Sokka and toph relationship advice

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sokka and toph relationship advice

Toph would later be the one to help teach Aang her special personality was very similar to Toph and the two would have a rocky relationship. Zuko tried to tell the Aang that he wanted the Avatar to be trained in . some advice: do it the same way Katara taught Aang waterbending. This changed the way the writers viewed the relationship between Toph and Sokka. Rated: Fiction K - English - Angst/Romance - [Sokka, Toph] - Chapters: 16 - Words: 79, - Reviews: - Favs: Toph couldn't keep up with his ever evolving relationship status. . She was standing on the tips of her toes.

Katara became angry at Toph for cheating the con artist although I think we can all agree that he got what he deserved, scamming all those fire nation citizens. However, we eventually got the Toph we have today in my opinion, a vast improvement. This changed the way the writers viewed the relationship between Toph and Sokka. They were slated to be a Sokka befriended her, and stood up for her on multiple occasions.

It eventually turned into something small, where they both recognized a greater interest in one another. They shared kisses in front of Toph which made Toph jealous. Our earthbending girl would eventually come to tolerate the relationship, although the burn of it being over before ever being started might not ever have healed.

Because she was born blind, they believed her to be unable to ever take care of herself. Her existence became something to hide so that it could never be used against them and their wealth. Talk about being selfish! Their actions led to Toph hating home life entirely. They also expected her to act like royalty, not misbehaving or being a brat. She was a noble and to the few people who knew she existed she was supposed to act like it! Luckily, she had enough time to dwell on ways to prevent herself from becoming a part of the system.

She found out she could bend and see with her shoes off, starting her down a path of consistent rebellion. At first she put up and kept quiet about her rebellious attitude, simply going with what her parents wanted her to do. She eventually ran away from her parents and hid in a cave of badgermoles. Badgermoles were considered the first animals to use earthbending in official form.

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By hanging with the badgermoles, Toph learned how to improve her earthbending. The badgermoles were blind, thus allowing Toph to connect with them on a different level.

They gave her the ability to sense with her feet through seismic activity as well. The second time she ran away was when she came into contact with Team Avatar. This adventure lasted an entire life time, and formed the basis for much of her known history in the universe. Sokka and Aang were servers at the party. The disguises of the girls were working. They had successfully fooled Long Feng, master of the Dai Li agents, into getting them into the party.

This put them all in jeopardy. In fact, by and large, the world of Avatar lacks much of that diversity that we do in our society. This makes for a lonesome world. Toph was one of three disabled people in the world of Avatar. These people used bending or bending-like abilities as an extension of their disability. He used his mechanic skills with his father to overcome his inability to walk.

Ming-Hua used water tendrils as arms, bending them to act as arms and weapons. Toph used earthbending to sense see. Their disabilities were not what defined them, and they were able to move beyond them. The Beifongs were a wealthy family that wanted their cherished daughter back away from what they thought was a horrible and evil outside world. Upon her capture, she was placed in a metal jail cell.

Obviously, if it was made of rock, then she would have gotten out. But she had a trick up her sleeve. She eventually was able to learn to metalbend to get out of the cell itself. Using her newfound abilities, she overcame Master Yu and Xin Fu, trapping them inside their own metal cell. They would not be able to bend out of it because metalbending was not widespread at the time.

Water and ice cells could not have waterbenders, cells near fire and volcanoes should not have firebenders, and earthbenders should not be near earth and metal.

sokka and toph relationship advice

When Katara and Toph were captured in the fire nation, they were placed inside a wooden cell with no water or earth near it. This posed a problem for both of the larger-than-life benders.

On the flip side, we would eventually see this tactic used with Zaheer and his criminal friends in The Legend of Korra and the attempted revival of the Red Lotus. One such criminal was Yakone. Yakone was the top crime lord of Republic City. Yakone could also bend without a full moon. Usually, bloodbenders needed a full moon in order to control people through their actions.

Yakone could do it on his own. Toph was one of his victims, and she ultimately failed to stop him. Luckily, Avatar Aang took his bending abilities away from him. No, not the pokemon region; the first husband of Toph. Not much is known about him. What is known is that they had a child together, Lin. However, he soon left afterwards, leaving Lin to always wonder who her father was and never getting a real answer. Her confusion only increased when Sokka's eyes suddenly gleamed with what she thought was, perhaps, hope?

It's why I messed up! I mean, I did think Suki was beautiful and amazing, but maybe we just don't have as many things in common as we should and… we're just not that compatible. That's how it is! And… and you knew it. Sokka smiled, to her surprise. It's not like you're some love guru or anything…" he commented. I always have," she said, picking up her glass again and moving it so the liquid would spin in circles.

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Then again, I have made my wrong assessments before… but if you think I'm right about you, I just might be right about you. I know it's uncomfortable to admit it, but it is how it is.

Eh, sure," said Sokka, shrugging. I don't need someone to tell me all sorts of sweet things, I need someone who's as ruthless, inconsiderate and cruel as you! You're in luck, I guess," said Azula, surprised. Was she still cruel these days? Yeah, surely that, too. Sokka was bringing up some of her traits that made most people frown, yet he did it with such enthusiasm and fondness that she couldn't help but wonder if he shared a few of them himself.

I'm the only person who could organize and lead an invasion into the Fire Nation that would have been successful if you hadn't gotten in the way! How is it a great accomplishment if you failed? Toph and Suki took down the airships my father led to the Earth Kingdom, not you," said Azula, still amused. Well, then, you're not the conqueror of Ba Sing Se because you didn't execute every single move of your plan!

I took hold of the Dai Li by my own power, something you never achieved yourself," she said, proudly. That's what you're doing," he said, scrutinizing her with a sharp glare. Well, you've always been the smartest member of your group, no doubt, but here I hoped you wouldn't be able to think clearly tonight," she said, with a smile. I thought you'd be sadder about it, really," she said. You're far better company than him, and just as easy to tease…" "Huh. That's probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me," said Sokka, smiling.

You're unlikely to spend the rest of your life alone," she whispered. See, you're nicer than what most people think! Azula cringed at the contact. Sokka chuckled and touched her glass with his own, a pleased grin on his face as he turned on his stool. Azula raised an eyebrow as he sat facing her. You're a great adviser to Zuko as it is, so…" "Zuko pays me. What can I expect to gain from this?

Um… I'll have to think about that. Uh, how about boomerang-throwing lessons, eh? Nope, that wouldn't do. Azula's ears perked at that. They both knew Azula's current circumstances were touchy. She didn't have the best reputation, and was feared and revered throughout the world for her actions during the war and after it.

She had become a public menace for a few years, too, until she had helped Zuko dismantle a genuine threat to his rule. She had been granted a pardon after that, but it was only effective in name: Zuko would keep her confined in the Fire Nation Palace, for her own safety.

Azula didn't admit it, but she did feel safe there. It was basically another form of imprisonment, but she was sure it couldn't be worse than the angry mobs she might deal with if she dared set foot on the Earth Kingdom again. She didn't acknowledge her feelings as fear, but she still was reluctant to step out of her comfort zone: Nevertheless, Azula had rebellious instincts, especially towards people whose authority she refused to acknowledge fully.

One of such people was her own brother. What if she left this place and proved, with Sokka's help, that she could fend for herself outside the Fire Nation without an issue? She wouldn't need Zuko's protection anymore.

She would be free to settle down elsewhere, somewhere that wouldn't remind her constantly that she had failed where her brother had succeeded. Somewhere that would help her forget her sorrows and stop envying Zuko for obtaining the happiness and triumphs she had dreamt to find for her own life. So… could she travel with Sokka and his friends, perhaps?

Nobody would dare attack her if she was around them, surely. In fact, she didn't know if anyone would want to do it at all: If they knew she was helping Zuko now, working as his adviser, they might not be compelled to attack her on sight.

Does your freedom sound like a better offer? You'd keep an eye on me. And I'd have to come back here whenever my brother needs me because, let's face it, he wouldn't know how to run this nation without me," said Azula, shrugging and drinking what was left of her glass. But I don't see how I'm supposed to help you, not really," she said.

Because I'll have you know…" "Nah, I'm perfectly capable of starting a relationship on my own," said Sokka. And if you have any ideas on someone who might suit me, that'd be great too! I can't think of anyone for you. He was her friend, had been for a few years now. She had especially grown fond of him because, as she had already told him, he was easy to mess with: Sokka had been quite grateful for Azula's involvement when she had helped save the Fire Nation, for she had saved his beloved ex-girlfriend too.

The Avatar, Sokka and Katara had failed to arrive on time, but fortunately nothing had gone wrong thanks to what Azula had done. With Zuko's pardon, his friends had opened up to her slowly, but the one she got along with the best was Sokka, by far.

Katara was still distrusting, Aang was far too busy, and Sokka actually laughed at Azula's jokes, and at her constant pranking of Zuko.

He had joined her in several of her pranking attempts, and they had often bonded over being at the receiving end of Zuko's angry rants.

They were also some of the people whose advice he prized the most, that wasn't to be forgotten. Whenever serious problems arose, problems the Avatar had little understanding of, Zuko would always turn to them.

Sokka wasn't his full-time adviser as Azula was, but whenever he dropped by at the Fire Nation Palace Zuko would ask for his opinion on political matters he had yet to resolve. It was surprising that Sokka's advice often lined up with Azula's, a fact Zuko had found somewhat disturbing, but the two of them had only taken it as a sign that they were the only people around these parts who had actual common sense.

She wasn't sure she'd feel safe, traveling with him… she had the feeling that, if something messy were to happen, she'd end up being the one who would have to save the both of them. Then again, she really was the best firebender in the world. Despite she didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble, she would unleash her power if she needed to defend herself and her traveling companion. That was something Zuko wouldn't hold against her, wasn't it?

She sure hoped so. Sounds good to you? This could be the biggest mistake of her life or the best thing she'd done in forever. Only time would tell which one it would be. He was waiting by the city's outskirts, as he had promised he would be on the letter he had sent to her with a messenger hawk. She saw him through the airship's window, and her heart raced as they began descending on the spot that had been cleared for their landing.

There was a ridiculous smile on Sokka's face, Azula realized, but the sight of it did little to ease her anxiety. She glanced around herself warily, as if fearing some sort of enemy might pop out of the bushes or so. Sokka patted her shoulder. I thought, given the message you sent me, that you wanted my advice…?

I'm supposed to tell you whether your relationships have future or not, not to meet with your girlfriends! He turned to the soldiers now, who looked at him with uncertainty. She'll be fine with me, I promise! Their job had been to escort the Princess, but she was somewhat terrifying and they doubted she'd need them too badly.

They were probably better off taking a step back and leaving her to the Water Tribesman's care. Sokka clasped Azula's shoulder and led her towards the road that would guide them to the city. She walked somewhat uneasily, glancing about herself to make sure nothing would happen.

Nobody will attack you around here, nobody should. Republic City is a place for new beginnings for everyone, you see…" "I've heard that's its catchphrase. Funny idea, opening a city for people from all over the world to live in.

Are you sure that's a wise thought? It could be a way to start teaching people to get over their differences, don't you think? Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom people might be able to live together, but when you add Fire Nation people to the mix…" "You know, most people living in Republic City right now are Fire Nation citizens," said Sokka, raising his eyebrows.

Well, they might feel at peace around these parts," said Azula, shrugging. But I do think you might be surprised. People aren't quite as awful as you might expect them to be. Passersby barely noticed them, and those who did see them didn't seem to care about who she was regardless.

Republic City wasn't particularly remarkable as of now, though. It was a small city, with a few tall buildings, but it didn't make a great impression on Azula as it was. Still, it wasn't as hostile towards her as she had dreaded it might be. Even if it wasn't a particularly remarkable location, at least she wasn't being pelted by insults and death threats… Sokka started by giving her a tour of the major locations of the city, and Azula followed him dutifully wherever they went, her golden eyes glaring and analyzing everything in sight.

She didn't think she'd be moving in here anytime soon, but it wasn't a bad place altogether, she concluded. At last, they reached the establishment where they'd have lunch. Sokka led her inside gallantly, and he pulled out a chair for her once they reached an empty table. I hope," he said.

Do I know her? Azula seemed genuinely surprised by that. You thought it was someone you knew? You two always seemed rather close," said Azula. Well… I don't know, actually," he said, blinking blankly. No wonder you can't get romance right, Wolf Boy," said Azula, with a smirk. Sokka's outburst stopped before it began when he noticed the latest arrival was here. He turned his head around and stood up, smiling at the dark-haired girl behind him. The girl smiled awkwardly. But I thought we were going to…" she said, looking at Azula with uncertainty.

Sokka glanced from one to the other a few times before extending a hand towards the chair next to his. The girl eyed Azula before sitting down, unsure as to who she was and why she was studying her with her gaze so intently… "Uh, who's this…?

You don't mind, do you? Azula had to hold back the urge to snort. He grimaced as Azula raised an eyebrow. So you're not dating? The odds were already awful for him and this girl, and they barely had a relationship to begin with. And how did you two meet, if I may ask? I'm from the Southern Water Tribe too," said the girl. Azula hummed with apparent interest. As ever, playing the hero," said Azula, with a smirk.

It's my thing, apparently," he said. Azula shook her head. Niyok glanced from one to the other with uncertainty. I've switched to working in an easier establishment, though," she said. It's what I've always thought," said Niyok. What was it with this girl and her relentless questioning? Sokka smiled awkwardly as a waiter approached to take their order, and they conveyed it to him quickly.

Something told Sokka that Niyok wasn't about to pass Azula's test… So far the Princess looked utterly unimpressed by her. Sokka just asked me to come," Azula said, simply. Niyok raised her eyebrows. Which is surprisingly often, I'll add…" "Hey!

The dangerous voice tone of the Princess's made both Sokka and Niyok recoil. Clearly she wasn't about to accept being berated by the Water Tribe girl… "Well, a job well done, isn't it? Considering I actually did want to sound mean. I guess I forgot to introduce myself, did I? Too closely, some would say…" "T-too closely…? Don't say stuff she'll misunderstand! I'm only telling the truth," she said, with a pleased smirk. You made it sound as if…" Sokka started, grimacing with uncertainty.

Azula looked at him with expectation. Niyok looked at him with disbelief. Why didn't you tell me that before…?! Sokka gritted his teeth and inched away from her. I really am not! My heart is broken, not only that you'd lie but that you'd do it so poorly," she said, dramatically. She stood up, glaring angrily at Sokka. And I thought you were a good man! Sokka's eyes were wide.

The door to the establishment closed and Sokka remained in the same position, his eyes closed, his hands halfway stretched towards where Niyok had stood, his eyebrow twitching as the droplets of water slid slowly down his face. He only moved when he heard the unequivocal sound of laughter coming from his remaining companion, and he glared viciously at her for it. Azula only continued to laugh. Are you kidding me?!

I really didn't think she'd throw water at you! Sokka accepted it angrily, snarling at her before wiping his face with it. Seriously, what the hell?! And yet… this is was your first date?

That was the fastest I've lost a girl, and that's saying something. Evidently, I know because she's yet again your typical stability-providing girl instead of someone you truly can bond with in every level," said Azula, crossing her arms over her chest.

You would have been bored with her eventually. You wouldn't need to be around her, you'd just visit her once in a blue moon like you would with Suki, and then you'd be at a loss when she ends up in the arms of some other guy who's head-over-heels in love with her. But when she realized she was just that girl on the side that you visit when you don't have anything better to do, she would have probably broken things off with you and you would have ended up in a worse state than you already are.

sokka and toph relationship advice

Are you looking for a girl whose hand to hold while you walk down the street, or for a girl with whom you can spend your entire life without ever being bored? Imagine marrying her, starting a family with her: Remember how excited you were back when you fell in love with your Water Tribe Princess? But moving past being friends is probably going to be awkward," he said, with a weak smile. A challenge," said Azula.

The idea of a simple life only sounds appealing for a couple of minutes. You thrive in the feeling of making a difference in the world, don't you? Wanting certain things," said Azula. Sokka shook his head. If you really think Toph might be the way to go, we can go meet her later. But first…" The waiter had returned, placing the dishes on the table carefully.

Only after setting them down did he notice the table was short of one person since he'd last seen them, and that the young man's hair was wet for some reason.

Sokka smiled and nodded. Not at all," he said, looking at the food with glee. It took almost an hour for them to finish with their food, but eventually Sokka wiped his mouth, sated at last, and they left the restaurant after he had paid for the meal.

Azula followed him again as they walked through the city, and she was surprised as they went further yet, leaving the urban area altogether. The role would suit her. I wouldn't expect many common earthbenders to be capable of it like she is. Toph loves to hear people complimenting her skills," said Sokka, smiling.

But at least I can say your blue fire is rather impressive as well," he said.

sokka and toph relationship advice

Azula raised an eyebrow. I find it funny because it's blue.

I mean… blue is not the Fire Nation's color at all," he said, chuckling. It's like… Water Tribe fire, know what I mean? What had he done? It's not Water Tribe, that's for sure, you fool! For she had heard his words and, despite herself, had realized there was an awful truth to them: I should've said this back during the war, eh? Would have spared us from your super powerful attacks once in a while…" he said. His playful comment still didn't sound too playful to her, though, for Azula only groaned with irritation.

They walked in awkward silence briefly, with Sokka's insides churning with guilt. She was definitely not happy, and he had a pretty good idea why. He needed to make it up to her somehow, but he wasn't sure if there was a way to do that. Maybe he should wear Fire Nation clothes whenever they met?

Craft himself a Fire Nation-style boomerang? He had no idea what to do, and had the bad feeling the Princess wasn't about to get over it unless he did something indeed… "Uh, well, we're here now," said Sokka, gulping. Surely it wasn't the building's fault that she would be in the mood to glare, but she glared indeed as the two of them walked towards it.