Rezko and obama relationship with michelle

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rezko and obama relationship with michelle

In the presidential campaign, now-convicted felon Tony Rezko's role in helping Barack and Michelle Obama purchase their dream home. Of Obama's letters in support of the Cottage View Terrace a letter from, Senator Obama in connection with that project. Rezko was on Obama's campaign committee in his failed run against for future books, Obama and his wife, Michelle, went house hunting. Obama said Rezko "perhaps thought this would strengthen our relationship, that.

If Obama had no interest in the vacant lot next to the home other than the sliver he purchased from Rezko a year laterhe would have no reason to tell Rezko he needed help buying it. The answer is not a contradiction of his first statement.

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We rule this GOP claim False, too. In his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama detailed a relationship that dated back to when Obama was finishing law school at Harvard and Rezko approached him about coming to work for his development company.

But the two became friends when Obama made his first run for Illinois state Senate. Rezko was a key supporter and fundraiser for Obama. When Obama ran for U. Senate inRezko served on his finance committee and was a significant fundraiser. Rezko even hosted a fundraising event in his home. In the March interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said he still considered Rezko a friend, though he had not spoken to him since his indictment.

That was October Obama said that if elected president, he would not pardon Rezko for his corruption convictions or reduce his prison time. Any implication that Obama actively continues to maintain a friendship with Rezko — getting together, even speaking on the phone — is misleading.

In a Democratic debate in South Carolina on Jan. Obama has said that his dealings with the Rezkos were ethical, but that he regrets the appearance created. Friendship is formed Rezko had cultivated a relationship with Obama beginning in aboutwhen he offered the new Harvard Law School graduate a job with his company, Rezmar Corp.

rezko and obama relationship with michelle

Obama instead joined a law firm that often worked on Rezmar projects. Rezko, a Syrian immigrant, and his partner Daniel Mahru, a Jewish businessman, worked in mostly black neighborhoods on Chicago's South Side. Obama, who had organized South Side tenants, may have seemed an ideal representative for the company, which relied on government support.

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Rezko also had a knack for befriending politicians before they blossomed. A former Rezko employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, remembers meeting Obama around that time. Obama wrote a letter in supporting a bid by a group including Rezko to secure public funding for a housing project. Inhe stopped by a dinner hosted by Rezko and shook hands with potential investors. Obama's representatives have said both instances were simply examples of a politician doing his job. Several people familiar with Rezko's business, while not citing Obama specifically, said Rezko had relied upon his political relationships in winning government subsidies.

The decision to buy a house reflected newfound wealth. His wife was promoted as an administrator at the University of Chicago Hospitals. They found a home in Kenwood, a district of mansions built by Chicago merchants after the Great Fire, and now popular with wealthy black families. Median home prices in Chicago increased about 50 percent between and Kenwood was no exception. But Schwan said the small pool of buyers for high-priced homes yields unpredictable results. And in this case, the sellers wanted to find a buyer as soon as possible, but didn't want to close until June.

rezko and obama relationship with michelle

The contracts with the Obamas and Rezko were signed in January. Schwan said it is her recollection that the Obamas may not have made the highest bid, and that other bidders may have matched Rezko's bid, but that the willingness of both to close in June was decisive.

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She has not kept records of the other bids. The sellers did not respond to requests for comment. He was linked to a federal corruption investigation. And he was reported to hold a city contract reserved for a minority-owned business. Chicago revoked the license of an O'Hare Airport food vendor after determining that the company was controlled by Rezko, who didn't qualify as a minority.

Rezko and Obama remained in touch.