Ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

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ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

Aug 18, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Rio Olympics. Stanislav "Ryan is not looking for a relationship during this Olympics. He just is looking to. Sep 2, Michael Phelps' fiancée reveals wedding details . were times when she " loathed" Michael Phelps during their off-and-on relationship. Ryan Lochte's robbery claims, Phelps' “bulge,” and rough patches in their relationship. Aug 11, One of the more endearing relationships to watch unfold at the Olympics in Rio has been the one between Michael Phelps and Ryan.

At the Olympics, the stakes are higher, the audience is bigger and every contest is scrutinized down to the smallest detail.

ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

Competition can get personal, and rivalries — between countries or individuals — take center stage. But rivalries can also go sournudging attention away from athletics and toward interpersonal drama, these experts said.

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What makes a rivalry start? But repeated physical proximity to opponents can certainly plant the seed for a rivalry to grow, he added.

ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

For example, at the high school or college level, rivalries tend to form between teams or individuals in neighboring cities, who regularly face each other on the field, Gould told Live Science.

Some rivalries get personal. Certain sports may also be more likely than others to spawn rivalries, said Richard Keegan, an assistant professor in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Canberra in Australia. Olympic boxers, for example, may have never confronted each other before. But in tennis, players face each other frequently, and rivalries are far more likely to take hold, he said.

And in sports where athletes perform individually, such as diving or gymnastics, rivalries might take longer to develop than in sports when athletes compete at the same time, Keegan added.

ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

Visit Rio with Degree Videos and Virtual Reality ] Clash of the titans Rivalries can also be bigger than any one athlete, and even any one team. And it's the same for him. We'll fight to the end, in any stroke, in any event we swim.

ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

We bring the best out of each other. It's just fun racing.

A definitive 12-year photo history of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte's friendly rivalry

But it soon became natural. They have stood on neighboring blocks many times over the past decade. Theirs has been one of the great rivalries in sports, and it has made each of them better. Lochte said his winning time in the fly I know every time I go on those blocks and he's right next to me, it's going to be one of the hardest races you'll do because he'll push you to the limits that you don't want your body to go through.

Then my injury with my knee happened and I was like, 'Maybe I should throw in the towel. I found that little spark that kept me going. I found different ways of making swimming fun again, and having Phelps back in the water definitely helps because we're going to go back to me and him pushing each other. Lochte will swim the freestyle and backstroke, while Phelps will compete in the 50 free.

Phelps will swim the butterfly in that event to work on his stroke. After that, his racing will be over at this meet. Just how far his comeback takes him remains to be seen. It's a long way whether I decide to do it or not," Phelps said when asked about the Rio Olympics.

I'm really excited about how things went.

ryan lochte and michael phelps relationship

I do know what I need to do, and I want to continue.