Shiroe and konami relationship help

Log Horizon Fun Facts | can u please clarify the relationship between

shiroe and konami relationship help

Kanami's a bit older than Shiroe and they were always friends as kids, Kanami even introduced Shiroe to RPGs because she thought he looked. Episode 14 of Log Horizon 2, titled “Kanami, Go East!,” focuses on the town of Minami. It is apparent that the relationship between the. Anonymous said: can u please clarify the relationship between shiroe and kanami? were they lovers? or just friends? and are they going to be.

Shiroe also believes that she had a tendency to be chaotic and somewhat destructive. She likes things that are "cute," telling Elias that she wouldn't want a hero that wasn't cute after he protested being called "Eli-Eli. She is described as a human typhoon who, upon seeing something that "seems like it'll be fun," will charge after it with all of her power and energy.

After she was reunited with her to-be husband, the Italian-German Raffaello Balzo, she married him in a lightning marriage. Kanami decided to study in Europe to be with him. The Catastrophe Kanami and Coppelia meet Arriving to the world of Elder Tale because of the CatastropheKanami decided to work her way down to the Yamato Server to meet up with Shiroewhom she believed would help her find the answer to this "great adventure".

shiroe and konami relationship help

Along the way, she picked up Coppelia and rescued Elias Hackblade from being sealed through unknown means. Finding him, she asks about his unique appearance, which resembled that of a ninja turtle. While most people would be confused by his response, she simply laughed out of simple interest and then asked to see his swords.

Vaguely confused, Leonardo decides not to kill her like he usually would with people who questioned his appearance when she tells him to accompany her and her party to Japan. At this moment, Elias Hackblade and Coppelia show themselves.

By this time, she is already rather familiar with Elias, much to Leonardo's confusion.

shiroe and konami relationship help

When Coppelia is healing Leonardo, she and Elias leave first to encounter some monsters. When Coppelia and Leonardo catch up, Kanami calls him "Gero-nardo," much to his annoyance. Volume 11 spoilers Several months later, Kanami's Party is still stuck on the Chinese server, taking a roundabout route to Japan via Thang Long Hanoi, Vietnam to avoid the guild wars on the Chinese server.

shiroe and konami relationship help

Kanami ends up running into the amnesiac Krusty, who has forgotten everything that has happened since the Catastrophe. However, he still remembers Kanami from her notoriety as the Tea Party's leader, and they had interacted several times before the Tea Party split up and she left for Europe. Homesteading the Noosphere arc After defeating Papus, fending off the Eternal Moths, and discovering the existence of another Genius, Kanami's Party, plus Krusty, clears the dungeon.

Then, they found a communications link at the same time that the Shibuya Raid Team had finished up the raid; interested in the device, Kanami called out into it.

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When Shiroe answers her call, they briefly catch up on life, with Kanami informing him that her daughter turned three and him giving her his congratulations. However, when he asks if she had to return home because of that, she quizzically asks him why. Although he is shocked at first, he understands her reasoning when she continues to explain that she wanted to show her daughter this world. She seems to want to reunite with Shiroe, which Kanami explains the intentions to her party.

shiroe and konami relationship help

I was surprised that international players like Leonardo, who is from America, got trapped in Elder Tale as well.

Leonardo's appearance gives me the impression that his design was inspired by the popular comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the martial arts B-movie American Ninja.

What's the relationship between shiroe and kanami log horizon in the real world?

The battle that takes place after reminds me of Jake Muller's ending in Resident Evil 6, where he protects a young boy from Hunters that attacked his village. If you watched the previous episodes, flavor text from weapons and other items have come to life. Episode 14 shows that random things can happen to the People of the Land. It is apparent Kanami misses Shiroe and really wants to reunite with him.

Log Horizon Shiroe & Kanami Moment (Spoiler Alerts)

I can imagine the humor and drama that could come if Leonardo ever came across Tetra. I loved the shiver that ran up Shiroe's spine when Kanami mentioned him. It seems apparent that Shiroe is scared of her. I wonder if Kanami will ever reunite with Shiroe in Elder Tale.