Salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

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salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

Salamano and his dog, a spaniel affected with a kind of skin Meursault and his mother's relationship for instance, although the reader only. Yet the Arab's connection to Raymond is, to Meursault's mind, entirely incidental and the excruciating love/hate relationship between Salamano and his dog. The relationship between Meursault and his mother is one of much debate in the novel The Stranger. Even though we never see the.

salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

Salamano beats his dog relentlessly and the ugly dog whimpers but when the dog gets lost at the Parade Ground, Salamano turns gloomy. This attachment-separation dynamic forms and interesting relationship that contributes to the plot and the larger themes of the novel.

Meursault and his Mother vs. Salamano and his Dog

The Salamano-and-his-dog dynamic seems to reflect the age-old belief that one does not realise the value of what one has until one loses it. Salamano is a lonely, old man. He only has his diseased spaniel for company.

The spaniel too, has no place else to go. Salamano swears at the dog and beats him violently but the very next morning, Meursault sees them going for a walk. Such is their relationship. However, when Salamano and the spaniel get separated at the Parade ground, Salamano looks deeply troubled.

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He is worried that the police will nab him or that he will die on the road. Evidently, Salamano is strongly attached to his pet but when the dog is right there in front of him, he gives him no love or mercy, just mean words and beatings.

salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

The relationship between Salamano and his dog is also one that sparks a lot of conversation while reading The Stranger. Salamano and his dog are both pretty old and both have a skin disease. Even though they have these similarities, Salamano abuses his dog and they are known to hate each other.

salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

This escalates until Salamano's dog runs away from his owner while they are out on a walk. Salamano and his dog have an abusive relationship that sparks the question if Salamano should actually be allowed to have ownership of the dog.

Salamano and his dog

Meursault and his mother have a pretty distant relationship, as Meursault sent his mother to a home and then didn't visit her much because it was inconvenient. While at his mother's funeral, Meursault then didn't express much grief in the way that society expected him to.

salamano and meursault relationship with raymond

Even though both relationships seem to be unusual ones, they also have some fundamental differences. The relationships almost seem to be opposites of each other. Meursault and his mother seemed to have a pretty normal relationship before the mother's death. They seemed to love each other to some extent, as Meursault still seemed to care about making sure his mother was taken care for even if he couldn't.