Spike and buffy relationship analysis

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spike and buffy relationship analysis

of HOTNESS: A slayer-sized highly scientific analysis of Buffy's love life. that Buffy should not go to Xander for relationship advice. Spike: 5. Angel has a romantic relationship with Buffy; Angelus wants to .. Great analysis of Spike and Buffy's relationship and her other relationships. Two things happen that spell an end to Buffy's relationship with Riley. First But where Angel's love for Buffy cost him his soul, it turns out that Spike's love for .. on this analysis, you expect Spike to show up in season 8 to complete Buffy's arc.

Just pack your points and go.

Spike and buffy relationship

At least they can boff like bunnies! Unfortch, that's about the only good aspect of his relationship with Buffy. As hot as they were together, it was hella destructive and unhealthy And Buffy knows it, too: I can't love you.

I'm just being weak and selfish and it's killing me. Buffy, episode 6x15, "As You Were" So here are some acceptable items that one could commission in the likeness of their paramour: And remember that time Spike got a soul for Buffy?

Aww, wasn't that nice?

spike and buffy relationship analysis

What say you, Buffy? Ask me again why I could never love you. Buffy, episode 6x19, "Seeing Red" Individually, Spike's infractions are measurable in the laboratory.

Considered as a whole, however. Ever hear of a box of chocolates? It may not be the most original, but at least it doesn't traumatize the girl you're trying to get with! Spike, you've broken math. I love your enthusiasm, but how the bloody hell do you justify those away? I genuinely want to know. I KNOW, but such is the way of science!

Never in the hallowed halls of the Highly Scientific Analysis has this occurred, because never have the subjects not all been human. None of the issues that have been keeping Buffy and Angel apart have been resolved.

She's a slayer, he's a vampire, and the world is still teeming with Big Bads. But let's say those crazy kids go for it anyway. Where does that lead them?

A lifetime of deep eye-gazing and hand-holding as he remains eternally young while mortality looms over her.

Buffy Love, Lust and Trust -- A Relationship Analysis

And unlike for some peopleturning her into a vampire is NOT a feasible option. Unless all the slayage is done and Angel can somehow become human again. And we can do better! We have the technology! Because what is science without iteration?

Transmutation: A Character Study - Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Did Edison give up after the first failed attempt at the light bulb? Did I stop Googling after the first page of "David Boreanaz shirtless"? It would be unkind just to tell and not show.

spike and buffy relationship analysis

Lost An Eye I don't presume to know all of Buffy's proclivities. Former Duckie This could also go either way. On the one hand, the foundation is there; he's shown to have feelings for her once upon a time, and she knows it.

They're already so comfortable with each other, and what if the right guy has been in front of her all along?! Howevs, that same level of comfort could also convince them to maintain the status quo. And not just on her end, but his as well.

When's the last time Xander was moony-eyed at Buffy? He had a crush, she didn't reciprocate, he got over it -- all while remaining friends the entire time. And afterwards, his feelings for Buffy didn't just conveniently flare up for the sake of drama every time she showed interest in a guy. Whenever Xander acts overly protective, there is no self-serving ulterior motive. To call them just friends is a disservice to their relationship; they're family.

And no matter what V. OK, maybe I've convinced myself that this is really a Nay. Robinson dream about her mom. Though she may deny it, he knows he has touched her emotionally. The look they exchange is instinctual. And while she may not trust herself with Spike, she trusts him with her sister. They communicate on a non verbal level when he suggests she go to Willow.

When she stops thinking about the implications of her feelings, they work as one. I think that when she says to Spike, "You're not a part of my life," it is a reaction to the words of the doctor in the asylum. Spike is a vampire and cannot exist in real life. She will soon extend that concept to include her friends and sister.

But Spike takes it as another rejection of their relationship, and inadvertently echoes her 'mother's' words - that she shouldn't be a hero. She can't deal with the complication their relationship brings to her life, and she pours out the antidote, rejecting not only Spike, but everyone else in her life that she should love - her friends and Dawn.

She retreats to the childhood love and care of her parents. In trying to destroy her 'construct' life, she tries to kill them all, telling Dawn that this can't be reality. How could she be a "girl who sleeps with a vampire she hates?

Despite remembering everything he did while under the influence of the hyena spirit, Xander feigns amnesia in order to dodge the consequences of his actions, putting him on the same page as Angel, Parker and Riley.

But despite the difference in their demonic aspects — Xander is possessed by a hyena spirit, while Spike is soulless — the two states nonetheless appear to be rather similar, in that both are guided by primal urges while still retaining their base personalities.

Xander, it seems, has less decency at times than someone who physically lacks a conscience. Which is, I think, the best definition for vampirehood in the Buffyverse.

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Becoming a vampire invests you with bloodlust and demonic strength while stripping you of your conscience: He makes a shrine to Buffy, furnished with clothes and photos stolen from her house. The demon in him is selfish, lustful and possessive, but the good man, the poet, so long dormant, is fighting for control. More than once in the course of the show, a character spurned or crossed in love resorts to magic or science as a way to regain control: By contrast, Spike abandons his plan to curse Drusilla when he realises their split is his fault, not hers, an epiphany that Xander never has, and which stands as yet another instance of Spike admitting his faults and learning from his behaviour when other, ostensibly more moral characters fail to do so under similar circumstances.

But Spike, by contrast, begins as a villain. When Xander is busy making threats and lying, Spike is saving Giles and keeping his promises.