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Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class ER Hong Kong To San Francisco - One Mile at a Time

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Furler bends her vowels to the point that her words become nigh-unintelligible, perhaps as a method of trying to make up for the fact that every single song in the live set is a lush, slow-to-mid-tempo affair. Trying to figure out the words at least gives us a reason to keep concentrating, yes? This particular idiosyncrasy goes so far as to all but ruin what could potentially be some of the stronger tracks on the album, as Colour the Small One's "Don't Bring Me Down" and Healing is Difficult's uncharacteristically somber "Blow it All Away" are both vocally affected to the point of being unlistenable.

Not even the new live track "Lentil" is immune, which is a shame, because with no studio counterpart to compare it to, it's even tougher to decipher what's being said. Sia's vocal manipulation is admittedly mitigated somewhat by the simple fact that her vocal tone is utterly lovely, and the power of her voice is occasionally transcendent.

This particularly benefits the Zero 7 hit "Destiny", transformed here into the showcase for a diva-level vocalist heavy on the power vocals, a song whose climax is enough to give shivers even to those most frustrated by the other songs in the performance.

It's not a new trick, but it's used just right in this particular case, making it almost enough to convince the listener that this live set has more merit than it actually does.

Not just something you could live in — something you want to live in.

Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-300ER Hong Kong To San Francisco

I don't like to do it, and that's why a lot of the stuff I've been doing with other artists has been full albums. I've been trying to work towards it and finally people are starting to trust me to do it.

I want to make albums! It takes a long time to make artists trust you with that.

sia meet and gre ets jack

I had that with my album. They were like, 'we have a number of singles here'. And I was like, well, I love singles, but you have to have all of it. You don't make work for the casual listener, you make it for the person who's going to sit in their parents' attic and listen intently and hear everything and pick up every word. And what's great about pop music is that it can be that, but it can also work for the casual listener. That's why Robyn's so brilliant, it's why Kate Bush is one of the greatest of all time.

If you don't have that thing that works for everyone it's not really pop, it's just secret music like indie or something like that. Labels are in a different business, you can't be mad at them for it — you can sell a lot of something without it being beautiful or perfect, that's been proven over and over again.

So that's why it's up to the artist. Do you think people obsess about specific songs and albums in the streaming era, when there are a thousand other things a click away? But those people — well, you go to a Taylor Swift concert and they're singing every single word of every song. Those are the artists I end up doing a lot of work with: Carly's like that, Lorde is like that.

She's deeply obsessed with every piece of the puzzle. It's purely the sound in her head. I think that's why we've done good work together, because that's how I make records too. I like being with people who are obsessive — if you change one breath, they hear it. That's what you want. There's no hard or not hard, it's whatever the process is. I've done songs with Ella where we wrote, recorded and finished them in two days, and there are others that took two years.

It's just part of it. Sometimes people are in a place where it's falling out of them, sometimes it's terrible painful hurt. I don't think about it like 'who's easy, who's hard' — it's just a living organism, and it's whatever moment you catch them in. I don't think about it that much, but I assume it's out there. I'm very focused on reality. Can we expect a 'Terrible Thrills Vol 3'? The whole point is: A little bow on the end of the cycle. So I wouldn't do it next month, for example.

With the last one I did, it was really the perfect time because I felt like I'd said everything I wanted to say with the album, and it was like a parting gift.

I really loved it. I didn't think it was better but it was so different! They become different songs. She's the greatest of all time. I mean, it's probably impossible… Can you get Robyn to do one please?

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After that, a video was played showing how to make the business class bed. View before pushback at Hong Kong Airport Our taxi to the runway was quick, and surprisingly there was no wait for takeoff I guess we beat the post-midnight rush. The seatbelt sign was turned off about 10 minutes after takeoff, and as we continued our climb out I browsed the entertainment selection, starting with the airshow.

You can buy a wifi pass for the entire flight, and they charge based on how long you use it rather than the amount of data you use.

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About 20 minutes after takeoff the crew distributed slippers, socks, and eyeshades. Singapore Airlines business class lavatory They had plenty of amenities, as is the norm on Singapore. Singapore Airlines business class lavatory amenities Singapore Airlines business class lavatory amenities Best of all, they were always spotless.

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Once amenities were distributed, the crew came through the cabin to take supper orders. The menu read as follows: The wine and drink list read as follows: Service began with drinks and mixed nuts.

I ordered a glass of champagne — Singapore serves Charles Heidsieck in business class, which is nice.

sia meet and gre ets jack

Singapore Airlines business class supper — prawns on nicoise salad The stater consisted of a nicoise salad with prawns, and was the highlight of the meal. Singapore Airlines business class supper — prawns on nicoise salad I was also offered a selection of bread, and had a piece of garlic bread and baguette.

Singapore Airlines business class supper — assorted bread My starter was cleared just a minute after I finished it, and then a couple of minutes later I was served the main. It was rubbery and tasteless. Singapore Airlines business class supper — seared chicken breast with thyme jus For dessert I was offered a yuzu and milk chocolate mousse cake, which was light and refreshing. Singapore Airlines business class supper — yuzu and milk chocolate mousse cake I was also offered a cheese plate, which was both tasty and nicely presented, especially for business class.

However, the service was phenomenal. The flight attendants working my aisle were charming, engaging, and attentive. I felt like I was in first class.