Serena and tripp relationship questions

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serena and tripp relationship questions

We don't ask the important questions. Tripp Vanderbilt (Aaron Tveit) with Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Ira: She finally comes to the realization that her relationship with Tripp is inappropriate, so naturally, that. Forbidden love and Serena as a mistress was all fun and games until Tripp left her in a crashed vehicle. The relationship never really felt right anyway, since all . Serena and Dan pretend to be dating again to protect someone close to them. Serena argues that she saw the email from Gossip Girl and that Nate is a liar and a Back at Panchito's, the girls are getting the correct answers to the questions, .

Does Ed Westwick prefer Blair or Serena?

He hunts his cousin down, who begs for news on Serena's condition. Nate punches Tripp, and Maureen makes him leave with her. Serena survives the crash, and Nate sleeps in her hospital room all night.

He teams up with Kira Sarah Steele to turn Jenny's minions against her.

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In the end, Jenny outwits him, and he tells Kira that they will try again soon. When Jenny and Eric see each other at the hospital after Serena's accident, they apologize and call a truce. Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa attempt to navigate their newly complicated friendship. Dan seeks a new potential relationship with one of Vanessa's friends, Winna.

serena and tripp relationship questions

He cannot bring himself to hook up with Winna, and he is forced to leave her when Lily calls him regarding Serena's accident. He then finds Blair and goes with her and Vanessa to the hospital.

Lily arrives at the hospital, and she tells Serena that Rufus still does not know about the letter. Serena asks her mother to leave, and Blair arrives to find Chuck. He reveals to Blair that he regrets running away when his father died. Blair tells him that he only ran away from his feelings, and Chuck decides to visit his father's grave.

Their arrival however takes a different turn for relationship.

serena and tripp relationship questions

During a conversation with Maureen at the reunion, Vanessa discovers that Tripp originally wanted to be an archaeologist and that their grandfather, William Van Der Bilt persuaded him to take a career path in politics.

Vanessa then fears that their family will take control of Nate's future when he changes his plans about returning to his family. Tripp and William slowly bring him back to the family fold, bringing further away from Vanessa. Nate eventually decides to take the internship at the New York City Mayor's office that Tripp previously offered him to take.

During a party at the Van Der Bilt compound, Tripp tells Vanessa about Nate's internship at the Mayor's office leaving Vanessa upset that Nate would choose the internship over their backpacking trip across Europe.

Tripp unfortunately creates a strain in Nate and Vanessa's relationship. When William announces Nate's internship during a toast, Tripp witnesses Nate publicly accepting it. Season 3 Edit The third season has Tripp running for a congress that recently opened when Nate told Serena that Congressman Krueger had died and Tripp planned to take congressional seat. During a poker game that would free Carter Baizen from the Buckleys, Nate has Serena playing poker and raises the stakes when the game turns for the worse.

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Nate offers a photo of Tripp holding a bong and smoking marijuana in exchange for Carter's freedom. Serena loses the game and the photo that could ruin Tripp's campaign but soon finds out that Nate used her so that the real photo of Tripp holding a drink instead of a bong could be revealed to outmaneuver the Buckleys when they attempt to sabotage Tripp's campaign using the fake photo of Tripp.

Serena's discovery strains her relationship with Nate. During the week of elections, Chuck hosts the Van Der BiltElection party at the Empire Hotel with Nate helping in the campaign and Vanessa filming the events of the campaign.

Serena, still not forgiving Nate for betraying her, asks Tripp for help in entering the Van Der Bilt Election party to get her job underway. Beatrice is excited about the idea of attending an American bachelorette party, but Blair explains that Serena planned a dinner at Le Charlot and then to the St. She then leaves to meet with Father Smythe. Outside, Dan and Serena are walking around Madison Avenue to bring attention to their fake relationship.

Dan asks when they're supposed to go to The Spectator to launch her daily column and Serena answers that Nate bought cab ads and he wants her photographed outside the office when it launches. She continues that her first column is about how Gossip Girl ruined her relationships and how they're flourishing now that she's gone. At church, Blair goes to confession and confides to Father Smythe that she closed an elevator door on a woman.

She then says that her dreams at night aren't about Louis, but about Chuck. She explains that once she becomes princess, she'll fire Father Cavalia and then make sure Father Smythe becomes her advisor so he can be with her at all times for guidance. Once she leaves, it's revealed Father Cavalia was actually conducting the confession and pretending to be Father Smythe.

He sends Chuck a picture of Max, Ivy's ex, on the day of the accident carrying an envelope full of cash leaving The Empire. Chuck offers to have the hotel security pulled. After they hang up, Nate gets an email from Gossip Girl telling him it's his turn to do a favor.

Serena–Nate relationship

Back inside the church, Beatrice meets with Father Cavalia. He confirms that Blair is planning to replace him as soon as she becomes princess, but isn't worried as she won't ever become princess. He instructs Beatrice to get Blair drunk at her party, and if they don't stop the wedding, she will lose him.

serena and tripp relationship questions

He explains that she's still in love with Chuck and if Beatrice can get her drunk and alone with Chuck, they can show Louis Blair isn't faithful. Rufus hails a cab with Serena's ad on it and Dan brings the page up on a tablet.

A photographer goes to take a picture of her when he realizes the page is blank. Upstairs, it's shown Nate deleted the page at Gossip Girl's request. Serena goes upstairs to confront Nate about the article. Nate lies that the marketing team said awareness was too low and she'll be the first to know when he decides they're ready to launch. She admits that she's worried that his relationship with Serena may be damaging to the meeting, and that it will make the publishers just want him to write a sequel to Inside.

serena and tripp relationship questions

Dan agrees and calls Serena to ask her to wait to publish the column. She explains that Nate delayed her column for the time being, but promises to make sure that all references to him will be in the past. Elsewhere, Blair and Beatrice are out to hand pick the macaroons for the party. While outside the store, Beatrice mentions to Blair that she can have macaroons any time, but she only has now to behave wildly for a night.

Blair says no, and there's no point in straying from the path she's on. She then spots Chuck and demands to know why he's following her. Chuck replies that he'll follow her anywhere for however long it takes to find out why she cut him off.

Beatrice then comes over and escorts Blair away. Blair confesses that maybe it would be better to cut loose anywhere Chuck won't find her and Beatrice agrees to make a new plan. At The Spectator, Serena goes to wait for Nate in his office to discuss the column.

She sees an email from Gossip Girl and realizes Nate deleted her column because he was told to, and uploads it anyway. However, the publisher encourages him to write something related to Inside. One of the reps explains that Serena's column went up recently and there's already over a thousand comments. Confused, Dan explains he was wanting to branch out into different genres but the reps tell him to write what he knows and to keep dating Serena for publicity.

At The Spectator, Nate fires Serena for uploading the article. Serena argues that she saw the email from Gossip Girl and that Nate is a liar and a hypocrite.

Nate replies that she sent him photographic proof that Tripp was the one who sabotaged his car, and Serena threatens to tell Tripp about Nate setting him up to take the fall and leaves.

Nate's assistant, Tina, filmed the whole argument and then sends it to Gossip Girl. At the Waldorf's, Blair and Beatrice are planning her new party theme. Beatrice promises phallic party favors and alcohol.

Blair reminds her that the most important detail is that they go somewhere Chuck can't find them.