Robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

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robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

Mar 19, with his peers, Robert De Niro, 74, and director Martin Scorsese, 75, I have a relationship with them, and I have done films for them. In , Scorsese made his first feature-length film, the black and who introduced Scorsese to the young actor Robert De Niro. Dec 7, After a year's hiatus Martin Scorsese, 76, and Robert De Niro, 75, lended the thing with Marty, for us to have this long creative relationship.”.

He wrote the script and the ideas started to flow. The sexual abuse subject is very relevant. But frightening too, in a sense. Yes, and depressing too.

robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

How have your kids coped with your fame and growing up in the public eye? You ride the slippery slope. My kids deal with it from time to time. They are starting to go through the trials and tribulations that all kids go through.

They seem rather normal to me. Do you recall the first time you were in a movie theater? I remember totally when my mother took me to the movies. I was just 5 years old. She worked, she wanted to be with her baby, and she wanted to see a movie. I saw that film and was so affected by it, in a way that I would be when I saw all films that my mother took me to.

robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

I would go home and enact all the parts in the movie that I saw. I would play all the roles. I was able to do that at that age. But at the time, I remember playing the Ray Milland part.

I loved the scene when he starts searching the house for booze.

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I would do that scene sometimes, for relatives. He has to find it.

robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

As I was doing it, my relatives would laugh. Hollywood Academy president faces sexual-harassment allegations Have you ever forgotten your lines onstage?

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I have about 30 stories on that laughs. I will give you an example. I was going through this Shakespeare play. I have done quite a few. I worked my way back somehow, with double-talk or whatever I was doing. I walked on the stage. I had been doing it with the same people for a year. Now can you imagine my fellow actors standing there looking at me? Are you a good cook? At the holiday times, like Christmas, we tend to have someone in to cook.

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I worked hard on it, but it was a labour of love. You and Pacino are both great actors, is there any rivalry between you? You know, he always likes to have a reading of a script and I do that all the time now.

robert de niro and martin scorsese relationship

Oh well, there are some wonderful young actors today. Is it difficult, being so famous? I walk around New York quite freely. People say hello, I say hello, maybe they want a photo.

It keeps you real to talk to people. I hear the people in Leeds and Birmingham are friendly, so, you know, it will be nice. I do stuff with my kids mostly. I always seem to have stuff to do; taking my kids to school, picking them up, taking them somewhere.

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You have six children ranging from seven to 47, what sort of dad are you? I hope I am a good one, I try, you know. I try my best all the time.

I like to think we can have fun, that they can talk to me. You starred in Dirty Grandpa who was a wild guy, are you like that with your grandchildren? I have four grandchildren and love spending time with them. You can have all the enjoyment and then return them!

How do you think the film industry has changed since you started out?