland believed that he will because he seemed to be the only person who understood her the most and was the first person to find out about what she was. As a result, he puts her safety above everything else and becomes over-protective over her. Holland refused to go because he didn't want to see Renton, Diane's younger brother, and be reminded of her.

However, after Renton delivers the Amita Drive and releases the Seven Swell, he praises the boy for believing in himself. However, Axel says that Holland can't have the Amita Drive for himself and only Renton should be protecting it, so Holland decides to bring Renton aboard the Gekko and is taken aback to see Eureka holding hands with the boy and smiling only at him.

This leads him to suspect that Renton may become Eureka's partner, and although secretly furious, he dismissed his suspicion.

During Renton's earliest time on the Gekko, Holland was casual towards him by assigning him maid-like chores and letting him fly the Nirvash with Eureka, but never included him in their jobs.

However, during a brief visit to Ciudades del Cielo, Holland was anxious to leave but finding out that Renton and Moondoggie wanted to lift caused him to lose his temper and assault Renton.

However, this seemed to be a moment of anger because he appeared remorseful after Renton ran away and he apologized to Eureka when she asked him why Renton ran away. He later made it up to Renton by giving him the Gekkostate ref board wheel and declared him an official member of the crew. Despite this, his treatment towards Renton worsened. Talho demands for him to not go back on his responsibilities and be himself if he wants to be an effective leader. As Eureka's mental state begins to decline, Holland shows his intense concern for her well-being and starts to become hostile towards Renton, thinking the boy is somehow responsible for her problems.

As a result, he starts to ignore Renton and gets angry at him for seemingly minor factors. His anger grows when he notices that Eureka is troubled by the fact that she can't pilot the Nirvash as well as Renton.

While everyone is troubled by his treatment towards the boy, they feel they can't do anything that goes against Holland's orders as revealed by Matthieu and Moondoggie that they, too, had endured similar treatment from Holland in the past. During a visit to the trapar mines for repairs on the Gekko, Talho almost begs for him to face his responsibilities if he wants everyone to trust and respect him.

Despite this, when Renton is forced to pilot the Nirvash at gunpoint by a desperate digger, Holland takes his frustration out at Renton by brutally beating him and accusing him of taking the Nirvash out on his own free will. Talho slaps him to stop the abuse and confronts him for his hypocrisy that he beating Renton for something he didn't do while Holland is the one running away from his problems.

He responds with anger and resentment, thinking he's done nothing wrong.

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When they are about to leave, they are ambushed by the military and learn that the Nirvash is gone. Holland thinks Renton took it unaware it was actually Eureka and Renton is chasing after her and orders that they flee as soon as possible, over Talho's protests of what will happen to Renton.

Holland said that Eureka is more important that Renton and the Nirvash, but when he learned what really happened, he ordered the Gekko to stay until she, Renton, and the Nirvash returned.

Renton see Eureka's arm / wings - Eureka Seven

When Eureka is nearly absorbed by the Scub Coral and is saved by Renton, who unintentionally releases a Seven Swell in desperation to protect her, Holland is shocked to see her covered in scubs. He blames Renton for her condition, bans him from piloting the Nirvash ever again, and threatens to beat him again if he lets slip to the others of what happened to her.

He decides to rescue a Vodarac priest to heal Eureka, but he doesn't tell Renton this, so Renton thinks he's doing the mission for money and accuses him of not caring for Eureka at all. This and hearing that Eureka wanted to let Renton be Nirvash's new pilot, Holland proceeded to beat Renton again, to the point of unconsciousness. But when he is ambushed during the mission, he is pleased to see Renton arrive to help but is shocked to realize the boy is in a high rider's stage due to his overwhelming hatred towards Holland and that he doesn't know anything, and kills many KLF pilots before realizing what he had done.

After the priest heals Eureka, he advises Holland to keep the cause of Eureka's problems away from her, and concluding that all this didn't happen until Renton arrived, Holland decides that Renton is responsible for Eureka's problems and starts considering kicking him off the Gekko.

renton and eureka relationship help

This bothers the crew, especially Talho, who knows that Holland is saying this to keep Renton and Eureka apart, and she boldly points out that it was Holland who brought the two together, and therefore, its his responsibility, which he denies. However, Renton leaves without anyone knowing, and Holland seemed indifferent towards his departure, but was confronted with the task of telling Eureka. Initially, he refused to tell her and denied that he was jumping to conclusions about blaming Renton, and responded with anger when Talho said it was easy for him to blame Renton because he is Diane's brother.

He also rejected the possibility that Eureka was falling in love with Renton and was even capable of having such feelings.

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Finally, hearing the crew talk about their lack of faith in Holland, he lashed out at them in anger, even hurting Moondoggie, and said that Renton's abandonment was not his doing but Renton's alone. He finally tells Eureka, who immediately falls into a deep depression as she misses Renton, but this only upsets Holland that she is reacting that way. It is clear that Holland is displeased with Eureka being distraught over Renton's absence because he never expected her to grow attached to Renton.

Even when he is told that the Nirvash needs Renton and Eureka as pilots to function, he still rejected the importance of Renton. When Talho confronts Holland about his obsession with becoming Eureka's partner, he says he is protecting Eureka from Renton because if the two were together, the risks of the Seven Swell would bring catastrophe.

Again in episode 37, when he tells her that she is more pretty without makeup. Episode 46, when Renton tells her she is more beautiful with her wings. Actually kissed twice in episode 50, and attempted in episodes 10 and He was comforting her as she developed guilt for her past misdeeds and they caught up in the moment but were interrupted by Nirvash.

In episode 33, Talho loans Renton her longboard to cheer Eureka up, and Stoner takes a picture of them happily riding it in the middle of the sunset.

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Eureka has always been their surrogate mother and Renton tried to be a brother figure to them, but after becoming a couple, they decided to raise the kids together as a family, due to that the kids needed two parents and Renton grew to love them as his own.

In episode 1, Eureka found this so amusing that she discovered the ability to smile and laugh. Episode 10, when they saved the Vodarac city from a bombing and Renton said she made a difference but thought she was the same person from before, which caused her to cry for the first time because she noticed she has changed she met him. Episode 26, Eureka blushes for the first time as she tries to tell Renton her feelings. I almost feel bad for getting so emotionally invested into this.

I'm not the biggest anime watcher and almost never post on reddit. But this show put on the spot and i'm turning towards the community to sort of help myself and maybe get a couple answers. E7 is great, I just hoped that the rest of the franchise wasn't so disappointing.

I'll just start off pretty bluntly. The show was amazing and had a pretty good ending, but I feel like one of the biggest reasons I cant seem to find peace after watching E7 is that the ending doesn't really offer up much in terms of closure with the characters, especially Eureka and Renton.

I've tried to read up anywhere I can to help me see past the very short epilogue at the end of episode 50 but nothing really does it.

renton and eureka relationship help

I get the whole point of the show was not to have some meaningless filler finale, but the show heavily pushed you to get extremely invested into the characters of the gekkostate and more importantly Eureka and Renton's relationship.

In fact they spent 50 episodes building that relationship to just have it end barely seeing them in the woods.