Ryu and sakura relationship

ryu and sakura relationship

Sakura and Ryu aren't a new ship (relationship fans would like to see) in the Street Fighter franchise, but with the release of Street Fighter V. Street Fighter 5: Ryu and Sakura make social networks shudder with their to this character but in turn to the relationship he has with Ryu. In the Street Fighter series, Sakura has always wanted to prove herself to her hero Ryu. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the bar appears to have been raised. By Street Fighter IV, Sakura had a crush on Ryu, but now in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the recent high-school.

She starred in the comic book miniseries Street Fighter Legends: Here, she is now Ryu's full-time apprentice and possesses the power of the Dark Hadou.

ryu and sakura relationship

Sakura is a character in the anime films Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation and Street Fighter Alpha: Generationsand appears in the episode "Second to None" of the American cartoon series Street Fighter.

She is a supporting character in Street Fighter IV: A sequel followed later that same year. Many figures of Sakura were released by various manufacturers, [13] such as one in two versions by Kotobukiya in Design and gameplay[ edit ] An early design for Street Fighter Alpha 2 featured her in a kimono shirt and hakama pants, [17] but was later abandoned in favor of a Japanese sailor outfit with red bloomersoften seen during her kicks.

One pose used by Sakura after winning a battle is to moonwalk. In the ending of Street Fighter IV, her hair is longer and she now sports a tracksuit top and a pair of athletic shorts.

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For her appearance in Street Fighter V, Sakura's development ideas resembling her previous games, however in the end she was given a complete redesign to signify her no longer being a high school student despite how "schoolgirl outfit may be the strongest image associated with Sakura" it is still available as an alternate costume. Other ideas included Sakura working a part-time job at a Japanese bento shop or as an assistant and actor for a motion capture studio.

ryu and sakura relationship

Sakura's moveset contains many "unorthodox" variants of their moves, including a running Shoryuken, a jumping Tatsumaki, and a less-powerful Hadouken that she can charge, though at the cost of distance.

Her moves and combos have high potential to stun opponents and also provide many an opportunity for mix-ups.

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However, her somewhat low stamina and her lack of other available approaches particularly her weak projectile require a certain amount of finesse, leaving little room for error; this ultimately makes Sakura a high-risk, high-reward character. Sakura's combo-heavy playstyle, when supplemented by her normal and special attacks, makes her a devastating fighter once she gets an opening.

SFV Arcade Edition: Sakura talks about having kids with Ryu.

Dark Sakura performs the Hadouken horizontally instead of diagonally and uses the techniques of Akuma. Reception[ edit ] The character was mostly well received. They locked us up in a house made of candy.

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BB mofo 2 years ago 38 gamezero6 posted Did you just make a Kazuya X Jun reference? But it's also a cliche in general. Capcom wouldn't want Ryu attached, but they also don't want to have him be a deadbeat dad.

ryu and sakura relationship

Easier to say he never knew he had a kid and to shift the burden of parenting on Sakura. Also Capcom would need an excuse for why he already plays like a shoto if he hasn't met Ryu yet.

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Sakura could teach him what she already knows about shoto moves. A brief encounter with Ken would help him polish it. But the unspoken reason is I think they would want to make Ryu's kid the main character and I don't think they would have him being anything but pure Japanese. Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

ryu and sakura relationship

In Sakura Ganbaru that I mentioned previously, Sakura does call out Chun if there's something going on between her and Ryu. Why she asks her, I dunno. Maybe there's a rumor going on among Street Fighters?

ryu and sakura relationship

Chun Li denies it but Dan notices her blushing and promptly gets him walloped so maybe there is some kind of chemistry having met Ryu previously. However, Chun Li does confirm that realistically, they have nothing in common.