Shiroe and konami relationship advice

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shiroe and konami relationship advice

Overview Image Gallery SNG Kanami was the former leader of the now- disbanded Debauchery Tea Party before she moved to Europe two years prior to the. The Kanami & Shiroe relationship feels actually like Kanami being the big sister type who drew Shiroe out of his anti-social shell and really. Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon. - Shiroe denies having a relationship with Kanami, but Tetora keeps pressing. road, offering nothing but cordial company and a little shallow "valuable" advice.

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The guild's strength lies in their ability to work together in perfect coordination in accordance with Shiroe's exceptional planning skill. While boredom drives other players to PKing, he decides to assist a guild that's missing a member. Got Me Doing It: Adjusts his glasses so much that it rubs off onto characters who don't even have glasses. Hero with Bad Publicity: While his skill with planning is acknowledged by veterans in Akihabara, Shiroe's reputation among the general adventurer population isn't that good, where the perception that he's an In-Universe Magnificent Bastard overrides whatever good intentions he might have had during a particular event.

It gets so bad that, by Book 5 and the later episodes of the anime, Minori makes it her responsibility to salvage Shiroe's reputation. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good.

For all his vast knowledge and skill, he can't dance. At Eastal's ball, Henrietta had to use her bard skills to prevent him from embarrassing himself.

shiroe and konami relationship advice

In episode 9 of season 2, he sees his past self sitting on a park bench alone at night while in the spirit world. He mentions that he was fairly intelligent for someone his age, but that also meant he distanced himself from other people. Sometimes accidentally, and sometimes deliberately because he couldn't, or didn't want to relate to them. He then realizes that he's still doing it in the game, and despite others trying to help him, he's still not fully trusting them or sharing his feelings about various things to them.

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Shiroe was formerly the head tactician of Debauchery Tea Party. After being trapped in the game he acts as de-facto leader of his party and eventually becomes the leader of his own guild.

Episode 9 of season 2 shows that he was one in real life as he sees his past self sitting on a park bench at night to help him get over his troubles. He also starts to realize that he's still pushing people away, and decides that he needs to trust his friends and companions more. Acts like one towards Reynesia in order to deliberately cause her to hate him so Krusty can help her out.

As a Scribe, he can create magical contracts using special ingredients. The more powerful the ingredients, the more powerful the contract. This includes a contract that can bestow Landers the Adventurer subclass, something he keeps an absolute secret in fear of the chaos that would ensue if it is revealed.

Shiroe's two classes Enchanter and Scribe are best suited for people who can strategically make the best use of them, as well as think of clever and more efficient methods of using them. By people in Akihabara, thanks to his wandering around with Akatsuki and Minori during a festival. They both look about fourteen, while he is somewhere in his twenties.

Shiroe is a genuinely good guy, but can also be ruthless and underhanded if needed. Some of his friends call him a "demon" and "scary boy". Shiroe eventually realizes that in some ways, he's no different from Demikas. Both were afraid after the Apocalypse and took out their frustration on others.

shiroe and konami relationship advice

Demikas, towards the Landers, and Shiroe towards Demikas. Even though he cannot forgive Demikas for his treatment towards Serara and the Landers, he's not the police, and to deny him his name is like not seeing him as another human being. In addition to combat tactics, there's his plan for restoring order in the Akihabara border. Obviously he'd like to help create order out of the anarchic situation, such as when he goes to rescue Serara, though some of the bigger guilds are understandably hesitant to help since they wonder what he could do in the first place.

He then tells them that he bought the guild hall, where players have to go to form, join, or leave a guild, and it's also where the bank is located.

As it is the only guaranteed safe place to store items and large amounts of money, he can blacklist anyone he wants to prevent them from accessing their stuff. While his intentions are noble, other players can't help but see how shady and underhanded his plan is, and some even outright state it's Blackmail. He's not above using completely unheroic tactics to accomplish good things, as seen when he tricks three guild masters into giving him a huge pile of gold to buy him the entire guild hall so he can force people to go along with decisions made by himself or his newly-formed council.

Even though all he really wants is just to clean up the anarchic state of the city, there's a reason everyone calls him the "Villain in Glasses". Even those who can spot Shiroe's good intentions are in sheer awe of the extent he is willing to go to in order to carry out his goals.

Developed one ever since his days within the Debauchery Tea Party. Even after the Tea Party was effectively disbanded, as a veteran player he felt obliged to assist and guide beginner players whenever he could.

Black-Hearted Shiroe and Villain in Glasses. Sometime in the future, he will be known as the Chronicler of the East. Shiroe's overskill allows him to create contracts that overwrite the laws governing the world of Elder Tale.

He first uses this ability to save Rudy by having him sign a contract granting him the abilities of an Adventurer as a subclass. Next, Shiroe arranges a contract between himself and the Kunie clan that gave him all the gold he needed to buy up all the lands and properties in Yamato and then he returned them, absolving him and the Round Table Council of responsibility for paying the ruinously-high upkeep costs of the Guild Meeting Hall without allowing their enemies to have it either.

The result was a fundamental change in "gameplay" as it were. According to Ri Gan, the occurrence of such feats, known as "Sekaikyuu Mahou" or "world-class magic", is incredibly rare and is by far the most powerful form of magic in existence. Just ask Maryelle or the person who dubbed him "Villain in Glasses". Minori definitely thinks this way.

She even thinks the way he adjusts his glasses is cute. He's the brains behind Log Horizon; a genius strategist, map maker, and master of exposition, with a real-life degree in civil engineering.

After she was reunited with her to-be husband, the Italian-German Raffaello Balzo, she married him in a lightning marriage. Kanami decided to study in Europe to be with him.

The Catastrophe Kanami and Coppelia meet Arriving to the world of Elder Tale because of the CatastropheKanami decided to work her way down to the Yamato Server to meet up with Shiroewhom she believed would help her find the answer to this "great adventure".

Along the way, she picked up Coppelia and rescued Elias Hackblade from being sealed through unknown means. Finding him, she asks about his unique appearance, which resembled that of a ninja turtle.

While most people would be confused by his response, she simply laughed out of simple interest and then asked to see his swords. Vaguely confused, Leonardo decides not to kill her like he usually would with people who questioned his appearance when she tells him to accompany her and her party to Japan.

The City of Akihabara

At this moment, Elias Hackblade and Coppelia show themselves. By this time, she is already rather familiar with Elias, much to Leonardo's confusion.

When Coppelia is healing Leonardo, she and Elias leave first to encounter some monsters. When Coppelia and Leonardo catch up, Kanami calls him "Gero-nardo," much to his annoyance. Volume 11 spoilers Several months later, Kanami's Party is still stuck on the Chinese server, taking a roundabout route to Japan via Thang Long Hanoi, Vietnam to avoid the guild wars on the Chinese server.

Kanami ends up running into the amnesiac Krusty, who has forgotten everything that has happened since the Catastrophe. However, he still remembers Kanami from her notoriety as the Tea Party's leader, and they had interacted several times before the Tea Party split up and she left for Europe. Homesteading the Noosphere arc After defeating Papus, fending off the Eternal Moths, and discovering the existence of another Genius, Kanami's Party, plus Krusty, clears the dungeon.

shiroe and konami relationship advice

Then, they found a communications link at the same time that the Shibuya Raid Team had finished up the raid; interested in the device, Kanami called out into it.

When Shiroe answers her call, they briefly catch up on life, with Kanami informing him that her daughter turned three and him giving her his congratulations. However, when he asks if she had to return home because of that, she quizzically asks him why.

What's the relationship between shiroe and kanami log horizon in the real world?

Although he is shocked at first, he understands her reasoning when she continues to explain that she wanted to show her daughter this world. With a newfound goal, Shiroe aims to create a connection between the two worlds so that people wouldn't have to simply choose one world or the other.

Production-class melee weapon that uses a lot of quest-based materials. According to legend, a Fairy King had this magic-class cloth armor specially-tailored for his tomboyish Fairy Princess who wanted to be a Monk.